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ID : tm3163112602

Banana-based Flour

A novel way of utilising green banana as a food products is by processing them into flour to use as a functional ingredient in bakeries. Banana flour has resistant starch content of 16.79% and 10.81% of total dietry fibre. In addition, the antioxidant components in the flour are found to be higher than those reported by other researchers for other bananas. Banana flour can be used in making high-fibre nutritious bread and noodles to promote helath food.

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ID : tm3163212603

Banana Paper

One of the many practices under this concept is of recycling of waste products and developing them into new product of value. USM has come up with an innovative approach to convert discarded banana trunk waste into paper that can then turned into useful handicraft. The paper is used not only for simple printing or writing but also for decorative purposes such as lamp shades, lanterns, gift boxes, paper bags, photo frames and many others. This approach has a two pronged objectives- to transform waste into bbjects with aesthetic value, and to provide opportunities for the lower income groups to earn a secondary income.

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ID : tm3165012621

Airlift Culture Vessel

The Bench Top Airlift Plant Propagation Culture Vessel was designed to provide proper contact and sufficient aeration between the culture and the liquid medium-all within a vessel to enhance better growth in an aseptic condition. Aeration is provided via a 0.2 ??m membrane through a galss tube at the lid and the cultures will be well aerated by the formation of fine air bubles at the end of 4 funnel-shaped filters that are placed near the base of the culture vessel. The excess air is removed via a glass vent attached to the lid. This is a very versatile system and can be used for the propagation of any plant species as long as the proliferation culture medium for that particular plant species is established.

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ID : tm3165312624

Aerosol Haruan sebagai Plaster untuk luka dan Luka bakar ( SkinFit)

The aerosol is consist of water soluble polymer which form plaster or covering on open or burnds wound when dried after application. Its contains water extract of haruan (Channa striatus) which enhanced wound healing.

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ID : tm3165912630

3G-Streaming System (JMCS)

Streaming JMCS is the next step in providing rich multimedia experience for 3G mobile users. A 3G mobile user can download and install a Java-based application that will enable the user to dynamically "stream" video contents to a mobile device using the high speed 3G networks. Streaming will enables "video on demand" media to be broadcasted live to the mobile device irrespective of the device's storage capacity, where playback can start almost immediately. This technology is the future of education, businesses, services and entertainment. The system also provide important statistical data that is useful for any services provider to enhance the quality of their services.

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ID : tm3232313294

Design and Reliazation of Trisomy 21 Early Detection System Based on Ultrasound Fetal Images and Maternal Health Data

Design and Reliazation of Trisomy 21 Early Detection System Based on Ultrasound Fetal Images and Maternal Health Data

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ID : tm3251413485

CommDI: Community and Data Integration Approach for Developing Business Intelligence Application

Building a Business Intelligence (BI) application is very challenging as it is a young discipline and does not yet offer well-established strategies and techniques for the development process when compared to the software engineering discipline. Also, with respect of BI, several surveys indicated that significant percentage of BI application fail to meet their objectives because requirements are typically overlooked in the real projects. Furthermore, information requirements analysis for BI applications which integrate data from heterogeneous sources differs significantly from requirement analysis for conventional information system.
To tackle these problems, community and data integration approach are suggested to deliver a set of requirements for BI application development. Community can be define as a self-organized network of people with common agenda, cause or interest who collaborate by sharing ideas, information and other resources. Virtual communities consist of participant in online discussions on topics of mutual concern or of those who frequent certain websites. Another approach, data integration is the process of combining data residing at different sources and providing the user with a unified view of these data. Combination of virtual community and data integration approach can help developer to identify a requirement for developing BI application. By using this approach, several BI applications were implemented in various subject areas such as water management, sales marketing, entrepreneur management and preventing maintenance.

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ID : tm3404415015

Development of powder metallurgy high speed steels component through additives Enhancement

Produce cutting tool inserts from high-speed steel powder particle hrough powder metallurgy technique.
- Ability to fabricate high quality & near net-shape products
- Minimise wastage of raw materials
- Cost reduction

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STEM Roll-A-Dice

ID : tm3468215455

STEM Roll-A-Dice

"STEM Roll-A-Dice" merupakan inovasi gamifikasi PdPc yang menerapkan komponen-komponen pendidikan Sains, Teknologi, Kejuruteraan dan Matematik (STEM). Matlamat pembinaan permainan ini adalah untuk untuk menyemai minat pelajar terhadap subjek-subjek STEM serta meningkatkan penglibatan mereka dalam menceburi bidang-bidang kerjaya STEM. Berkonsepkan kerangka papan permainan, inovasi ini berbeza daripada papan permainan konvensional kerana mengintegrasikan teknologi Realiti Berparanta ataupun lebih dikenali Augmented Reality (AR). Papan permainan menampilkan 5 bidang kerjaya berkaitan STEM iaitu pendidikan, pertanian, industri, robotik dan perubatan. Keseluruhannya, papan permainan ini mengandungi sebanyak 250 soalan berkaitan pendidikan STEM yang terpapar secara rawak. Tinjauan pasaran mendapati prototaip STEM Roll-A-Dice berupaya menarik minat mereka untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai pendidikan STEM. Selain itu, testimonial pengguna menunjukkan animasi 3D melalui teknologi AR serta paparan papan permainan sangat mengujakan mereka. Mereka merasakan inovasi ini sesuai dijalankan oleh guru-guru atau pendidik yang ingin mengimplementasi PdPc abad ke-21 atau Blended Learning. Buat masa ini, aplikasi yang dimuat naik di Google Play mengandungi soalan-soalan dalam Bahasa Melayu. Walau bagaimanapun, proses terjemahan kepada Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Arab sedang dijalankan bagi memenuhi permintaan antarabangsa. Adalah menjadi harapan penyelidik agar inovasi ini digunakan oleh semua lapisan masyarakat bagi mendedahkan mereka terhadap pendidikan STEM.

Tanjong Malim Perak

ID : tm3492915556

ECLIP System (MMIS - Maintenance Management Information System)

Eclip System (Maintenance Management Information System - MMIS) was developed using web-based technology. The rich functionality of MMIS has helped in reducing manual workloads and in turn, enables to focus in managing and monitoring the daily operations to ensure the delivery of service performance is according to the customer's requirements. The MMIS is primarily used to create and maintain the details required by the system to carry out the day-to-day requirement of the business operations as follows:
*Engineering Management (FEMS and BEMS)
*Cleansing Activity (CLS)
*Linen and Laundry (LLS)
*Clinical Waste Management (CWMS)
*Inventory Management (IMS)
*Procurement Management
*Providing reports and analysis to monitor the effectiveness of the service performance.

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