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Scope of Funding

To promote ScIence and Technology in Malaysia through supporting deserving malaysian Sceintists, young reseacher and teachers/educators.

Application Method

Manual applications  by submitting an Application Form. Download application form as per link :

Qualification Criteria

Qualification of Applicant

Energetic and creative researcher, Malaysian citizen aged below 40, residing in Malaysia, engaged in a basic fundamental scientific research field excluding mathematics and clinical medicine at a research facility in Malaysia, whose work has the potential to contribute greatly to the advancement of science and technology.

Contact Information

Malaysia Toray Science Foundation, c/o Penfabric Sdn Berhad
Prai Free Industrial Zone 1, 13600 Prai, Penang.

04-390 8260
04-385 4151/390 8157
Last modified
Jul 2022