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DecarboN8 Conference


The DecarboN8 Conference welcomes contributions from around the world to look at what works where (and why) and what will need to be done to deliver the transition. The conference invites contributions from across the spectrum of interests and interventions required to deliver the radical change needed. It looks upstream to whole life-cycle implications, across to the integration with wider energy systems, as well as addressing how we move people and goods and how much mobility that might entail. It welcomes analysis of people, communities, activities, businesses and governments as key actors.

Two elements mark out this conference as different from other decarbonisation events. First, is the emphasis on place-based thinking. This is about understanding how rapid decarbonisation is actually going to work on the ground. The second (related) emphasis is on societal readiness. How can transport decarbonisation be delivered in ways that enhance, rather than detract from, human wellbeing and flourishing? What about people, communities, cultures and generations who are often forgotten in discussions about transport? How do different people experience and interact with different mobility systems and expectations – past, present, and future – and how can such understandings inform action?

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University of Leeds UK

Virtual Conference ZOOM - UK