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Grantsand incentives are provided for R&D in science and technology, to encourage Malaysian companies to become more innovative in using and adapting existing technologies and creating new technologies.

Steinbeis Innovation Voucher

To carry out technical and non technical research for industry players who engage Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation to help solve their industrial problems


Collaborative research between universities and industry to create and grow Malaysian R&D ecosystem in the Electrical and Electronics economic sector. CREST is promoting and facilitating universities and industry players to undertake collaborative research through which universities can increase their ability to produce industry-ready researchers and industry players can benefit from the finding of the research.

Science and Technology Research Grant

To promote ScIence and Technology in Malaysia through supporting deserving malaysian Sceintists, young reseacher and teachers/educators.

Malaysia Laboratories for Academia-Business Collaboration (MyLAB)

1. Has existing (existing) product developed by academia with potential to be commercialized.
2. Product, technology or process issues from industries that can be solved by the academia through mutual collaboration

Acculturation Research Grant Scheme (ARGS)

1. Produce great impact innovation for development, progress and transformation of the State.
2. Transform RU Partners into a research culture through RU cooperation efforts to help speed up the research champion.
3. Establish collaborative networks between all IPTAs through collaborative research programs and projects and research facility partnerships.

Trans-disciplinary Research Grant Scheme (TRGS)

Trans-disciplinary Research Grant Scheme of the Ministry of Education (TRGS-KPM) aims to boost the generation of theories, concepts and new ideas that can accelerate new break-through discoveries which surpasses the boundaries of knowledge and innovative creation.

Niche Research Grant Scheme of the Ministry of Education (NRGS-KPM)

Niche Research Grant Scheme of the Ministry of Education (NRGSKPM) is a special fund that aims to help boost and develop niche research areas for each Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) with the status of a Comprehensive University and the Focused Comprehensive University.

Research Development Grant Scheme (RAGS)

Research Development Grant Scheme (RAGS) is a fund that aims to cultivate research among young researchers in Public Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) instead of Research Universities (RU) in preparation for the development of research performance in order to be competitive at the national level.

Research Pledge Grant (GSP-KPM)

GSP-KPM was created as an incentive to universities which have successfully received the grant.

Prototype Development Research Grant (PRGS)

PRGS is a new program under FRGS. PRGS was created to help bridge the gap between laboratory discovery/research up to before the pre-commercialization stage with the purpose of creating new technologies, in line with the needs of K-Economy and the implementation of the New Economic Model.

Long Term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS)

LRGS is a fundamental research, involving more extensive scope, a long period of time and requires a high commitment. LRGS can generate theories and new ideas that advanced in a strategic niche to expand the boundaries of knowledge.

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)

The objective is the development of good quality human capital and encourage the generation of theories, concepts and new ideas that can accelerate new discoveries and innovative creations.

MOH Research Grant (MRG)

MRG Objectives:

  1. Sponsors new scientific knowledge to improve health and improve healthcare services.
  2. Support and fund R & D projects to generate new knowledge and discoveries that can serve as a catalyst for innovative technology and process development

To undertake experimental development towards commercialisation by reducing valley of death

To stimulate the growth and increase capability and capacity from cross-collaboration between Industry, Malaysian Government Research Institutes (GRI) and Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL).


International Collaboration Fund

The objective of this fund is to encourage and promote co-operation in science, technology and innovation through joint research and development activities for mutual benefit. This fund is intended to assist applicant to pursue analytical validation and proof of concept on Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 3.

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