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MASTIC conducted a study of interests in, attitudes, knowledge, understanding and awareness of the Malaysian people towards STI. This study does not directly measure the extent of public involvement and acceptance of STI programs implemented by the Government.
Public Awareness Study was carried out by MASTIC in the biennial since 1996 and the last time in 2014. Beginning in 2008, this study is held once every Malaysia Plan, considering into the trend does not show much change if conducted biennially.
The findings of this study is important for policy makers to plan and implement appropriate strategies to ensure that STI is easy to understand and more appealing to civil society in Malaysia. Otherwise the public will benefit through an effective STI, which it will have a positive impact on social and economic development.

Scope and Methodology

This term is used in the same manner as the term professed interest as used in the NSF surveys in the United States to enable for international comparisons.
Data collection were performed using a questionnaire developed by MASTIC and filled in by enumerators through personal interviews with respondents. This method is to ensure that the data collected reflect the actual level of public knowledge on STI.


The following are the definitionsof the terms used in this survey:

  • Public - Refers to Malaysians who are in the 12-64 year-old age group.
  • Awareness - Refers to a person's state of knowing about an issue as a result of his or her either having heard about it, read about it, seen it, or felt its existence.
  • Perceived Interest - Refers to what the respondent has professed or reported to be his or her interest in STI.
  • Perceived Knowledge - Defined as the public's perception of what they know about STI.
  • Understanding - Refers to assessed or objective understanding.
  • Perceived Understanding - Their perception of their understanding of science and technology.
  • Attitude - Refers to a respondent's degree of like or dislike for a particular STI issue.
  • Urban - Refers to the gazetted areas with a population of 10,000 or more persons.
  • Rural - Refer to the gazetted areas with a population of less than 10,000 persons.
Current Status Of Recent Study

MASTIC will be conducting  Public Awareness of Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) Malaysia 2019 this year and expected to release the findings by October 2020. 

Statistical : 

Pattern of The Study

Last modified
30 June 2022