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Raw Data for Research and Sciences


MOSTI Raw Data for Research and Sciences (RADARS) was developed by Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) through Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre (MASTIC) in 2019.

The majority of data listed in RADARS is freely available for public, provided that the user complies with all the terms and conditions set by the data owner. However, there is also a small number of limited data such as the latest satellite images, radar and satellite data where users need to apply directly to the relevant data owner and may be charged according to the specification of the requested data.

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The development of RADARS is also one of the key milestones under ‘MOSTI Initiative 2019/20’ entitled ‘Sharing of ministry’s data and equipment’.


  1. To collect and manage science and research raw data sharing from agencies and departments under MOSTI. This is to ensure users have access to data which is quality and reliable to fortify local research, development and commercialization (R, D & C) activities;
  2. To encourage the usage of MOSTI science and research raw data for R, D&C activities and knowledge generation;
  3. To ensure the continuity of MOSTI science and research raw data-sharing to avoid redundancy in research activities besides saving the cost of R, D&C funding by the Government; and
  4. To expand the access to MOSTI science and research raw data through a reliable STI data source


  1. Provide baseline data for local researchers to conduct advanced research;
  2. Spur innovation by allowing local researchers in new analyses, explore secondary hypotheses or combine them for pooled analyses in unexpected ways;
  3. Reduce time and cost to new research results which make R&D activities more cost-effective and efficient;
  4. Ease discovery and understanding of MOSTI science and research raw data to promote interdisciplinary studies;
  5. Increase the integrity of MOSTI science and research raw data as it is shared to public; and
  6. Prevent duplication of research activities.


The collection and management of raw data in RADARS are done by designated coordinators from agencies and departments under MOSTI. Each raw data is classified according to research areas listed in the Malaysian Research & Development Classification System (MRDCS 7th edition).