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ID : tm3028811259

Dufour Dual Functions Outdoor Furniture

Many users living in the flats with veranda would like to enjoy beautiful scenery from above. However, the spaces that are provided are too small for a family of four. This research aim is to investigate the usage of dual functions furniture that can fit in a small area and can meet the consumer needs. The investigation had identified the weakness of the existing design such as the chair structure, functions, rigidity, storage structure, ergonomic, packaging, mobility, finishes, material application and local identity. Through design analysis, dual functions outdoor furniture is created. The advantage of the dual functions furniture design is a two sitter wooden bench that can easily convert into a four sitter bench and a table with a simple pulled up extension. By using tropical wood with dark brown stain finished and beautiful minimal ornament engraving using laser cutter shows an authenticity of Malaysian style product with a smart solution. For outdoor usage, an optional accessory such as big umbrella to create a cozy look and functionality. The design is focus on geometrical form for easy production, finishing, compact packaging, DIY assembly and production cost.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3028911260

Dual Functional Automated Guided Vehicles for Flexible Manufacturing System

The new Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) is designed using the 3D computer aided design (CAD) software. The AGV is about 780mm in height, 350mm in width and 650mm in length. The overall size is similar to the existing AGV except the new AGV has 205mm larger in the length compared to the existing AGV. This is to provide space for vacuum cleaner and power supply for the AGV.It is capable of loading ad unoading objects in the FMS environment and at the same time perform the domestic tasks as a mobile robot. The domestic task such as carrying objects for human and perform the vacuum cleaning task is selected for the AGV.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029011261

Dengue Vaccine for the Future

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) in partnership
with Venture Technologies Sdn Bhd (VT) and Bavarian
Nordic (BN) have genetically engineered MVA (a modified
vaccinia virus, known to be a safe smallpox vaccine)
to contain genes from dengue virus. Antigens from dengue
virus are then produced by recombinant MVA. Various
recombinant MVA constructs have been generated
which express different dengue virus antigens. These antigens are highly immunogenic and elicit antibodies able
to neutralize dengue viruses in vitro. Three rabbits immunized with recombinant MVA-dengue had a strong immune
response to dengue NS I. The titre of the antibody
response for the rabbits immunized with MVA-dengue
was 1:100,000. Immunization of mice with a liquid and a
freeze-dried formulation showed a good response against
Dengue 2 with also a cross-reactive response against other
dengue serotypes.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029111262

Composite sago waste: Sound Absorber Panel System

Composite sago waste: Sound Absorber Panel System: Utilizing sago waste for high value added products

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029211263

Compact Rescue Stretcher

Today, disaster situation such as earthquake, tsunami, flash floods, typhoons etc, have effect to the humankind. Accident happens everywhere while you are at home or in the move. Many injuries occurred and disable people children are force to evacuate to a safer area. The rescuer and communities are facing many problems before, during and after the disaster in the process of evacuating. This product is an emergency foldable stretcher made from canvas material with fire retardant layer for use in emergency response and disaster situations, camping hunting and other outdoors activities. The main objective of the product is for emergency evacuation of disable people and injuries patient. The weight of this stretcher is about 2 kg which is 60% less than conventional stretcher. This product is enough to bear a maximum of 200 kg load. This product is configured to be carried by four or two people to reduce the burden of weight. During emergency, this stretcher does not require any particular assembly or preparatory operation. If necessary the rescuer may use props that are available in the house such as broom / mop sticks for handle. The props can be in twined at the handle of the stretcher. Graphical form of instruction is printed with glow in the dark dyed pigment which clearly display on the stretcher for information. This design comes with a fixed blanket to cover the patient body as well to assure safety during transportation. Parts of the blanket can be used for support to immobilize bone structure. However, this stretcher is not suitable for neck and back spine injuries. A minimal first aid kit is fitted at the compartments of the stretcher. Various ways of applications can be used such as escape from fire in the building, carrying patient, resting matt at evacuation center and etc. This stretcher is suitable for down loading of patient from a five storey building (lift service is not available) even at a narrow staircase. In addition the product comes in with folded compact package that very convenience for carry, storage in ambulance car or at home. Potential market are targeted to the families living in flats, apartments and condominiums, government and privates owners of commercial and offices in high storey building, housing developers, construction site, insurance companies, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defenses, Red Cross/Red Crescent/ Bulan Sabit Merah, United Nation Relief NGOs and individuals that concern on safety.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029311264

Cockle Shell in Artificial Reef Construction

In Malaysia, artificial reef has been an effective method to conserve marine life since the early 70s to provide new habitats and shelter to marine life. Despite its successful implementation, there are issues on the use of hazardous materials (tyres and old vehicles) on the marine ecosystem. Hence, the focus of this research is to develop an eco-friendly artificial reef made from of cockle shell. Cockle shell reef utilising waste material; can be an economic option as mineral composition and rough texture of shells are good as artificial reef.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029411265

Circular Oil & Grease Phase Separation Tank

A circular phase separation tank/system, with inclined coalescence frustums for efficient removal of oil and grease
and suspended solids from waste waters, has been developed
and tested. The primary component of the separation
system consists of a series of inverted and upright
frustums to enhance gravity separation, coalescence of oil
droplets and coagulation of suspended solids. It applies
the principle of Boycott effect whereby the presence of
inclined frustums medium promotes faster rising of oil
droplets and settling/falling of suspended solids by process
of coalescence and coagulation. The design takes the
shape of a circular tank to take advantage of the continuous
decrease of horizontal velocity as surface area increases.
The inlet of the separator is equipped with an
up flow center-feed perforated-pipe inlet distributor to direct flow to the inclined parallel frustums to enhance oil water-solids separation. The invention is proven effective for the treatment of waste waters loaded with oil and grease, and recycling of metal-cutting fluids loaded with tramp oils and fine metal chips.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029511266

Cheap Biodiesel from Spent Cooking Oil (SCO)

Our cheap biodiesel produced from spent cooking oil (SCO) is an alternative vehicular fuel that can be used in compression-ignition diesel engines without any modifications, with performances reported to be similar to petrol-diesel. Malaysia has the capability to generate as much as 0.5 million tons of SCOs a year. Therefore, SCOs are readily available as low-cost feedstock for biodiesel production that may reduce the cost of biodiesel production by 85%.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029611267

Charge Injection Electrostatic Atomizer

A third generation charge injection electrostatic atomizer
for generating electrically charged sprays of insulating liquids has been designed. The motivation for this research
is to further develop an energy-efficient method for atomizing insulating hydrocarbon liquids for future application in spray combustion systems. The addition of electric charge to the surface of a liquid jet may introduce a disruptive electrical force and may enhance liquid atomization.A degree of electrical atomization' assistance' is possible without using energy intensive secondary methods such as air blast and centrifugal force. Thus, electrostatic methods have the potential to be a very energy-efficient spray generation technique in their own rights. The novelty of the electrostatic atomizer concept also invites application for other electrically insulating liquid spray systems that require a high degree of control, such as in agricultural systems without the need for electrical additives. Electrostatic spraying of hydrocarbon liquids for practical combustion systems also still lacks of basic research, and it is important to carry out this task with increased efficiency and reduced pollutants in mind.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029711268

Central Road Management Information System

This integrated system is developed for managing, monitoring, reporting of the road maintenance activities ustilizing Web, mobile, PDA and GPS technlogies

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029811269

Breast Feeding Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung' is a traditional dress widely worn by Malaysian
women, especially among the Malays as casual,
office or formal/ceremonial wear. For mothers who are
nursing their infants with breast milk, they consider 'Baju
Kurung' as a practical outfit because it is loose enough to
be conveniently pulled up during nursing, but on the other
hand it can be too revealing as the baju will have to be
pulled up from knee length, thus exposing their abdomen.
A special design of breast feeding Baju Kurung has been
developed to discretely provide ease and comfort during
nursing. The design focuses on pattern cutting and construction (overlay and pull over style, easy side and front breast access) using suitable materials, that would allow easy opening and closure (buttons). The design retains
the aesthetic value of Baju Kurung and enhances its functional value as a traditional dress. The breast feeding Baju Kurung has a great potential for commercialization as it is relatively easy to manufacture (rendering it very affordable) and the demand by the nursing mothers is expected to be high for it will provide the convenience needed to opt for the much encouraged breast feeding instead of formula feeding.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029911270

Biorresist: An Alternative Masking Formula for Batik Production

Liquid made produced from sago starch to replace heated wax in the production of batik.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030011271

Bioethanol for Office Waste for Fuel

Our bioethanol is produced via the second generation platform where no food or feed material is used as feedstock. Although cellulosic bioethanol may be produced from various other biomass, many hurdles dampens mass production. Therefore our bioethanol is produced from cellulose rich office waste to overcome some of these challenges. Using Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) technology, we are able to produce high value, fuel ethanol that can be blended with conventional gasoline and be used in most recently manufactured gasoline powered vehicles.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030111272

Bio-composite Sago Bark Waste for Interior Decoration Products

Sago grows widely in peat land delta or riverine areas of
Southeast Asia especially in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia
and Malaysia. Sarawak has a long tradition of sago
industry and over the years it has contributed significantly
towards the socio-economic development of the State. Sago
bark is one of the waste materials in the sago production
industries. The locals use the barks of the trunk as timber
fuel, wall materials, ceilings and fences. At present, sago
bark is processed through bio-composite method to produce
sago plywood and particleboard, which have potential
as building materials. However, this process does
not utilize the surficial beauty and other natural features
of the sago bark. An on-going product development effort
at UNIMAS has succeeded in converting waste sago barks
into numerous interior decoration products. Shredded sago
bark is cured and rebounded in moulds using resins to
produce decorative wall tiles. The low technology and
simple procedures involved in this process should allow
small industries to pick up this idea for commercial production.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030211273

Baseline Marks Generator for PMR Grades

BLD Generator for PMR Grades.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030311274

Automated Heuristics-Based Examination Scheduler

Student-based examination scheduler.
Combined examination & invigilation scheduling.
New constraints for invigilation assignment.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030411275

Authentic Chair, Cockle Artifial Reef

The piece highlights environment friendly concept, recyclable for both the seat component and the main wood structure. Interestingly, the structure is made from the ironwood of Borneo, its scientific name, Eusideroxylon Zwageri, which is also popular among the locals of Belian.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030511276

Augmented Planetarium Technology(APTech): An Augmented Reality and Visualisation System for Planetarium Sultan Iskandar Sarawak

The Augmented Planetarium Technology(APTech) system is developed to create interactive experience to visitors of Planetarium Sultan Iskandar by enabling them to see, experience and touch the real objects, while allows the users to work at their own pace as wellas to explore, locate any part of the system or any information based on their choice, quickly and easily. The APTech also extend the literature and provide a useful instrument for researchers working at te same area of AR research apllications such as usability and interaction experience in a planetarium and etc.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030611277

ASK Day and Night Cosmeceutical Cream

Produk penjagaan kulit berasaskan air yang
terdiri daripada emulsi minyak dalam air.
Diperbuat daripada bahan bioaktif semula jadi,
herba dan organik. Dirumus khas menggunakan
kanji sagu yang digabungkan dengan Aloe vera
(L.) Burm. f. (Alovera), Trigona spp. (Kelulut
lebah) madu dan aroma semula jadi.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030711278

Application of Sugarcane Bagasse as an Alternative Insulation Material

Bagasse is lignocellulosic waste material from sugarcane juice extraction. More than 100 thousand therefore tonnes of bagasse is dumbed at the Felda Sugar factory, Perlis, in a season. This research is to identify the potential of bagasse as an alternative insulation material to substitute polystyrene and polyurethane. Choosing bagasse to make product is a competitive option and environmentally friendly innovation.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030811279

Apparatus and Method for the Separation of Oil and Solids in a Liquid

The present invention relates generally to liquid treatment apparatus and method, such as removal of oil and particulate solids from liquid to clarify it for discharge or industrial use. More particularly, the present invention relates to an improved apparatus and method for removing and separating physically emulsified and free oil droplets, as well as suspended solids from contaminated water.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030911280

An Improved Foot Rest Prof

The invention relates to a movable foot rest for exercising calf muscles. More particularly, the present invention provides a foot rest device having a pedal exerciser for use of passengers in an airplane.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3031011281

Agrowaste to Biofuel via Microwave Pyrolysis

Palm kernel shells and saw dusts were subjected to microwave pyrolysis for conversion to bio-oil. Volatiles from these experimets were trapped in series of condensers and the liquid fractions of the products were characterised. Advantage of this microwave system is the short time needed to achieve high temperature compared to conventional pyrolysis system. The microwave prolysis system gives high yield of bio-oil with better heating values compared to bio-oil from conventional pyrolysis of the same types of sample.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3031111282

Agriculture Support System and Field Tools: Oil Palm Tree Crown Delineation and Enumeration (TCDE(c))Using IKONOS Satellite Images

Manual interpretation of medium and high spatial resolution
aerial imagery for forestry has evolved in the late 20th
century. For this type of application, manual delineation
and enumeration of the tree crowns on the aerial images
are the main activities. In this context, a new research
branch aiming at fully or partly replacing human image
interpreter by a ""seeing computer"" was born. For this new
research branch, the application of image processing techniques in delineating the tree crowns on the images has
been greatly explored and many delineation techniques
has emerged. The launching of IKONOS satellite has
opened up another option of the input data. A project utilizing the resolution of the IKONOS satellite image for
palm oil tree delineation and enumeration purposes in place
of aerial images (which was once a common input data
for this application) pursued at UNIMAS has successfully
produced a prototype model for tree crown enumeration.
The use of this model, compared with the result of manual
delineation, gave an average enumeration accuracy of
92.10%, with the percentage of correctly spotted tree
crowns being 84.08%.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3031211283

Academia Examination Attendance System

Mobile Barcode Based Examination Attendance System is developed to provide an efficient, reliable and secure method of recording final exam attendance system. This attendance management system involves two phases of system development, mobile application and online database server. The system integrates mobile technology, students information and web technologies. This system not only replaces the manual examination attendance system, but also provides extra facilities. For example, the invigilators can check their duties and venue information anywhere anytime. The system provides different types of reports like attendance in some particular hall or only the list of absent students from some.

In most of the universities and educational institutions, exam attendance system is operated manually where student is required to fill in the attendance sheet before or during the examination. It is very tedious and time consuming task for invigilators to go to every student to collect the attendance sheet. Besides, high paper usage is reported and there is a risk of missing data due to human errors. Hence, this system provides efficient, reliable and more secure ways of handling the examinations. The mobile application provides a friendly Graphical User interface (GUI) to accomplish all the tasks in almost (3) clicks.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

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