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Malaysian Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) Indicators Report 2020


Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) are increasingly viewed by governments – in both developed and developing countries – as a major driving force of national socio-economic development. Malaysia’s STI competency and capacity have witnessed impressive successes over the past three decades that have transformed the economy from one that is entirely dependent on primary commodities to become a multi-sector economy with manufacturing and services propelling its growth to its current emphasis on innovation. Despite these achievements, our STI proficiency can be best described as mixed as reported in the series of National STI Indicators Report published by MASTIC, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation since 1994.

The 2020 Report – the 10th edition in this series of reports – presents Malaysia’s performance in STI across a broad spectrum of activities. This report was prepared at a time when the corona virus disease (COVID-19) continues to severely impact the economies of almost every country in the world including Malaysia. The events of recent months have starkly reminded us that mastery of STI remains our most potent weapon in facing the challenges posed by the pandemic as well as meeting our national aspirational targets as documented in the shared prosperity vision 2030. We are confident that given commitment and conviction Malaysia can continue to build and mobilize its STI proficiency to secure its socio-economic goals despite a future fraught with uncertainties.

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02 Ogos 2022