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Among the research report published by MASTIC are:

i.  Public Awareness Survey Report on Science and Technology (S & T)

ii.  Report on S & T Indicators Research National

iii.  Report of the National Innovation Review

iv.  Reports on the National Research and Development

v.  Reports on Bibliometric

vi. Facilities and Equipment Survey Report S & T

You need to have username and password that can be made by online registration at the same website without any cost required.

Yes. You can access through

You can download the public displayed information and data in MASTIC's portal for personal use and non-commercial use only. Any  activities other than those purposes, you should get a written permission from MASTIC.

Customers need to register as a portal customer to access all of the database and information that has been provided by MASTIC. Registration is FREE.

Customer will not be charged. All services are available for FREE.

MASTIC has five (5) main databases. The databases are:

i.   STI Human Capital experts from various fields of S&T;

ii.  Inventory of Facilities and Equipment STI;

iii.   Local STI products and technology with potential for commercialisation (TECHMart);

iv.  List of STI Organisastion; and

v.   Information of R & D project.

The STI Indicators are reported in STI Survey Reports that can be obtained for FREE at the MASTIC's portal under publication section.  The hardcopy of the reports can be obtained by submitting request via e-mail or postal to MASTIC.

The respondents for these surveys inclusive of the following organisations:

i.    Public and Private Institutions of Higher Learning;

ii.   Government Research Institutes;

iii.  Government Agencies;

iv.  Government Linked Companies;

v.   Private Companies;

vi.  Government and Private Hospital; and

vii. Malaysian Public (for The Public Awareness of STI Survey only).

Yes. You can click "I forgot my password" and your password will be sent to the e-mail you use for registration.

No. The same username and password can be used for all applications that have been developed by MASTIC.

There is no charge.

Services that provided are:

i.  Print using Ricoh Machine c751

ii.  Published research reports and publications such as brochures and posters MASTIC

iii.  Pictorial record of MASTIC activities

iv. Binding / Laminating

MASTIC developed the national STI indicators through by collection, analyses and tabulation of data obtained from several STI surveys, namely:

i.     The National R&D Survey;

ii.    The National Survey of Innovation in Manufacturing and Services;

iii.   The Public Awareness of STI Survey; and

iv.   The National Bibliometric Study.

STI Indicators are significant to oversee and measure the current performance of the national Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) fields.  This information enables government and stakeholders to plan and formulate appropriate policies to develop national STI fields.

Any suggestion and comment can be sent through:

i.    MASTIC Feedback Column; click here

ii.    E-mail: infomastic[at]

MOSTI - Time Library services are as follows:

MESTECC - Time Library services are as follows:

Library Services in MOSTI only can be used by staffs and agencies under MOSTI. However, external users can still use with the terms by enclose an official letter from their respective departments while come to make a reference in MOSTI Library.

The collections that available in MOSTI Library are related to the field of Science, Technology and Innovation. Other related collections also available in MOSTI Library such as Management, Biotechnology, Marine Science, and so on.

General collection is a collection which consists of books in various fields that can be borrowed by users. While the reference collection is a reference materials such as dictionary, encyclopedia, index, abstract, directory, almanac and bibliography. Reference materials only for reference purpose and it cannot be borrowed from the MOSTI Library.

Contact MOSTI Library either via email at infomastic[at] or phone 03 8885 8100.

The raw data will not be shared with our client (except with special approval of the top management of MOSTI), however, MASTIC will provide tabulated data based on clients request.

MASTIC can be contact by telephone, fax or e-mail as follows:

Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre (MASTIC)
Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)
Level 4, Block C5, Complex C, Federal Government Administrative Centrev 62662 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Telephone: (603) 8885 8038 (direct line)
Fax: (603) 8889 2980

MASTIC is a short form from Malaysia Science and Technology Information Centre. It is one department in Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) that responsible to collect and disseminate strategic information related to S&T activities and to be the primary reference centre for national STI information.

All services can be accessed through the portal MASTIC in