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ID : tm3123112202

Methods of Teaching the Arabic Linguistic by Applying the Method Muthla Takamuliah to Non-Arabic-Speaking Students in the Universities of Malaysia

The researchers examined the teaching of Arabic linguistic skills to apply the method of Al-Takamuliah Al-Muthla through Al-Quran (ATAM) to students who do not speak Arabic as a first language. Researchers built 319 items in the questionnaire using five sub-scales based on the ATAM method to build using positive statements. Sub-scale questionnaire comprising lectures, methods of studying the Arabic linguistic skills were used to apply the method of Al-Takamuliah Al-Muthla through Al-Quran, speaking in Arabic (ASS), Arabic listening skills (ALS), reading in Arabic (ARS) and Arabic writing Skills (AWS). Two hundred persons from UM, UIA, UKM and UPM were surveyed. The results obtained had a Cronbach Alpha value of 0.99. The findings of this study showed a positive correlation between the methods of studying the Arabic language with each sub-scale between the values of Pearson (r=0.57 to r=0.64, p<0.01).

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ID : tm3123212203

Live Digital Forensic Tool

The digital forensics regulation on Malaysia is still at the initial stages in terms of methods and standardized procedures in cybercrime investigation. In most investigation cases, live data acquisition process is always missed. This may be due to the complexity of extracting it or due to the lack of investigation of officers awareness. This research proposes a new live digital forensic investigation tool that could help our digital forensic investigators improve live data acquisition in contrast with the traditional digital forensic method.

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ID : tm3123312204


LIFTHOR is a specialised and improvised vest-like wearable intention designed to simply the act of lifting bedridden patients. It is made up of strong and durable materials which comes with 3 protective buckles and neck support collar. LIFTHOR put less stress to healthcare givers and lessen injury.

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ID : tm3123412205

Lactid Acid Bacteria and Health Benefits of Malaysian Honey

This innovation allows the isolation and characterization of antimicrobial activity of LAB in local honey. LAB isolated local honey showed better antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella Typhimurium compared to Manuka honey from New Zealand. The antimicrobial compounds produced by these LAB isolates are stable to heating at 900C for 1h. Molecular characterization of the isolates did not match with the sequence in the gene bank; thus bacteria are considered a new unidentified strains of LAB. This study suggests that the local honey contains naturally occurring LAB. Its antimicrobial activities in vitro of these LAB isolates against pathogenic bacteria offer health benefits and highlight medicinal value of Malaysian honey.

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ID : tm3123512206

Lactic Acid Bacteria and Health Benefits of Malaysian Honey

Honey has been used for general health, ingredient in foods and its application as antimicrobial agent in medical field is on the increase recently. Due to its antimicrobial properties, honey may serve as agent to kill both spoilage and pathogenic bacteria in foods. This led to our interest to determine the presence of lactic acid bacteria in honey and their possible role in growth inhibition of pathogenic foodborne bacteria. Inclusion of an enrichment step prior to plating on MRS agar containing 0.8% CaCO3 allows the isolation of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) from commercial honey samples. The LAB isolated from local honey samples showed antimicrobial activity against a number of selected gram positive and gram negative bacteria particularly against Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella Typhimurium. Heating the LAB supernatants at 90 oC for 1 hour did not result in loss of antimicrobial activity indicating that the antimicrobial compounds produced are heat stable.

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ID : tm3123612207

I-Talk Piskeb (Innovation Talk Pendidikan Islam Sekolah Kebangsaan)

I-Talk Piskeb (Innovation Talk Pendidikan Islam Sekolah Kebangsaan) is an interactive application based on text book Pendidkan Islam Standard 1 until 6. The development of this courseware is to provide the best learning tools for teachers who teach students who are blind or visually impaired.

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ID : tm3123712208

Islamtag: An Integrated Social Network Site

Islam Tag is a new integrated social network that interacts Muslim and non-Muslim around the world. It is the one and only social network that respects all religions. Its aim is to reveal the true Islam in an attractive way. In IslamTag, various social networking integrated services are provided such as a blog, special interest group, video and audio library, multiple login with facebook, tool for selling and buying goods online. It integrates with Google to show locations to help in buying of goods and video and chatting with multilingual auto translation. We have 24 hour online Quran which helps you to listen while surfing. A constant in Islamic knowledge and or technical support will also be provided.

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ID : tm3123812209

I-Sign Quranis

I-Sign Quranis

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ID : tm3123912210

INTACT-M (r) : Integrated Addiction Counselling Training Module - Revised Version

Issues of drug addiction can only be dealt with counselors who are specially trained in addiction counseling. However, to date, the training of addiction counseling in Malaysia is only conducted by higher learning institution and the number of scholars interested in the study of drugs and drug is very small in comparison to the number of clients in need of help nation-wide. The somewhat low level of competency in implementing existing approaches suggest that alternative and additional approaches be explored. The faith-based treatment approach is one such possibility. Faith-based treatment centers in both Malaysia and Indonesia have found that the psych-spiritual dimension can play an important part in the treatment and rehabilitation of addiction clients. Such an approach is appropriate for the Malaysian context where religious relief is usually instilled in a person's outlook from young. Treatment at faith-based centers is thus conducted by helpers who are knowledgeable in religious matters. However, once again, a multi-disciplinary module of training has to be made available for such helpers. Based on this need, an integrated addiction counseling training model is proposed for the Malaysian context. This model is called INTACT. This model of training consists of dimensions of competency as proposed by ACCM, in combination with psycho-spiritual components adhering to the licensing requirements of the Board of Counselors, Malaysia. A minimum of 60 credit hours of learning is proposed, with greater more emphasis on practical and clinical work.

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ID : tm3124012211

Intact-M (Integrated Addiction Counseling Training Module)

Experts in addiction counselling in Malaysia rely mainly on evidence from some particular areas of research conducted during their doctoral studies. Since 2008, there have been less than 10 counselors whose doctoral research are on ???addiction???. Issues of drug addiction can only be dealt with by counsellors who are specially trained in addiction counselling. However, to date the training of addiction counselling in Malaysia is only conducted by one higher learning institution, and the number of scholars interested in the study of drugs and drug addiction is very small in comparison to the number of clients in need of help nation-wide.

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ID : tm3124112212

Informer on Site

Informer on site' is one of prototype mobile application for informing disaster complaint with site pictures and location using the smartphones. Its focus on disaster cases such as flood, typhoon, haze and landslide. This apps can assist the authorities to handle the issue of disaster.

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ID : tm3124212213

I-Muqaddam Noor Al-Hayat

Qur'an recitation skills involve the identification of Arabic alphabets and vowel signs, the use of correct tajweed and intonation, as well as the understanding of the meaning of the verses read. Quranic recitation skills comprise the competency in the seven skills related to Arabic alphabets and eleven skills associated with vowel signs. Competency in these inter-related skills may assist one in achieving aesthetic value of the Qur'an. However, many struggling Quranic readers among school students are not able to recite the Quran correctly according to its tajweed and vowel signs due to lack of competencies in the required skills. Current traditional Quranic teaching methods and materials are not able to help students with Quranic recitation difficulty. In addition, the traditional Quranic teaching method also hardly acknowledges the different learning styles and needs among students. Therefore, in order to meet student's learning needs and styles especially among developing Quranic readers, a new form of Quranic Quranic recitation method is imperatively necessary. with the realization, i-Muqaddam Noor Al-Hayat was developed. The i-Muqaddam is a Quranic recitation method highlights a new concept that focuses on gradual development of skill.

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ID : tm3124312214


IMREADY is an intelligent & a comprehensive mobile analysis application to detect any mobile malwares attack especially the mobile botnet. It is inspired by genetic algorithm, easy to use and self intelligent signature database generation. It is must have app for everyone.

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ID : tm3124412215


Hydroshooter is made by 2 main materials which are silicon for the outside cover and propylene for the inner component that hold the spring to act as the auto-recap function. The hydroshooter will be attached to the syringe by screw like component of attachment at the inner component.

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ID : tm3124512216

Hamoody Flash Card

Hamoody card game promotes Arabic sentences construction and interaction for NNS of Arabic. It encourage self-learning with 12 categories(word) and 10 levels, the players are tested on their activity to construct sentences. Hamoody brings gamification to life through speed and scoring.

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ID : tm3124612217

Gamifikasi Dalam Pendidikan: Global Zakat Game (V2.0)

Global Zakat Game (GZG) merupakan inisiatif kaedah pendidikan baru menggunakan konsep gamifikasi permainan papan bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kefahaman zakat dalam kalangan masyarakat. GZG membantu mengukuhkan kemahiran pengiraan zakat dalam kalangan amil yang meliputi kesemua jenis zakat harta.

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ID : tm3124712218

EZ Pay

The EZ pay version 1.1 is a combination of four apps which are easy payment plan, credit card manager, calculator and spending tracker. EZ pay is available for androids users at a cost of MYR1. This software is practical and helps user to have a prudent credit card management at their fingertips.

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ID : tm3124812219

Extraction and Formulation of Pectin from Nutmeg (Myristica Fragrans)

Nutmeg Myristica fragrans come from the family Myristicaceae. Nutmeg made is usually used as spices, flavor in cooking, while nutmeg essential oil is utilize in medicinal and pharmaceutical applications. The traditional market of jam and jelly has been stable during the last few years as a consequence of changes in consumption habits of consumer. Fruit purees extracted from fruit contain pectin as natural gelling agents of jelly product. Purpose of this work was to utilize nutmeg jelly that meet the desirable characteristics of quality jelly, to study the quality nutmeg jelly produced and to carry out sensory evaluation of the quality nutmeg jelly during storage at room temperature. Eleven formulations were done and there was significant difference of characteristics of the formulations. Formulation eleven has met the desirable quality jelly and it shows non significant difference of quality and sensory attribution within 30 days storage at room temperature.

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ID : tm3124912220

E-Sohffnazz Family Stress

The E-Soffanz Stress is a novel and unique, self-directed learning instrument that provides personalized feedback on family and individual's responses to stress and coping strategies. This online family stress assessment invention is a convenient method to measure several domains that lead family stress. The domains are communication, financial, attitude, sexuality and religiosity. It helps to check oneself for stress in family matters. Its usefulness is it functions both a diagnostic device and counseling tools. The brief 36 question create a significant incremental impact in an existing product in on-line assessment questionnaire. It can be administered to individuals, couples or group about 20 minutes. It is immediately scored. The invention also provides treatment on stress management and action plans to reduce family stress. It can be used across all cultures in the Malaysian setting. Audience can also choose to use the manual method to calculate the total score and measure the level stress. The profile uses an engaging process of personal learning that helps individuals uncover and explore stressors in family life and coping resources that can be used to decrease stress.

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ID : tm3125012221

E-PRASMO: An Online Supervision Tool

E-PRASMO is an online supervision and assessment tool operation on goals(moodle) by USIM. It provide a platform for repository (notes, videos, links), e-portfolio (erph,recording) and interaction (sv-ss) for support and feedback via online forum (asynchronous). It is scalable for any demand.

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ID : tm3125112222

Environment Signboard

Nature is getting tired. The environment is getting congested with the pollution caused by human's hand. People are required to recycle things, car pooling, using bottle and food container, use a hybrid car and reduce the use of chlorofluorocarbon. Campaigns here and there but how far does it work? There were cases about environment that affected our healthy, but there is another much more hazardous problem that will affect not only people's behavior but also their faith and belief.A mechanism is needed in order to overcome this matter, to save this deen and environment at the same time. This product (Environment Signboard) was designed to teach the society especially the Muslims to use the genuine and real Hadith in their daily life and caring for their nature surrounding created by Allah.

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ID : tm3125212223

E-environment Guide System

This product is about system@kiosk related with mapping plan. A map is a necessity in our life especially to connect us and the target location. This system deploys a new concept which is more attractive and effective than the existing product. E-environment guide System has multi features such as images, information and description of the location. Towards achieving Islamic principles as our way of life, the product will equip Muslims with Islamic concept as a main criterion.

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ID : tm3125312224

E-Counseling Stress Notes

E-Counseling Notes adalah satu perisian yang direka bentuk untuk membantu individu yang cenderung mengalami stress. Dalam perisian ini, ia mengandungi beberapa bahagian iaitu nota-nota berkaitan stress dan cara berdaya tindak. Ia juga mengandungi perisian e-kaunseling secara maya di mana pelanggan boleh berkongsi isu-isu dan cerita mereka. E-Counseling Notes ini boleh dimanfaatkan oleh semua golongan termasuk kaunselor yang berpengalaman, kaunselor pelatih, guru-guru, mahasiswa/wi, pelajar, pasangan-pasangan, keluarga dan sesiapa sahaja yang berkenaan.

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ID : tm3125412225

Duplo Box: Copy Denture Made Easy

Name: Duplo Box
Material: 3D Printer Materials (Plastic)
Dimension: Size: 100mm x 50mm
Come in one Compartment
Please contact person in charge for more details

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ID : tm3125512226

Chicken Eggshells (CHES) Membranes for Protein Separation

The synthesis of novel ultrafiltration membranes from chicken eggshells waste was addressed. The novel CHES-UF membranes is designed and developed by imtl@usim. From highly abundant chicken eggshells bio-waste, a special bio-active compound was synthesized via wet/dry chemical method.

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