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The Malaysian Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Indicators Report aims to collect important data and provide detailed information on the achievement of various national STI indicators obtained from studies conducted by MASTIC, divisions/ departments/ agencies under MOSTI as well as other ministries/ departments/ agencies/ organizations which identified as a secondary data.

The Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Indicators Report has been conducted by MASTIC since 1992. Eleven reports have been published. The latest study conducted in 2020.

The results of this study will be used by policy makers and stakeholders to formulate strategies to advance the field of STI in Malaysia. The findings of this study will also be channelled to Government research agencies and institutes, higher learning institutes and the private sector as academic reference material.


Objectives of Malaysian STI Indicators Report 2020

  1. To identify, collect and compile national STI indicators for stakeholders, policy makers and academics reference;
  2. To  evaluate the trends, achievements and gaps in STI;
  3. To benchmark national achievements in the field of STI internationally; and
  4. To suggest improvement and way forward in the potential fields of STI
Scope and Methodology

The Malaysian STI Indicator Report takes into account indicators related to the field of STI in Malaysia.

This study used Science and Engineering Indicators, The National Science Foundation (NSF), United States and OECD Science & Technology Indicators as the main reference sources for the purpose of international comparison.

The data collection methods for this study are as follows:

  1. Primary data obtained from the findings of the STI MASTIC studies; and
  2. Secondary data obtained from other ministries/departments/agencies/organisations involved in the development of STI indicators in Malaysia, international databases and related reports.
Current Status Of Recent Study

The upcoming Malaysian STI Indicator Reports is expected to be carried out in 2024.

Last modified
30 June 2022