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The National Bibliometric Study aims to identify the status of productivity and the production of knowledge in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) and Social Sciences at national and international level.

Five (5) National Bibliometric Studies have been published since 2003 and the latest study conducted by MASTIC in 2018, covering data from 2001 to 2017.

The statistics and trends reported in this study will be an important indicators element of STI to the positioning and analysis of national policy for Malaysia in scientific publications at the international level.


Objectives of the National Bibliometric Study (2001-2017) are:

  1. To assess the level of research output productivity in the form of scientific publications at the national and international level from January 2001 to December 2017 and to provide main source of reference of this activity for use by researchers, individuals, organisations and the nation.
  2. To report the research performance of Malaysian universities through the publications of the researchers that have been indexed in International databases.
  3. To compare the productivity in scientific research output by researchers, universities and Malaysian research institutions at the national and international level.
  4. To report on the collaboration efforts among Malaysian and International researchers, universities and research institutions.
  5. To map the publications and patents that have been produced by institutions.
Scope and Methodology

The scope of National Bibliometric Study (2001 - 2017) focused on knowledge productivity in:

  1. Public and Private Higher Learning Institutions;
  2. Public and Private Research Institutes; and
  3. Government Agencies

The National Bibliometric Study (2001-2017) primarily based on the international guidelines proposed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in: STI Working Papers 1997/1 - Bibliometric Indicators and Analysis of Research Systems: Methods and Examples (Yoshiko Okubo, 1997).


The statistical analysis of written publications, provide an important contributions to the understanding of the production of research output, as measured by the production of scientific publications and of the impact of these publications as approximated by the method of citation analysis.

Current Status Of Recent Study

The upcoming National Bibliometric Study is expected to be carried out in 2023.

Statistical : 

Pattern of The Study

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30 June 2022