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ID : tm3136012331

OryBen : Oryza-Based CompositeFired Clay Brick

Rice husk which is a by-product of rice milling has generated enormous concern as well as interest. Approximately, 78% of weight is received as rice and 22% as a husk during milling of paddy. In countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand where agricultural sector is not only an important engine of growth but also important livehood of the peoples, abundance of agricultural wastes are produced. A novel, cost-effective and value-added approach is needed to reduce the impact of such wastes to the environment. Incineration, though practice to some extent, is not considered cost-effective nor value-added, considering the left-over residue. A novel, cost-effective and value-added approach is the incorporation of the rice-husk as a media in the production of OryBen. OryBen is a composite fired clay brick. It offers value added features as an alternative construction medium and concomitantly helps reduce the problem associated with rice husk disposal. The demand of good quality of building materials to replace the traditional materials and the need for cost effective and durable materials for the low cost housing has necessitated the researchers to develop variety of new and innovative building materials. This invention could promise a better use of agricultural waste.

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ID : tm3136112332

Open Architecture personal computer-numerical controller (OAPC-NC)with an efficient reference-pulse CNC interpolator

PC-Based controller has penetrated the CNC systems. Among the advantages of PC-Based systems are: open platform, information handling for improved analysis of manufacturing system, built-in communication, improved programming and integration into enterprise systems for `e-manufacturing` implementation.

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ID : tm3136212333

oilZob - A Novel Reactive oil Adsorbent From Various Rubber Wastes

The annual comsumption of natural rubber is more than 15 million tons, and output of rubber products is more than 31 million tons worldwide. In Malaysia, production of the pneumatic tyres alone in 2000 is 14.7 million pieces per month.

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ID : tm3136312334

Oil Palm Shell-Based Sorbent/Catalyst As A Novel Industrial Gas Cleaning Technology (CePAC)

In this research, in an effort to reduce and control the release of greenhouse and acidic gases as well as to utilize and solve the disposal of abundant biomass wastes, we have successfully developed a novel technology to produce highly active sorbent/catalyst prepared from oil palm shell that is efficient in removing three important industrial pollutant gases (i.e NO, CO??, NO?? and SO??). Based on the novel technology developed, we have been able to identify the mechanism involved for simultaneous removal of these pollutants gases. In this research, CePAC has been prepared using oil palm shell and incorporated with different type of metal oxides by simple physical activation and calcination. CePAC has excellent properties such as abundant micropores, re-generable, workability and high adsorptivity. These properties, enhances CePAC to adsorb, reduce and oxidize the toxic gases easily and efficiently. The production of CePAC is simple and low-cost compared to the commercial activated carbon. CePAC has broad applications, besides for air pollution remediation, it can be used for wastewater treatment. Apart from that, it could also solve the problem associated with the accumulation of agricultural solid wastes. This enhances the usage of biomass wastes into value added products. With the development of this cheaper and efficient novel technology, CePAC has the potential for solving the issues related to global warming and green house gases.

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ID : tm3136412335

Nyamok - Indigenous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Geneva Exhibition

Nyamok is a locally designed and manufactured unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This unmanned vehicle is the first aerial vehicle to have been successfully invented and tested. This Malaysian made aircraft for its category made its first public appearance at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2005 (LIMA 05). The Nyamok UAV is designed to be high-wing conventional and twin boom configuration aircraft; 3 meters wing span; cruise speed at 100 kph, stall speed at 45 kph and maximum speed at 180 kph; capable of carrying 15 kilograms of payload at a maximum of 35 kilograms takeoff weight; run by a 7.5 horse power petrol engine, pusher propeller configuration; short takeoff and landing distances of 50 meters and 100 meters respectively; equipped with GPS navigation and autonomously supporting 4 UAVs at a time; programmable flight path and health monitoring telemetry system.

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ID : tm3136512336

Novel Surreal Alloy For Assembled Components

Aluminium is one of the most important metals in our daily life, found in items as varied as cars, computers, buildings, packaging etc due to its light weight and high strenght. These properties are especially beneficial for fuel and energy saving especially in the transportation industry. Aluminium can be reused because the quality of the material does not deteriorate when exposed to heat. However, cast aluminium as assembled components are seldom found using the welding technique because TIG welding, the available joining technique for aluminium is expensive. A low cost friction stir welding (FSW) technique that is suitable for welding aluminium has been developed. To further exploit this technique, we havedeveloped Sustainable Recycled Aluminium (SURREAL) Alloy for assembled components that can be produced using a simple casting method and simple moulds. SURREAL slabs of various kinds of configurations can be made (such as lap, butt or T joints) which can then be joined by the low cost FSW technique. SURREAL components and the FSW technique would be excellent choices for the relevant small, medium industries manufactures that cannot afford invesments in more costly technique.

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ID : tm3136612337

Novel Landfill Leachate Treatment By Indion Resin

Novel Landfill Leachate Treatment By Indion Resin is a Lab scale experiment.

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ID : tm3136712338

Neuro-tool for monitoring and controlling palm oil mill emissions.

IT-based technology to monitor, control and optimize the emission from palm oil mill area is environmental. The tool has been developed based on the actual data taken from 2 palm oil mills.

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ID : tm3136812339

Neuro Fault Detector: A Neural Network Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis Tool

Fault detection and diagnosis in complex processes, such as those in the oil and gas, chemical as well as pharmaceutical industries is very crucial task. A good fault detection and diagnosis system is of great value in many application. Early prediction of possible fault states allows maintenance work to take place before a machine/system breaks down. This will lead to savings in terms of maintenance cost as well as machine down time,hence improvement in productivity.
Neuro Fault Detector is an intelligent fault detection and diagnosis tool utilizing neural network and fuzzy logic methodologies.

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ID : tm3136912340


NeuralMammo is a neural network - based system to diagnose breast cancer. It is a novel invention where it incorporates image processing on images from fine needle aspirates (FNA) of breast lesion to produce diagnosis. The system consist of two main components; i.e. image processing tool and an intelligent diagnostic tool. Several image processing techniques are applied on FNA images to improve the quality of the images to obtain a better image with more visible features. The clearer and crisper cytological images will enable the user to extract features to be fed into the intelligent diagnostic tool. NeuralMammo employs a hybrid neural network architecture called hybrid multilayered perceptron (HMLP)network to optimize the diagnosis performance. Based on thirteen extracted morphological features from FNA image, the HMLP network will classify the breast lesion into four categories, namely fibroadenoma, fibrocystic disease, malignant and other benign disease.

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ID : tm3137012341

Neural Pap

Neural pap is an automatic diagnostic screening system for carried cancer. Neural pap is a novel automatic diagnosis software system for cervical cancer based on neural network. They diagnosis is performed based on Pap smear slide image. User is only required to provide the Pap smear slide image and the diagnosis will be carried out by NeuralPap automatically. The screening process by NeuralPap consists of automatic features extraction and diagnosis process.

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ID : tm3137112342

NCMEM: Indigenous Biomedical Lateral Flow Membrane

Ncmem, a novel lateral flow membrane that by nature exhibits high binding capacity, fast laterial wicking speed and low background staining. It is appeared as the most important material used in immunodiagnostic strip, that translate to swift detection of fatal diseases, which then help to save lives.

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ID : tm3137212343


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is poor and has reached unmitigated levels; 2-5 times higher than outdoor air pollution. According to World Health Organization (WHO) poor IAQ responsible for the death of 4.3 million people every year (source). This is due to inhalation of hazardous substance found in the indoor air. These hazardous substances are emitted from buildings, construction materials and indoor equipment or due to indoor human activities such as combustion of fuels for cooking or heating and cleaning. Such poor IAQ is detrimental to the human health and affect the productivity instigating a significant impediment to socioeconomic development.
To address these problems, Nano-TiO2 is invented. Nano-TiO2 is a translucent water-based solution that is coated on surfaces such as walls, ceiling and floor using specialized spray gun. This coating forms a protective layer and decomposes pollutants and kills microbes on the surface with light illumination; thus helps to purify indoor air. It is not a device based technology and therefore do not require any maintenance and operational cost.
Nano-TiO2 is a distinguish product which has remarkable impact to our nation due to its originality features such as nano-size, long shelf life, non-toxic, good binding capability, high crystallinity, transparent and visible light active. These features results in remarkable performance and enhance the aesthetic value of Nano-TiO2. Nano-TiO2 is also a robust photocatalyst that works effectively under any light source in any environmental conditions (regardless of any seasonal effect). After one time coating, it has continuous performance throughout the year, thus serves well in global market without any stringent requirement.
Nano-TiO2 has multi-functional properties of an air purifier, disinfectant and self-cleansing; hence broadens the application in various sectors. Nano-TiO2 effectively inhibit fungus growth, decomposes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), remove odors, kills bacter

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ID : tm3137312344

Nanophilic: Hishly Hydrophilic Nanofiltration Mambrane for Heavy Metal Removal

Nanophilic is a novel hydrophilic composite nanofiltration membrane prepared by applying porous ultrafiltration layer onto a tightly woven polymerization of an skin layer onto the ultrafiltration layer. The pore size of nanofiltration membrane was found to be aroung 0.5mm. The active skin layer was produced from the modification of conventional polypiperazinamide by incorporating the hight hydrophilic pendant group into the polypiparazinamide backbone as a result, an copolyamide layer was produced.

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ID : tm3137412345

NanoHematite - Novel Low Cost Semi Amorphous Catalyst for Dye Removal in Textile Industry

Production of NanoHematite
- Novel mineral processing techniques - with special emphasis on ultra fine grinding process is essential to determine the crucial characteristics of NanoHematite and its performance as catalyst for dye removal.

Advantages of NanoHematite
- Low cost compared to other catalyst such as TiO and ZnO
- Can be recovered and reuse after the treatment process
- Huge locally available reserves, estimated around 82 million tonne
- Minimal iron leaching during treatment ~2 ppm (Environment Quality Act - 5 ppm)
- Rapid decolorization - 15 min
- No secendory waste after the decolorization process
- Can be mass produced

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ID : tm3137512346

Nanocoat: Remedy for VOC, Bacteria and Fungi Growing World

Various bacteria & virus are highly transmitted in our environment, and will cause severe illness to weak persons & children. Besides, toxic and carcinogen gases, like VOC and formaldehyde that are emitted after renovation (indoor pollutants) can cause blood cancer. Here we have developed NANOCOAT solution as a remedy for aforementioned health problem. NANOCOAT is a non-carcinogenic, non-allergenic solution that protects the health and well being of mankind against bacteria, fungi, toxic and carcinogen gases. It can be easily applied on any surface for such protection.

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ID : tm3137612347

NanoAdd Ceramic Cutting Insert

The main issue in cutting inserts applications is their "tool-life". A good cutting insert should have a long tool-life. The tool-life is highly dependent upon the hardness, toughness and wear resistance of the cutting inserts. The existing A1203-ZrO2-based (ZTA) ceramic cutting insets fall only within the medium range tool-life. Therefore, a significant improvement is required to increase the life and reliabity of cutting inserts. This problem has been solves through the addition of nano-sized special addtves in the new formulation of ZTA-based ceramic cutting inserts. The amount of nano additives added is less than 1%.Thus, the cost of the cutting insert is not very different from the existing cutting inserts. Results of machining commercial stainless steel 316L shows that the tool life of the new NanoAdd ceramic cutting insert is 4 minutes respectively. With a longer tool-life, NanoAdd ceramic cutting inserts proved to have several advantages such as higher wear resistance, better, mechanical properties, improved surface finish and relatively lower cost. In additon, with the ability to fabricate the cutting inserts in various shapes and nose radii, the range of applications of the NanoAdd ceramic cutting inserts can be widened significantly. Longer tool-life coupled with good mechnical properties make the NanoAdd ceramic cutting inserts can be widened significantly. Longer tool-life coupled with good mechanical properties make the NanoAdd ceramic cutting inserts an attractive alternative to carbide cutting inserts in the metal cutting industry.

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ID : tm3137712348

Nano Mg-Mn Ferrite of 3 in 1 Miniaturization of Antenna Application

Soft Mg-Mn ferrite was produced by Solution Combustion method. It is promising to produce nanocrystalline powder at relatively low temperature with improved performance. The ion occupation in spinel lattice is tuned by the variation of composition and the control of synthesis conditions for better performance. It is observed that crystallite size, dielectric properties and magnetization can be tuned by varying the Fe content and hydrolysis conditions leading to better performance in the frequency range beyond 1 GHz up to 18 GHz for antenna application.

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ID : tm3137812349

Mung Bean Based Health Fiber Bread

Mung bean flour is a good source of high quality protein, carbohydrate, dietary fiber (resistant starch), minerals and other nutrients. (Resistant starch has been known for a long time to be safe for human consumption. Bakery products particularly bread is considered to be the best source of increasing dietary fiber and protein content in the diet. With that knowledge, our team of researchers has come out with a novel way of utilizing mung bean flour in bread. This resulted in bread with high quality protein, increased dietary fiber (resistant starch) content but without the undesirable grainy taste of wholemeal. Thus, this helps to promote healthier diet and therefore is ideal for health conscious consumers.

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ID : tm3137912350

Multipurpose pilot plants for pyrolysis, Activation, and Calcination

Two multipurpose plants:
1. Pyrolysis pilot plant, used for pyrolysis of biomass (mangrove wood, rubber wood, oil palm wood, etc) and low rank coal to produce domestic fuel and industrial fuel;
2. firing plant, used to convert limestone to lime and the by-product carbon dioxide is use to product activated carbon

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ID : tm3138012351

Multiforce-Component Detection System for Friction Stir Welding Process (MfCDS-FSW)

A new promising green technology Friction Stir Welding process has made significant inroads in the joining of aluminium alloys. Up to now, scientific reports do not include information of the forces, temperature and distortion captured during the welding process, which are believed to have significant influence on the formation of the microstructure ad quality. Thus multiforces component detection system for friction stir welding process (MfCDS-FSW) is invented.

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ID : tm3138112352

Modulated Nanofiltration Process for Pesticides Treatment

Producing sufficient food supply for the increasing human population with a limited amount of land results in pesticides being indispensable in agriculture industry and its usage as pest control will not cease. Huge amount of pesticides used in agriculture sector is the emerging contaminants in drinking water supplies. This is because pesticides applied directly to the soil can be washed off by rain into nearby surface water or percolate through the soil to lower soil layers and groundwater. In order to safeguard people?s health especially with the increasing active agriculture activities emphasized in the Ninth Malaysian Plan, this research applies Nan filtration membrane for retention against dimethoate and atrazine, pesticides which are relevant to our Malaysia agriculture scenario. This research also provides data on the effetiveness on removal of dimethoate using namofiltration membrance which has not been tested and published before.

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ID : tm3138212353

Microw-C: A Crucible for Rapid Processing of Electroceramics Using a Domestic Microwave Oven

The conventional synthesizing technique of electroceramics such as CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) using funace requires very long calcination time (about 24 hours). This is due to ineffective heating process of the furnace. The mechanism of furnace heating is through heat conduction from the material's surface inward, thus generate temperature gradient between outer and inner of the sample. The heating rate is slow and tends to overcure the surface while undercuring the interior of product. Such heating method dissipates large energy to surrounding, thus produced an inefficient heating process. Therefore, an alternative heating technique is needed to overcome these problems. Microwave heating is the most suitable alternative technique. Microwave heating is a quick and efficient method because of volumetric type heating which providing simultaneous and homogenous heating for both exterior and interior of the sample. However, microwave heating will need a suitable material to absorb microwave energy efficiently. Microw-C is a special formulated crucible material composite for for rapid microwave processing of electroceramics using a domestic microwave oven. By using Microw-C, we able to produce high dielectric constant CCTO by microwave to 24 hours when using a conventional furnace.

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ID : tm3138312354

Micellar-enhanced ultraflitration for removal UF reactive dYes from wastewater for textile industries.

Miceller-Enhanced Ultrafiltration (MEUF) is amodified ultrafiltration process which combines the high selectivity of reverse osmosis and the high flux of ultrafiltration. DYes needs to be treated by a surfactant stream with opposite charge to the solute. The basic idea for MEUF is that surfactant forms large amphiphilic aggregate micelles when it is added to aqueous streams at a concentration higher than its critical micelle concentration (CMC). The ions and dissolved organic compounds (solute) can be mostly trapped by the micelles if they tend to be strongly attracted by the micelle surface and will be solubilized in the micelle interior, respectively. Most of the solute in dye-containing effluent (dye molecule) will be solubilized in the micelles. Micelles containing solubilized solute is larger in size which make it easier to be filtered by ultrafiltration membrane, leaving only water and a small amountof unsolubilized solutes with free surfactants in the permeate stream. MEUF was known to be highly rejected of lower molecular weight of dYes compared to normal ultrafiltration process. This process also obtained higher flux compared to the separation of reactive dYes using namofiltration and reverse osmosis processes. Surfactant used in this process can be recovered and reuse in the same MEUF process. Highly percentage purity of water could be recovered and reused in other texile industrial process.

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ID : tm3138412355

mGTWay : A Web Based Integrated t-way Test Data Generation Tool for Combinatorial Testing

To ensure an acceptable level of quality and reliability of software and hardware products, it is desirable to test every possible combination of inputs under various configurations. Due to combinatorial explosion problem, considering all exhaustive testing is practically impossible. Resource constraints, costing factors as well as strict time-to-market deadlines are amongst the main factors that inhibit such consideration. As a result, many helpful strategies have been developed both as research prototypes and for commercial applications.

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