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Scope of Funding

The fund aims to increase the participation of innovators in activities innovative and technological innovation approaches to products, processes, systems or new services that have the potential to be commercialized.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is a method for determining maturity program acquisition phase compilation technology developed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Project proposal under AIF
time is in TRL 2 or TRL 3 and reaches some-one deficiency higher expansion than the current development of the project.

Application Method
  1. Applicants must complete the application form along with the documents support as in Appendix 3 via within the stipulated time period.
  2. The applicant must declare that the project application submitted was never funded by any party financiers.
  3. Applications submitted will be reviewed by MOSTI for ensure the application and documents submitted are complete and meet the basic qualifications of the AIF application. Application incomplete will be returned to the applicant.
Qualification Criteria

Eligibility criteria for AIF application are as follows:

  1. The project proposal shall contain elements of technological innovation directed toward the commercialization of innovative products, processes, systems, or services.
  2. Projects focus on the development of new or existing products, processes, systems, or services that have the potential to be commercialized.
  3. Project team members must submit evidence of technical competence to implement the proposed project. Curriculum Vitae and supporting documents of the Project Leader and each member of the project team must also be submitted.
  4. If the project member is from a different institution, a letter permission from the head of department must be submitted.
  5. Only Malaysian citizens can apply and lead the project requested. For non -Malaysian citizens from any international organization or expatriates working in any Association/Cooperative/NGO registered can participate in the project as a member of the project team.
  6. The Project Leader is only allowed to lead one project below MOSTI approval at a time.
  7. The project must be implemented in Malaysia.
  8. All proposed projects are encouraged to collaborate with experts/researchers from Institutions of Higher Learning (IPT) Public and Private or Government Research Institute (GRI) (evidence the document is at least a letter of intent and other relevant documents).
  9. Applicant was not convicted of fraudulent activity or declared bankruptcy.
  10. Registered individuals and associations/cooperatives/NGOs must comply with the conditions below for AIF application
    1. Applicants from the association/ cooperative/ NGO category must be registered/recognized by the Government.
    2. Applicants must show proof of financial ability to support the cost portion of the project not funded under this grant(Example: Bank Statement)
    3. Applications from individuals must be accompanied by a letter of support from the referee. (Referee is referring to the body or authorized individuals).
    4. The Project Leader must inform MOSTI if it has been receive funds from other parties for the same project.
  11. Applications that are not eligible to apply:
    1. Work, activities and initiatives that fall under the jurisdiction Ministry, Department or Agency.
    2. Application from Research Institute (RI), Institute of Higher Education (IPT) Public and Private and Science, Technology and Innovation Organizations (STI).
    3. The project proposal is similar to the previously approved project and prepared.
Last modified
Jul 2022