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ID : tm2966510636

The Potential of Natural Waste for Production of Environmental Friendly Biopot-Mulching (Waste to Wealth)

Seeds are very important to establish plantation for agriculture. Polybags are normally used for seedlings but the polybags wastes harm us more. Other alternative for seedling is by using paper-pot but also has weakness. Mulching is also important in seedlings where unmulched surfaces may develop into a hard-pan,forming hard and impervious layer.

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ID : tm2966610637

The Potential of Natural Waste For Production of Environmental Friendly Biodegradable Film (Waste to Wealth)

Plastic in the environment is regarded to be hazard, since the material is inert. Nondegradable plastics accumulate at the rate of 25 million tonnes per year. According to an estimate more than 100 million tonnes of plastic is produced every year all over the world. In an effort to protect the environment, biodegradable film has been developing from natural waste for packaging application.

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ID : tm2966710638

The Development Of Behavior Modification Kit For "Mat Rempit"

The country faces various Juvenile delinquency destructs community, national safety and stability. Till today, many approaches have been designed and implemented to bring positive changes to the targeted teenagers with delinquency problems. This research has come up with a new method in helping teenagers to improve their delinquency and strengthening their positive behavior

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ID : tm2966810639

Technology Absorptive Matrix Software (TAMs)

Technology Absorptive Matrix Software (TAMs) is a tool that is derived from a research finding; TAMs is used for assessing the strengths of an enterprise before engaging in any external relationships. Four components identified as important areas to be evaluated and assessed prior to engaging in any technology transfer dealings. The four components are;
1. Organizational culture
2. Interaction mechanism
3. Knowledge absorptive capacity
4.Research & Development (R&D)

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ID : tm2966910640

Tafaqquh Fiddin(E-TFD)

E-TFD is an apps which is linked to google.doc.
It is a low cost and hustle-free apps since it utilises free services available at google.doc.
It undertakes 5 crucial area i.e. registration, attendance, assessment, module and feedback.

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ID : tm2967010641

Synthesis and Application of Natural Biomordant in Natural Dye: Green Technology

Biomordant from natural resources which provide alternative solution to the use of mordant that produce toxic waste. Mordants are chemicals that are necessary to chemically fix most natural dye production is chemical free, non polluted, recommended for a delicate and sensitive skin consumer.

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ID : tm2967110642

Sustainable Technology (Waste To Wealth) :
Integrated Palm Oil Ash As a Filter For Treatment Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)

This invention has converted the waste of palm oil ash into the value added product. Therefore, in this project, integrated Palm Oil Ash (I-POA) filter media is invented and design by integrate varies size of palm oil ash as a filter medium to treat POME.I-POA filter media give many of advantages to POME treatment system, because the filter material use is biodegradable from palm oil itself and it easy to install, cost effective, low maintenance, and produce high quality of effluent. For big scale application, especially in Palm oil factory, I-POA can be installing as multi filter, which not effect the effluent treatment capacity.

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ID : tm2967210643

Sustainable Production of Sorbitol from Biomass using Green Technolgy Approach

The objective of experiment is to produce simple sugar (sorbitol) from waste (biomass-sawdust waste. Sorbitol is a monosaccharide derived from glucose. Sorbitol is a low calori sugar alcohol which is widely used in a range of food products such as confectionery, chewing gum, candy desserts, ice cream, and diabetic foods, based on its sweetness and its high solubility. Sorbitol has a relative sweetness of around 60% compared to that of sucrose and displays, a fold higher solubility in water than mannitol. It is non-carciogenic and may benefit people with diabetes.

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ID : tm2967310644

Support Vector Machine Learning Method to Predict Recycling Strategy for Electronic Equipment

Nowadays, the quantity of E-waste keeps on increasing. It happened to the whole countries in the world including Malaysia. Awareness of re-cycling and re-usable is still very low. We need our government and private support to enhance public awareness with information thru media, software and electronics shops.

The environmental problem is an extensive, complex problem, and areas of study are areas of study are energy consumptions, material/resources use, recycling and environmentally relevant substance control. Support Vector Machine method (SVM) is used to determine recycling strategy with seven parameters. Three equipments were selected to be examined such as vacuum cleaner, washing machine and television. The prediction model predicts the end of life (EOL) strategies quite closely with real industry practices.

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ID : tm2967410645

Student Evaluation Systems

All school in Malaysia will have one occasion to give award to the best student, the highest marks in subjects, the best in co-curriculum and others at the end of every year. To give certain award there should have certain method to get accurate result. Basically,evaluation is very important in selecting the real best student.Otherwise, the best student is influenced by feeling,wrongly calculated and incomplete record.Student Evaluation System (SES) is an automated system that will calculates the total amount of credit for a student to get best student in school.By using this system, the school will get a summary based on the user's data and will give the best solution to appoint the best student. This software comes with database technology that is capable to save and retrieve student's information.

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ID : tm2967510646

SSA-GIS ( School Suitability Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems)

The practice of analysing data manually is time consuming. Thus faster methods are necessary to assist the decision-makers. This invention used to GIS platform to perform using case study through MCSDSS and AHP arcgis database and the result were satisfactory.

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ID : tm2967610647

Spring Activated Pole (SAP)

A Spring Activated Pole is designed for multi purpose used. It comprises three sections, locking, extension and spring mechanism. The pole length can be adjusted, it used spring compression as a source of mechanical force for cut & it locking system is located at the bottom.

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ID : tm2967710648

Split Plug-in Hybrid Electric Car Conversion Kit

Split plug-in hybrid electric car conversion kit

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ID : tm2967810649

Spinning Apparatus For Continuous Hollow Fiber Membrane Using Pressure Driven Phenomenon

The spinning of hollow fiber asymmetric and symmetric membranes for liquid/solid and gas separation can be prepared continuously. By using the high nitrogen gas we have discovered, for the first time, that there should be critical values of polymer dope extrusion rate, precipitation bath concentration and take-up speed.

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ID : tm2967910650

Sonification as Novel Pretreatment Step during Gaharu (Agarwood Oil) Extraction

Agarwood also known as gaharu is a naturally grown forestry wood which contains the most expensive essential oil and of high demand in the perfume industry, deodorants, toiletries and health products. -High demand from countries such as Middle Eastern, China, Taiwan and West Asia Nations. - Currently, uses of this product are restricted and limited due to its rarity and high prices. -As of May 2009, the price of agarwood essential oil is around RM420 per 1 tole(12ml) and for superior grades could be priced up to RM150,000 per liter. -Conventional extraction method required long hrs and produced low yield. -Current supply can only meet some 20percent of world demand. -Ultrasonic pretreatment caused cavitation activities especially near the interface which enhance mass transfer rates, hence increased extraction yields.

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ID : tm2968010651

Smart Monitoring and Rehabilitation System for Stroke Patient

This invention for help stroke patient to self rehabilitation at home. It includes an interactive display in android phone and screen monitor. The main point is this product can be portable and low cost in local manufactured.

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ID : tm2968110652

Smart Kit for Operator's Performance

The worker performance associated with cognitive ability to handle stress, boredom,emotional instability and fatigue in the work emotional performance. The kit consists of biofeedback protocol, biofeedback device, training module for improving and sustaining operator's optimal physiological functions. The system is useful to boost operator's ability to handle their performance blocks by promoting homeostasis and autonomic nervous system. As a result, operators will gain an enhanced health, emotional well-being, and work performance. By using the kit, the operators can enhance cognitive and emotional performance and lead them to improve productivity.

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ID : tm2968210653

Smart Fuel Consumption Cost Estimator based on Parametric Estimating Method

Smart Fuel Consumption Cost Estimator based on PEM is an automated system that will calculates the total amount of fuel cost for a car to travel based on Parametric Estimation Method. Bu using this system, the user will get a summary which based on the user's data and will give the best solution to estimate the minimum cost towards the desired destination. This software comes with database technology that capable to save and retrieve data of driver's information. The software design consists modules of the driver's account, factors of affecting fuel consumption, process for estimation, total time consume and summary from driver's data.

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ID : tm2968310654

Smart Defect Detection in Thermal Image

This module includes experiments that examine power loads, self-heating effects, and large area thermal characteristics. A system for temperatures measurement and thermal analysis in the enclosed area of a high and low tension is presented, Thermal imaging camera on the inside and outside surfaces is required for heat detection and the Neural interfacing system is used for thermal analysis to recognize the fault alert. Signals are viewed in real time and simultaneously recorded for thermal analysis.

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ID : tm2968410655

Smart Carrier Balancing Robot (Carbot) With Auto Navigation

Limitation of space has raised a problem in a high productive manufacturing semiconductor company. These are mainly on the product transferring from the production line to the warehouse as well as testing laboratories. Another factor is time constraint in delivering the products due to the needs to put on specific ESD (Electro-Static Discharged) attire and thus, inconvenience in transferring the high sensitivity electronic devices via human.

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ID : tm2968510656

Sludge Degrader

The concept:
- Consortium Microorganisms added to the sludge.
- The consortium which contains comprehensive mix of decomposer (microorganisms) and cellulose digester accelerate the process.
- Could control and reduce the Odor, Color and Biological Oxygen Demand (B.O.D).
- Volume(dry weight) reduced
- Inert gas released
- The residual left function as organic fertilizer

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ID : tm2968610657

Shark Skin for Enhancing the Flow of Ships and Submarines

The present work introduces a new technique for improving the flow of submerged surfaces like ships and submarine. The new technology is implemented through restructuring the surfaces in shapes that simulate the shark skin. The technique was proven to be effective and can improve the flow up to 20%.

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ID : tm2968710658

Scaffolds From Seaweed/ Cockle Shell Powder For Bone Tissue Engineering

Our product is produced from seaweeds and cockle shell powder, in a green chemistry way using water as the only solvent. Our scaffold is bio-compatible, biodegradable, non-toxic to the cells and possess the desired strength, flexibility and porosity.

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ID : tm2968810659

SAFE-R: Road Safety Information Services

Product Benefits;
1. Determine roads safety level based on time, day and month of main entrance roads to major town.
2. Develop road information system database for major town
3. Develop a user friendly program as a guide to road users in planning their journey
4. Produce new and additional content which is user friendly and has wider end users market
Technology Involves;
1. Creation of traffic accident database in GIS format by collecting and analyzing data using SPSS Software
2. Road Network Modeling using EMME/3
3. Developed of SAFE-R program using Visual Basic

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ID : tm2968910660

Rina Jap. Education Kit

This product especially for non-native speaker learner in Japanese. The product include 400 vocabulary, Katakana writing practice, grammar dialog, games, exercise & 100 useful expression in form of module & CD. It is attract learner & more fun learning Japanese through the games of this product.

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