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This system is an inhouse development which was completed by the end of 2019 and was fully accessible by June 2020.

The main purpose of this repository system is to collect, store and place digital materials such as reports, presentation slides, Publications, newspaper clippings, parliamentary questions and various mediums from each division under MOSTI.

This repository also serves as an institutional memory, which is a reference center for MOSTI citizens to find information related to MOSTI.


  • To encourage knowledge sharing between the divisions in MOSTI as well as assist MOSTI staff in performing their daily tasks.
  • To be one-stop center or one-stop information center for MOSTI officers and staff.
  • To provide a dynamic search engine so that information can be accessed more quickly and efficiently.
  • To help preserve resources or publications that have been produced by MOSTI officers and staff.
  • To avoid the loss of valuable reference sources and ensure that there is no loss of material resources if officers move out of the Ministry.


We developed this system in line with the needs of information resources today that emphasize information retrieval at the fingertips. The creation of such a system can ensure that the management of information and knowledge can be done in a more orderly and systematic manner.

Current State

This application can only be accessed by users from MOSTI Headquarters and Agencies under MOSTI. We are currently coordinating with the focal person of division and agency under MOSTI to manage the user credentials.

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