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ID : tm3117412145

Electronic Push-Up Test Instrument(SEGAK)

The electronic push up testing kit designed by the research to evaluate the upper body muscle strength and endurance. It's a new approach towards self-evaluation in health related fitness components. The procedures are very simple, the device is lighter and portable.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3117512146

Edukit : E-One Digital Measurement

See Attachment

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3117612147

Eco Imperata Cylindrical Ash Glaze

This is the first research in Malaysia and in the world that uses Imperata cylindrical as an ash glaze. ???Eco??? is drawn from economical and ecological. It is economical because 70 ??? 80% of nature or plant waste is utilised. Besides being cost-effective, this glaze is also aesthetically pleasant compared to the usual commercial glazes. The experiment combined Imperata cylindrical with other raw materials and oxides. ???Eco Imperata Cylindrical Ash Glazel??? is dinnerware safe and is in compliance with the Malaysian Food Act 1983, as well as SIRIM??? food regulation (will be tested by Ceramic department of SIRIM). The process of making ???Eco Imperata cylindrical Ash Glaze??? is simple and cheap. The usage of 70-80% of wasted imperata cylindrical as the main ingredient that may reduce the cost of glaze production.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3117712148

Eco Ceramic Filter

This invention evaluates the social, economic and environmental sustainability of ceramic filters produced from eco clay for point of use drinking water treatment in rural area. The ceramic filters also exhibit better environmental performance foe 4-5 hour evaluated life cycle impacts.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3117812149

Digitalizing Gambus Songs: Preserving Our National Heritage

Gambus is an instrument which is becoming popular among the Brunei Sabah community. This instrument is played in occasion such as wedding and during welcoming important guest ceremony. Gambus performance among Malay Brunei community in Sabah has been a tradition for decades. In the year 2000, an event called "Pesta Gambus" was being held. It has since become a yearly event where it is organized by the local community. The purpose of this research is to documentize songs played by the Malay Brunei community in Sabah in a standardized format. It is hoped to provide music lover an easy access in reading and listening to the music.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3117912150

Development of Visual Basic Interface for Linear Motion Experiment Through Microcontroller

The developed experimental set-up was divided into hardware and software. The hardware part was dealing with hardware control system while the software development include control, data collection and processing, real time display, simulation and web-based report writing. Visual basic 6 programming language was used in the development of the system. The developed experimental set-up was divided into real and virtual experiments. In virtual experiment, the student could explore and manipulated linear motion parameters in order to master the linear motion concepts.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118012151

Development of a 2D Verification System using e-Sticker

It is a 2D verification system using an e-sticker.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118112152

Development and Effectiveness Study of Interactive Module Gear in Teaching and Learning for a Basic Electromechanical Subject.

The purpose of this study was to develop and test the effectiveness of interactive modules gear in teaching and learning. Gear is one of the topics in a Basic Electromechanical subject, suitable for secondary school students. First the gear was developed, from discarded materials, in a quasi-experimental study. The respondents are from secondary schools in Batang Padang, Perak, who were required to carry out an experiment. They found it difficult to remember several important facts without doing so. Gears are available in various sizes, shapes and arrangements to facilitate experiments. The research instruments include gadget gears, test questions and questionnaires. The data were analysed using percentage, frequencies, t-test and ANOVA.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118212153

Desktop Virtual Environment Spatial Trainer (DVEST)

The novel application DVEST provides elements that help facilitate training in spatial thinking through the provision of the following features: multimedia-enriched training material, personalized learning environment, immediate feedback and embodied cognition-based training. It comprises a very unique feature that involves interacting and manipulating virtual 3D objects with easy control based on desktop configuration.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118312154

Computer-Based Medical Phantom Acoustical Characterization System (MPACS)

MPACS employs the insertion technique and the measurement setup has been interfaced with computer to determine the speed of sound, acoustic impedance as well as the attenuation coefficient of the phantom. Systems hardware and equipment consisting of acoustic tank, ultrasound probes, pulser and digital oscilloscope. Novel computer algorithm has been customized for acquiring, logging and processing data, enabling the characterization of medical phantom to be accomplished in real-time. Systems performance is validated by comparing measured acoustical properties of a known medical phantom with standard value from previous study. The developed system not only capable of doing real-time characterization system not only capable of doing real-time characterization but also offers precision at less than 1.00% of percentage error with 100% repeatability. Furthermore, the robustness of the system has been translated into plug-and-play feature with graphical user interface to ensure interactive user experience.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118412155

Collagen in Oil Emulsion (COE)- New Approach for Effective Topical Cosmetic Application

The new technique was develop to produce stabilize small size droplet collagen peptide by using water-in-oil emulsion method. In this innovation halal collagen from fish scale was used as active ingredient whereas Virgin Coconut Oil(VCO) was used as stabilised media.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118512156

Chitosan As A Glutamate Sensor

This invention describes a system used to measure the concentration of glutamate in an aqueous solution. The system involved two types of chitosan-based glutamate sensors namely membrane and coated wire types as ion selective electrode (ISE) for glutamate ions. The proposed electrode was found to be comparable with the standard method. Hence, this system can be used as an alternative tool for the analysis of glutamate.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118612157

Cert: Reading Speed Tool

CERT software was first invented to estimate reading time (ERT) for people with albinism. It is later innovated for other purpose i.e., ERT determination for slow and high achievers. Nevertheless, CERT is a tool to aid the management for either the slow learners or high achievers in order to determine an individual's time span upon completion of a given task. As each individual's is tailored to his/her learning ability, CERT is certainly a tool created today for present and future classroom. On top of that, CERT can be utilized as tool to test the reading speed for newscasters candidature and later to be used as a training tool to develop their reading skill to the desired speed.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118712158


Satu modul perisian interaktif latihan bersepadu bimbingan dan kaunseling yang dapat membantu kaunselor agar lebih efisyen dan berkemahiran tinggi dalam melaksanakan tugas. Produk yang unik dan inovatif ini sangat berguna untuk memahami perkara penting dalam aspek perkembangan pencegahan dan pemulihan insaniah dari kanak-kanak ke umur remaja dan usia belia.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118812159

Catalyst for Bioethanol

This is a catalyst for bioethanol.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3118912160

Cap Color Interactive (CCI)

Cap color interactive (CCI) is a teaching tool innovation in helping students & teachers tool innovation in helping students & teachers during the process of teaching and learning in line with the approach to student centered teaching methods. Teaching tool contains six pillars of questions contained in the syllabus of physical education & health.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3119012161

Bersila-Kindergarten Workstation

See attachment

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3119112162

Basic Sign Communication (SOBIBASIC)

Program sokongan dan bimbingan (SOBI) bermula pada tahun 2006 dengan tujuan menyediakan perkhidmatan sokongan kepada ibu bapa, guru, kanak-kanak berpelakuan khas dan individu yang berminat membantu golongan kanak-kanak berkeperluan khas.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3119212163

BAM-SRFID: Scalable RFID System for Boarding School Monitoring System

A popular incentive for implementing a human detection system is saving time and money by automating the lifestyle while maintaining the real time tracking of individuals location. The manual paperwork is a big waste of efforts, time and money.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3119312164

Automated Centralized Control System for monitoring Rainforest Ecosystem at Royal Belum

See Attachment

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3119412165

Assis't.doc - Guidance And Counseling Management System

Assis't.doc is an interactive software which is useful for management of guidance and counseling services. It aims to assisst counselors to be more efficient and skillful in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Its users are able to achieve significant outcomes that they desire.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3119512166

Arabic Language Communication - Module for Foreigners

This is research done on non-native speakers where they can communicate with the target language and develop the linguistic skills using this new educational model, named: "Dr Sweedan method of linguistic trips", which have been applied in this study for the objectives of developing the capacity to use the target language skills and practice without barriers among learners, thus creating a learning environment appropriate for the exercise of language skills of the target language. It is also an effort to achieve the principle of education through student-teacher partnership, and to achieve the principle of self-learning at both individual and group level, creating self-confidence among students and encourage them to use the target language in daily activities with each other.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3119612167

Ara Eco Apparel

These design focus on the care for environment, with a new idea of recycling, a pair of apparel with variaty of ready-made patterns. These design is not a conventional recycling, it comes with many other textile usability ideas once the consumers are not using the apparel anymore.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3119712168

Application of CBT - MSCM Group Guidence Model in Seconday School

This experimental study aimed to investigate the effect of the Group Guidance that were orinted towards the combined approach of Cognitive-Behavior Theraphy and Multi-Dimension Self-Concept Model (CBT-MSCM) among middle adolescents with low medium level of self-concept. The devised questionnaire contained personal details and four questionnaires i.e. Multidimensional Self-Concept Scale (MSCS), Self-Concept-Peer Evaluation Scale (SCPES), Adolescent Resiliency Attitude Scale (ARAS) and Aggression Questionnaire (AQ). The 104 subjects were classed into two treatment groups and one control group.

Tanjung Malik Perak

ID : tm3119812169

Antifouling Bio-Paint

Antifouling paints are applied to the hulls of boats and to other submerged structures (e.g. pipelines, fish cages, buoys, piers)to inhibit the growth of marine organisms and macroalgae. Triorganotin-based formulations are extremely efficient, but the adverse environmental effects of extremely efficient, but the adverse environmental effects of extremely low concentrations of the biocide have resulted in the phasing out of these paints. The ban on harmful substances(in many European countries, Asian, and the United States)in antifouling paints requires the development of new antifouling strategies. Alternatives should be as effective as conventional paints but of lower toxicity.

Tanjung Malik Perak

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