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ID : tm2964010611


Huffaz-M membantu mempertingkatkan daya hafazan dan visualisasi ayat Quran dalam bentuk yang mudah terima berbantukan aplikasi yang dibangun.

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ID : tm2964110612

Farmer Digital Expert Assistant System And Future Prospective

Global Positioning System (GPS) based Farmer Digital Expert Assistant System (FDEAS) is capable of analysing the agricultural field and environmental factors associated with the field. All sensor outputs and system were integrated with a modem which sends alert messages when required.

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ID : tm2964210613

Disimilar Cam Profile For CNG Engine

The cam profile of the intake valve is analyzed to provide higher turbulence using swirl motion. The swirl motion enhances the flame speed which improves the coefficient of variation in Imep. The peak pressure increased by 4% which in turn improves the efficiency by 5.7% and BSFC improved by 5.4%

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ID : tm2964310614


Penyelesaian pembersihan dan disinfektan untuk
dialyzer, alat hemodialisis dan alat rawatan air.
Berkesan untuk menghilangkan biofilm organik
membina dan membasmi virus, kulat, bakteria
dan spora yang mematuhi peralatan dialisis

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ID : tm2964410615

Development of Mathematical Models for Quantitative Risk Assessment in Petroleum Refining Industry

The project developed mathematical models to compute failure probability of risk events and safety instrumented systems at any geographical location precisely and effectively with operation and occurrence time. The project developed models to determine risk and safety integrity levels precisely.

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ID : tm2964510616


Contalisis is a combination of a method (light transmission visualization) plus the instrument needed for the method (lightbox). Its application is to stimulate the behaviour and migration of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL) without needing to go to site.

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ID : tm2964610617

Water-Ethylene Glycol Based Hybrid (TiO2 and ZnO) Nano-Coolant for Sustainable Green Machining

Hybrid nanocoolant is a renewable and biodegradable Water-Ethylene Glycol Based Hybrid (TiO2 and ZnO) Nano-Coolant for end milling machining process with MQL. The hybrid nanocoolant providing better performance than flooded and MQL cooling conditions. The drastic increase tool life and improve damage.

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ID : tm2964710618

Wastewater to Battery Material

A technology is developed for metal extraction from ore processing industrial wastewater making complex with legands able to selectively precipitate metal complex. The new material showed excellent properties to be used as battery anode.

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ID : tm2964810619

Visual Analytics Template of Curriculum Design Based on Malaysia Qualification Framework (MQF)

The course and curriculum templates provide automated analysis and visualization of the curriculum structure to comply with Malaysia Qualification Framework(MQF). This helps faculty to reduce multiple round trip reviewing process and reduce significantly paper printing during the process.

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ID : tm2964910620

Vibration-and-Pattern(VAP) Code: A Smart and Secure Authentication Scheme

Existing graphical password scheme are susceptible to three major attacks, such as shoulder surfing, smudge attack, and brute force attack. In this invention, we propose Vibration-And-Pattern(VAP) code, a new graphical password scheme that is resilient against these three major attacks.

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ID : tm2965010621

VIAP: A New Solution for V2V & V2X Communication in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET)

VIAP (Vehicle Information Announcement Protocol) works with WAVE (Wireless Access for Vehicular Environments) in a road which is deployed by DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) infrastructure. The vehicles enhanced with VIAP are able to announce and share the vehicle information and situation with the drivers, neighboring vehicles, and other related bodies. It helps car users to drive in a smart road environment efficiently and safely.

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ID : tm2965110622

Universal Hinge Fixator (UniHF)

This external fixator is designed with a simple technique of installation in mind and the presence of a hinge to allow passive and active uniplanar movements of the elbow joint. Ti is primarily designed fir the use in the treatment of elbow fracture with unstable fixation. The main outcome hoped to be materialized is the ability to preserve motion while maintaining the structural integrity and stability of the bony fixation

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ID : tm2965210623

UMP_KMC SMART Partnership via SusTIA FWM - Sustainable Traffic Impact Consulting Service

Novelty - Development of Decision Support System (e-DSS) by migrating from software dependent to integrated human and technical solutions.

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ID : tm2965310624

UMP Gaharu Oil Quality Index

The UMP Gaharu Oil Quality Index comprises marker compounds which are necessary for the characterization of odor & quality of Gaharu (Agarwood) oil. Traditionally, Gaharu oils have been assessed on the nasis of personal preferences and requirements. Thus, there is no industrial standard for determining the quality of Gaharu oil. Availability of a quality index for Gaharu is important for the enhancement of the market value of Gaharu oil as it still lacks a quantitative method of classifying the oils.

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ID : tm2965410625

UMP CAO Granules : Pome For Energy

The efficiency of CaO with applied CaO doses of 1.5 to 20 gL-1 in batch experiment showed that 10 g CaO/L exposure was found most suitable for highest degradation of VFA, butyrate and acetate parameters. Upfow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor was operated continuously at 35c for 150 d to investigate the effect of CaO-CKD on the sludge granulation and methanogenesis during start-up. Treatment of POME emphasizing the influence of varying organic loading rates (OLR).

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ID : tm2965510626

Tropical Peat Sampler With Built-In Extruder (TROPITER)

Peat is basically a problematic soil as it is high in compressibility and low in shear strength. Therefore a suitable sampler known as TROPITER was invented to solve all the common sampling problems in tropical peat. The TROPITER is an apparatus for sampling intact,undisturbed peat samples in the peat lands. This sampler has a number of features which are considered to be in advantage both for field work and for the subsequent laboratory investigations of peat deposits. These advantages are listed in the next slide. TROPITER is a brand new soil sampler that has multipurpose functions. This sampler has been tested and has worked satisfactorily in many different types of soil apart from peat. Hence the invention of TROPITER in the construction technology will contribute to the ground improvement of tropical peat and provide better solution to this problematic soil.

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ID : tm2965610627

Trio-Effect Portable Wastewater Treatment System

The present invention introduces a novel design for a water treatment unit. This design has two features, i.e. it can be used in its portable scale for domestic and rural areas such as the villages with minimum power consumption. The unit can be operated using one solar cell and that will eliminate the need for general electrical power source. This portable unit is essential in times of flooding, chemical spillage disasters, remote areas with polluted wells and many applications. The other approach is using the design in industrial scale (air-stripping, oxidation and adsorption) in industrial water treatment units. Such technology is effective because it brings three completely water treatment techniques in one unit that works effectively (time effective and efficiency effective) to remove chemical contaminants from water.

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ID : tm2965710628

Transformation of Decanter Cake Palm from Oil Milling Plant into Adsorbent and Solid Fuel

In this research, semi-solid waste from palm oil milling plants was transformed into absorbent and solid fuel using plant excess thermal energy. Solid fuel produced from decanter cake could be used as a coal substitute. As an absorbent, the treated is able to remove heavy metals and organic pollutant from industrial effluent.

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ID : tm2965810629

Trans-B App for Youth Sustainability Rural Livelihood

Thia trans-b app have been developed for training purposes. A total of eight training modules have been embedded to be easy accessed. The module is to increase the awareness among youths in managing organization in rural livelihood sustainability.

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ID : tm2965910630

Towards Effective and Affordable Natural Repellent Against Mosquitoes

Our previous work was concerned with the aromatic plant basil (Ocimum basilicum). Several accessions (types) collected from different parts of the world showed immense chemical variability. Biological activities of the essential oil were also studied,most notable among which was mosquito repellency. An anti-mosquito preparation containing this essential oil at the level of 1per cent was formulated for use by rubbing on the human skin.

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ID : tm2966010631

Tomato Maturity Estimator (TME)

The Tomato Maturity Estimator (TME) is developed to conduct tomato colour grading using machine vision. TME is carried out to judge the tomato maturity and estimate the expiry date of tomato based on their colour. Evolutionary methodology was implemented in this ystem design by using several image processing techniques including image acquisition, image enhancement and feature extraction.

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ID : tm2966110632

Three Tiers Security Strategy for Passive Data Acquisition

An implementation of three tiers security strategy, into Quick Response(QR) code, is a novel approach for passive and secured data transfer. A case study on Vehicle Identification System(VIDS) showed invented strategy give a fast, secure an reliable result.

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ID : tm2966210633

Three Induced Suction: An Eco-Friendly Solution for Slope Stabilization

To find an eco-friendly solution on slope, preserve of mature tree can reduce moisture content and thereby, reducing the risk of slope failure.

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ID : tm2966310634

The Pro Sai Kit and Biofeedback Training to Improve Students' Academic Performance

Students have many obstacles in order to achieve an optimal academic performance. One of the academic performance affects is anxiety disorders while study process, in other word, anxiety has negative effect on students' academic performance. Anxiety is a subjective feeling of tension,apprehension,nervousness, and worry associated with arousal of the nervous system. Student with high level of anxiety will have low academic performance.

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ID : tm2966410635

The potentials of Water-In-Diesel (W/D) Emulsions as a Future Fuel

With the increasing energy prices and the drives to reduce CO2 emissions, universities and industries are challenged to find new technologies in order to reduce energy consumption, to meet legal requirements on emissions, and for cost reduction and increased quality.

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