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ID : tm3141012381

Green Bin

New multiple-compartment features Green Bin separates waste to make it easy to recycled and disposed. This Green Bin is with new design concept not only ever being seen in Malaysian market but as well as in global market.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3141112382

Glycelyst Process: An Innovative Catalytic Process for Selective Production of Emulsifier From Oleochemical By-product

Glycerol is abundantly produced in oleochemical industry and glycerol monoesters have significant applications as emulsifiers in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Due cost, technical difficulty and enviromental considerations, conventional homogeneous catalytic process should be replaced with heterogeneous one. Potential heterogeneous catalytic routes have been developed using various catalysts but selectivity for monoglycerides remains a problem. In this innovative process, a novel modified clay catalyst has been utilized for the transesterification of glycerol with methyl laurate to selectively for the transesterification of glycerol with methyl laurate to selectively form glycerol monolaurate. The catalyst offers advantages of high activity, inexpensive, noncorrosive, reusability towards the glycerol monolaurate can be achieved. A special surfactant was also used to further accerate the slow reaction and to markedly improve the selectivity to glycerol monoester. At a glycerol/methyl laurate ratio of 8:1, 3 wt. % of catalyst and 130 C, 60.1% methyl laurate conversion and 56.5% selectivity to monolaurate were achieved in 5 h. The addition of the surfactant significant improvement in the conversion and selectivity can be achieved as compared to the conventional processes used in industry or reported in literatures.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3141212383

Geomatic Engineering

Geomatic refers to the integrated approach of measurement, analysis, management, storage and display of the descriptions and location of Earth-based data, often termed spatial data. Its activity is based on information technology and very fundamental to civil engineering discipline which use spatially related data.

The Geomatic engineering program at the School Of Civil Engineering has produced engineers which are well trained in the field of geomatics. They have been exposed to the aspects of engineering measurement related to civil engineering.

The school has experience academician in the field of geometic engineering and has been greatly involved in research and consultancy work.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3141312384

Gen 2 Passive RFID System with Range Variation for Digital Smart Community Platform

The first locally made EPC Class1 Gen2 Passive Reader has been successfully developed. The system can detect within the range up to 7 meters using UHF 919MHz-923MHz. Multiple range system is focusing on digital smart community system that is fully served by digital infrastructures and other digital facilities, such as computers, servers, databases etc, such that all personal services, inventory of equipments and delivery of reports, all can be carried out through digital network infrastructures, computers, fixed and mobile communications in the passive UHF RFID system markets, which could lead to lower costs for end user. It has good protocol, anti collision, offer better range and can transfer data faster. By connecting the reader to PC and other devices via stated interfaces, the integrated device can be used for many kinds of RFID applications. This system, could be easily modified to suit a variety of need such as for Car Park System, Time and Attendance, Smart Clinic System, Electronic Toll Collection System, Smart Library System and Reward Card System.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3141412385

Gasoline production from palm oil

A technology using catalytic cracking of palm oil for the production of liquid fuels especially gasoline has been developed over shape selective zeolites catalysts. A microreacter rig has been designed and fabricated in the laboratory which can be operated at atmospheric pressure and a reaction temperature of 350-4500C. The unit will be useful for direct convention of crude and used palm oil in the production of liquid fuels and aromatic chemicals.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3141512386

Functionalized H2 Nano-Smart Membrane

Current membranes used for hydrogen (H2)separation is made of polymer. It is relatively cheap but has a short lifetime. Besides, to maintain the membrane from thermel and mechanical damage, the inlet gas temperature and pressure has to be carefully controlled at low tolerance.

The best aspect of our invention is the combination of two smart materials working together to provide the best performance in H2 separation.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3141612387

FruitPlast: Biodegradable Plastic for Tomorrow

FruitPlast is a biodegradable polymer film due to the incorporatins of natural polymer, tropical fruit waste flour and special addictive (clean enviroment). It also can be fabricate using a cheap and breakthrough technology by optimized the formulation and processing condition (save time and money). FruitPlast is 'ready to use' polymer film with natural colour. Three importance if this invention are to fabricated an enviromental friendly biodegradable plastic film from topical fruit waste such as banana skin, rambutan skin and jackfruit skin. To solve the enviromental problems caused by petroleum based polymer which is inert to the mircoorganizsm attack and non-degrable and to produce the fully degradable plastic film using an inexpensive and novel technology for packaging application.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3141712388

From Various Rubber into Multi Functional Adhesive (MFA): A Novel Recycling Process

One of the various problems which manklnd faces as it enters
into the 21" century is the problem of waste disposal management. Since polymeric materials do noi decompose easily~dlsposaolf waste polymers Is a serious environmental
problem. Scrap rubbers are made up of rubber that does not
meet processing and product spaciRcaUons, leftover rubber
b m manufacturing activities and also old and defective ~bh9C products such as- gloves, catheters, tubes, old tyres etc. Presently, the amount of discarded tyras 'reaches 10
milllon/year worldwide. In Malaysia, the output of rubber
gloves In 2003 was 13.05 bUlion palm, catheters 84.75 million 6nb and Inner tubs 13.05 million units. With the
devalo~mant of rubber industrv, a lot of wa 4 te rubbar is
produd notonly In ~alayslabu iall overthe world every year.
Adhesives are applied In almost every Industrial Reid such as construction, paperlboard, pckaglng, labeling. footwesr.
transwrtation, etc. The world wide turnover of the adheslva & sealant indust& is about40 Mllion Euro.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3141812389

Extended Aeration Wastewater Treatment Plant Model

Treatment plant model consists of diggused air bubbling system, recycling and secondary sedimentation tank

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3141912390

EPC Class1 Gen2 UHF Passive Reader Model: Reader- U2124 Writer- U2010

A contactless 2.45GHZ Active Integrated RFID has been developed for long range applications from 40 meters indoor and up to 200 meters outdoor in line of sight.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142012391

Environment Friendly High Density Fishing Weight Tackles

Most fishing weights and accessories made of lead element due its high density and low cost. However, Lead and lead compounds have been cited by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as one of the top 17 chemicals posing the greatest threat to human life and the environment. In this invention innovation, choices of high density elements for the fishing tackles products were carefully selected to satisfy the following; Non-toxic, Acceptable cost, not too low in density and sufficient world resources to accommodate the application.

Mixing these elements via melting and casting is implemented by proper portions. Design die casting to produce a dense core structure of the products. Chemical surface treatment of dense core structure applies to improve the surface wettability. Coating is applied on the surface of dense products for good surface finish, long life lasting and corrosion protection. Fishing weight tackles can be design to any shapes that can fit with day and night fishing applications.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142112392

EnviroBLOCK: Green Pedestrian Pavement from Construction wastes

Enviroblock: Green Pedestrian pavement from alternative aggregrates. Low cost, durable and higher strength. EnviroBLOCK was produced using abundant construction wastes through economic recycling technique. Thus reducing the cost of charges and transportation to landfills and enviromental pollution.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142212393


This product is known as EMo4ID which stands for EYes and Mouth for IDentity Verification. Unlike common face recognition products which are categorized under holistic method, EMo4ID utilizes merely eYes and mouth to verify and identity. This method is shown to be more robust in situations like temporal occlusions on facial features like hand covering mouth, natural human behavior like eYes blinking and yawning and facial experessions. On top of this, this prototype can be used as semi-auto or automatic system. Semi-auto EMo4ID provides the results after the user clicked the 'verify' button. Systems that require the user to be in front of the camera are suitable for this type of EMo4ID. Besides, the full-auto EMo4ID will verify the user from far. After face, eYes and mouth have been detected and the reference data is known, the verification process will be performed automatically. Systems like automatic attendance recording system, secured door access system and enhanced biometric system are among systems that are suitable fro this type of EMo4ID. Apart from this, the verification engine can be redesigned into an 'identification' system.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142312394

Elimination of VOCs from contaminated Air using active Biofilters.

This project is extremely useful for industries to control air pollution. The cost of eliminating toxic chemicals is normally high. The biofilter is a suitable system with least cost. The new experimental rig has been developed in our research project. This is a demo, showing how the system is operated and well controlled. It can be modeled based on unit height of tower for gas loadings. For large-scale operation, it is applicable for various industries and commercial scale. The scale up procedure is based on geometric similarities and kinetic model to operate the system effectively and economically with absolute maintenance of living microorganisms by providing supplementary nutrients and humidity controlled with specific probe.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142412395

Electromagnetic Imaging Apparatus

This technology exploits the sensitivity of the radio wave to the permittivity and conductivity of the material through which the signal propagates. By probing and recording the magnitude and phase of the received signal at various projections, an image depicting the permittivity and conductivity profiles can be reconstructed.

Presently, only time measurements were investigated in this imaging application. Hence, the image reconstruction algorithm can be thought of simply as a sequence of procedures performed repeatedly on the digitised travel-time in order to determine the distribution of regions of different permittivities (e.g. moisture concentrations) within the cross section of the target. In summary, our method was based on ray tracing operation which involved segmentation of the computer model, estimation of time residual for each ray, and applying weighted back-projection algorithm which produced the velocity estimates iteratively.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142512396


Convetional membrane separation process such as nanofiltration and reverse osmosis are facing unpresedented challenges due to its higher operating pressure and subsequent irreversible fouling problem. Addressing these problems calls out for a tremendous amount of research to be conducted to identify robusts new methods of water reclamation at lower cost and with less energy. In view of this problem, a new generation of membrane with desired chemical and physical propertie which could be operated under ultra low pressure is produced. Through our innovation, a membtrane with improved permeability has been developed by in terfacial polymerising s thin selective layer on the membrane support. A new route has been introduced to control the pore size as well as to suppress the excerssive thickness of the selective layer so that enhanced water or proton passages can be achieved. Membrane with the optimum pore size, surface properties and thickness has been tailored made and tested for metal/acid recovery. Laboratory testing showed that the membrane producedd could achieve more than 95% rejection of copper sulphate at pressure as low as 4 bar. Besides retaining the copper ions in the feed stream, acid recovery can be achieved by concretrating the proton in the permeate stream.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142612397

ECO- Absorbent from waste material for the removal of sulfur Dioxide.

This invention will be able to address some of the concerns to dispose of coal ash without acquiring additional land. Beside ash disposal, the reduction of sulfur dioxide emission from coal fired power plants is a major issue for environment protection. Sulfur dioxide is one of the dangerous pollutants responsible for acid rain. Eco-absorbent has been synthesized using ash obtained from coal fired power plants as the raw material based on new process developed in this invention. In this invention, the utilization of ash will solve the ash disposal problem and at the same time, the eco-absorbent will remove sulfur dioxide from flue gas.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142712398

Dynamic Stripping Machine

The Dynamic Stripping Machine (DSM) realistically simulates stripping of porous asphalt (PA) subjected to the dynamic action of flowing water. In the field, PA is constantly exposed to wet conditions and high volume of water run-off throughout the year. The DSM is able to improve prediction of PA resistance to stripping in the field and better simulates PA moisture damage mechanism under tropical monsoon climate. More importantly, it provides a resistance to stripping test that is simulative, dynamic, feasible, practical and simple to perform.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142812399

Dual-Frequency Integrated Antenna (DFIA) with Image Rejection

A new configuration of integrated antenna featuring dual-frequency operations and image frequency rejection is implemented. Low noise amplifiers (LNAs), mixers, local oscillators (LOs) and couplers are integrated into a dual-frequency microstip patch antenna to give a single integrated system.

Proposed Dual-Frequency Image-Rejection Mixer (IRM) System.
This proposed dual-frequency image-rejection mixer (IRM) system is an improvement on an active integrated antenna with image rejection introduced two years ago by Widad Ismail and a researcher from the UK. The current proposed configuration is similar to that released earlier, but with the phase shift rearranged. This new arrangement is important as it allows a dual-frequency operation/application for image rejection unlike the earlier version.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3142912400


The study of animal behavior in their natural habitat has led to Animal-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms which may be implemented in the developed of Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs). In this study, a new concept of an ASV id proposed, mimicking the predeictable biological balancing nature of the Drosophila ot the fruit fly. The idea of mini ASVs known as Drosobot is proposed in tandem with swarming concepts. Here, they may be developed to overcome factors of complexity in instrument deployment, expensive tools for marine applications, data collections inhibitied by time and resources. Factors influencing the conceptual model, the choice of shape, parameters influencing control in design, the practicalities encouraged in navigational issues and mechanisms of communication amongst a group of the Drosobots based upon their optimal swarming movements are also investigated. There is future potential for ASVs in real applications as multi-agents in sea-bed mapping, mine-sweeping, enviromental and oceangraphic measurements, port security, oil spill tracking, search and rescue mission.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3143012401

D-Gloves : Biodegradable Natural Rubber Latex Gloves

The increase in natural rubber (NR) latex gloves consumption worldwide results in enormous quantity of used and waste latex gloves generated daily, which contribute to solid to solid waste disposal problems.

These technologies offer an alternative solution not only for solid waste disposal management of NRL gloves but perhaps other NRL products too and this will contribute towards environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3143112402

Development of New carbon-based catalyst for Hydrocracking of Malaysian Petroleum Residual oil to high Quality Transportation fuels.

The catalyst is a metals compound supported on activated carbon and prepared via the conventional wet impregnation method. Activated carbons are usually prepared by carbonization of raw carbonaceous materials followed by activation of carbonized product. The carbonization consists of a thermal decomposition of the carbonaceous material, a fixed carbon mass with a rudimentary pore structure. The purpose of activation is to enlarge the diameters of the fine pores and create new pores. Activation can be carried out by chemical or physical means. Activated carbons have important contributions from the micropores, mesopores and macropores and therefore are considered to be reliable in many applications. Such advantages make it an attractive catalyst support.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3143212403

Development of nanostructural composite for the production of bio-fuels from crude/used palm oil and waste fatty acids mixture.

Transportaion fuels are currently the main refinery products of world petroleum production. As crude oil resources eventually begin to deplete, there are large investments in developing alternative fuel. Palm oil based fatty acids mixture available as the residue from oleochemical industries and used palm oil from the fast food restaurant can be explored as raw materials for the production of biofuel through catalytic cracking. The utilization of this material will not only help in cleaning up the waste but by converting them into value added chemical products. Nanostructured mesoporous material is one of the potential catalysts due to its structural and surface properties and its application in the allied industries. Its mesopores provide higher adsorption and accessibility of bulky reactants. Preliminary research works on their applicability and practicality in many chemical processes have been demonstrated by many research groups its promising results. However, there are several key issues to be resolved such as framework development and material stability which were emphasized in this research.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3143312404

Development Of Lead Free Solder Paste For Electronic Applications

Lead and lead compounds have been cited by the Environment Protection Agency(EPA) as one of the top 17 chemicals posing the greatest threat to human life and the environment. In order to produce an acceptable quality and shape of lead free solder ball materials, gas atomization was used. The most common of the solder alloys proposed for Lead Free Solder (LFS) are ternary combinations of tin, with other elements. Electronic packages must be able to survive the temperatures during reflow assembly processing (soldering). Candidate materials in lead free solder material development are ternary combination of tin, bismuth, zinc, indium, silver, and copper.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3143412405

Development of Forced-Flow Electrophoresis as Anti Fouling Strategy in Ultrafiltration of Protein Solution.

The application of utltrafiltration process in the field of biotechnology is being incresingly integrated into the recovery schemes for the production of valuable biological molecules. The problems facing with the ultrafiltration process are flux declination during the operation time. The limitation is attributed to accumulation of solute particles on the membrane surface, which offer to some external extra resistance to the solvent flow through the membrane. The phenomena are known as concentration polarization effect and it contributes to the cost of the process as it requieres frequent cleaning and/or replacement of the membrane.
In the present study, the application of electric field to control the concentration polarization is to be explored. the process is know as Forced_Flow Electrophoresis (FFE). In Forced-Flow Electrophoresis, the employment of two types of membranes; polyethersulfone ultrafiltration and cation exchange membranes in the plate-and-frame module are expected will minimize the concentration polarization effect in the membranes processes under the influence of external electric field. The movement of protein charged away from the membranes surface under the influence of electric field has a potential to improve the filtration performance as compared to the conventional ultrafiltration in term of flux decay and concentration polarization effect.

Nibong Tebal Pulau Pinang

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