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ID : tm3120612177

The Use of Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Cornea Regeneration

The research of stem cells and tissue engineering has brought about numerous advances in the regenerative medicine. Application of stem cells in the therapy of corneal disease has gained attention in ocular regeneration.

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ID : tm3120712178

Study of Physicochemical Properties of Bread using Sourdough Starter from Plantain (Musa Paredisiaca fa. Corniculata) Flour

A study was done to produce bread using sourdough starter from powdered plantain by formulation of the starter followed by the analysis on Physicochemical property and acceptability. Results of proximate analysis indicated that plantain flour contains 5.98% of protein, 1.33% of crude fat, 0.78% of crude fiber, 15.05% of moisture and 3.18% of ash. The total available carbohydrate was calculated as 73.68%. The bread was formulated by different variation in the ratio of the starter. The four different ratio of plantain flour to water were 1:9, 2:8, 3:7, and 4:6. The sourdough development was analyzed through daily observations and the pH (ranged from 3.65 to 3.85 and total titratable acidity (ranged from 0.0116 to 0.1439) was obtained. The breads were analyzed for proximate compositions (crude fiber, crude protein, fat, moisture, ash content), physical (hardness, crust color, height and weight) and sensory (quantitative descriptive analysis test and hedonic test). For physical analysis, the chroma value, height and weight if all breads differed significantly for having p-value less then x=0.05. While hardness of bread crumb and hue angle value of crust color showed no significant difference. Results indicated that crude protein ranging from 10.35%-11.37% , crude fat (from 7.18%-8.20%), crude fiber (from 0.01%-0.1%), moisture (from 18.71%-28.82%), ash (0.79%-1.04%). From QDA test, all means for each attributes did not differ significantly except for acidulous taste. 25.75% of panelists chose Bread 1 as the most acceptable among the five variations in hedonic test. It can be concluded that plantain flour (as starter) is applicable for making sourdough bread. The results obtained the best sourdough bread is Bread 1 using 1:9 ratio of starter from plantain.

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ID : tm3120812179

Sourdough Starter from Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca Fa. Corniculata) for Healthy Bread

Healthy bread made from plaintain (Musa Paradiasica Fa. Corniculata) as sourdough starter was formulated to provide a good dietary alternative to the white bread commercially available in Malaysia. It has good nutritional content of protein, crude fiber, and moisture but reduced on fat content. The bread has a desirable quality characteristics that is soft, moist and pleasant in taste; light crusty brown colour with a shelf life of 4 to 6 days at room temperature.

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ID : tm3120912180

Sohffanzz E-Family Stress

Sohffanzz E-Family Stress adalah penghasilan system perisian maya alat pengukuran dalam kaunseling keluarga yang berkaitan dengan stress. Ia mengandungi 60 item yang bersifat laporan kendiri yang mengukur tahap tekanan dalam keluarga berdasarkan 6 domain utama. Ia mengambil masa antara 20 hingga 30 minit untuk disempurnakan. Sohffanzz E-Family Stress juga mengandungi manual pengiraan yang lengkap beserta indeks analisis item melalui link system berkomputer. Alat ujian ini boleh diguna pakai oleh para terapi, ahli keluarga, kaunselor keluarga, pelajar universiti, orang perseorangan, pasangan yang mempunyai konflik dalam perhubungan dan juga perkahwinan.

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ID : tm3121012181

Sejadah BB

Prayer is one of the strengths of a Muslim. It creates relation between God (Allah) and His servants. Thus, as to develop the ummah, Muslims have to increase the quality of prayers. However, nowadays there are a lot of problems or obstacles for Muslims to do well in prayers. Thus, we come out with a solution. Sejadah BB seems to be like a common one but actually it has its specialities. Firstly, it is used to prevent the problem of robbery cases in mosques. It comes with a secret pocket underneath it. You may locate your valuable things inside besides guarding them while you are praying. Now, you can focus on your prayer! You do not have to worry on your purse, watch, handphone and even your laptop anymore. Besides, from a prayer mat, it can be transformed into an elegant laptop bag. It is awesome! Comes with a small and convenient size, it is suitable to be brought everywhere and every time. It will guarantee the safety of your laptop as it has a protectable cover. Sejadag BB is also equipped with adds-on values. As a number of Muslims love to perform prayer in the dark, it comes with a glow-in-the-dark Kaabah on the top. Therefore, it will glow and show itself towards the worshippers of Allah and this helps Muslims to focus in it. In addition, for those who love travelling, Sejadah BB helps them to perform prayer with no doubt on the right direction anywhere. Just open the prayer mat and it will show the direction of the qiblat on the compass. As our product may solve these problems, it may help Muslims in maintaining the best quality of prayers. As to conclude, prayer is the best key towards developing successful ummah.

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ID : tm3121112182

Rapid Sequence Intubation in Emergency Department-A Colour Coded Guide

The ring-bound booklet is specially designed for assisting Rapid Sequence Induction an in emergency department. Chapters are stepwise, colour coded and tagged for easy reference during intubation. Indications for intubation and factors for predicting difficult situations are listed. Measurement of endotracheal tube, blade sizes and anchoring point are given. Drugs and their dosages are presented in an easy-to-refer tables with their uses, contraindications and special points provided.

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ID : tm3121212183

Penghayatan Nilai Akidah dalam Kurikulum Pendidikan Islam KBSR

Kajian ini menumpukan kepada pembinaan kaedah pengajaran bagi membolehkan pelajar menghayati nilai-nilai akidah yang terdapat dalam kurikulum pendidikan Islam. Tujuan kajian ini adalah untuk membina satu kaedah pengajaran kurikulum pendidikan Islam di peringkat rendah bagi membentuk akidah pelajar yang mampu menghadapi pelbagai cabaran penyakit social dengan baik. Penekanan diberikan kepada aspek akidah dengan memberikan tumpuan terhadap integrasi di antara akidah, syariah dan akhlak dalam setiap aktiviti harian remaja muslim. Kaedah penyelidikan yang digunakan ialah kajian perpustakaan, temubual, kaedah kaji selidih dan kaedah pemerhatian. Bertujuan untuk membina modul baru kaedah pengajaran pendidikan Islam.

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ID : tm3121312184

Nutmeg (Myristica Fragrans) as a Source of Functional Gel

This quality gel from fruits of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) have the characteristics of firmed, pliable, golden brown colour, sweet sour taste, fruity bouquet flavour and nutmeg aroma which have wide applications in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical product.

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ID : tm3121412185

Novel Chitosan-Bio-waste Active Ultrafiltration (CHITOBAUF) Membranes for Bio-industry

Novel Chitosan-Biowaste Active Ultrafiltration (CHITOBAUF) membranes from natural bio-waste was successfully produced. The CHITOBAUF membrane is a new generation of ultrafiltration membranes product and very promising for bio-technology and bio-processing applications.

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ID : tm3121512186

Noor Neuro Arabic Language

Satu set bahan belajar bahasa Arab al-Quran

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ID : tm3121612187

Noor Al-Hayat Muqaddam Multimedia

Perubahan gaya pembelajaran kanak-kanak memerlukan persediaan bahan pembelajaran yang mengikut rentak dan gaya pembelajaran mereka. Muqaddam Nood al-hayat Multimedia Version disediakan bagi membolehkan umat Islam di pelbagai peringkat umur dan pada segala keadaan berpeluang mempelajari cara membaca al-quran dengan baik sehingga tiada alasan yang boleh mereka berikan kenapa mereka tidak boleh membaca al-quran. Muqaddam animasi ini amat membantu sesiapa sahaja walauu di mana sahaja mereka berada dan dalam keadaan yang bagaimana sekalipun, mereka akan dapat mempelajari cara mambaca al-quran dengan mudah dan cepat dengan menggunakan Muqaddam Noor al-Hayat Multimedia Version atau Muqaddam animasi.

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ID : tm3121712188

Naise 1.0 : Cross Lingual Information Retrieval with Quhex Indexing Model

This product allow query in one language targeted to documents in a different language through Quhex indexing model in the form of machine language understood by computers. Quhex indexing is a unique representation in binary, independent of the original language that optimize space and search speed.

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ID : tm3121812189

myTarannum Iqra Barakah

This product combines the element of teaching and learning in a courseware named myTarannum (Baiyati). It gathers various types of tarannum levels with certain maqamat (Sikah, Jiharkah, Nahawand and Saba). Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) decrees (with meaning) to improve the Quran reading with ones beautiful voice. Indeed good voice will add to the beauty of Al-Quran.

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ID : tm3121912190

Myema (Entrepreneur monitoring apps)

Myema is an apps that can monitor entrepreneur performance on daily basis while incorporating other modules such as motivational tip on entrepreneurship, Islamic approach (through daily feed of relevant Quranic and hadith ecxerpt) and also a real time complaint counter.

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ID : tm3122012191

Multiplexer-Based A5/1 GSM Stream Cipher

A5/1 is the stream cipher algorithm used in GSM communication in order to provide over-the-air communication privacy. The objective of this paper is to compare the security levels of two (2) multiplexer-based A5 crypto systems. In this research also, we improved our previous model which is more complicated with five (5) linear feedback shift registers (LFSRs). So, less complex models were proposed by adding a multiplexer which is able to produce the random key generator. Several statistical tests such as frequency test, serial test, runs test, long runs of ones test and linear complexity test were used to test the strength of the algorithm.

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ID : tm3122112192

Multiplexer-Based A5/1 GSM Stream Chiper

Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) is standard set developed by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute to describe technologies for second generation digital cellular network. GSM was created with created with a moderate level of service security. Communications between the subscriber and the base station can be encrypted. GSM uses several cryptographic algorithm for information security. The A5/1 and A5/2 stream ciphers are used for ensuring over the air privacy. However, in the research it will focus only on A5/1 stream cipher algorithm. A5/1 was developed earlier than A5/2 and it is a stronger algorithm used within Europe and United States. However, serious weaknesses have been found in A5 algorithms. A5/1 is based around a combination of three linear feedback shift registers. There is a set of statistical tests to determine the security level that can be provided by various algorithms. The perfect system is the one that gives the best statistical results. Simulation on six purposed models performed on PC using Java language. The generated key of the algorithms are analyzed to see whether the generated key is random or not. Verification of algorithms are analyzed using five statistical tests which are frequency test, run test, serial test, longest runs of one test and linear complexity test. Data analysis of the simulation was done using NIST statistical test suite. After all the test and analysis, the algorithms designed had fulfilled the characteristics for a good stream cipher algorithm.

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ID : tm3122212193

Multiple Intelligences Self Inventory (Misi): A Tool to Inspire Your Potential

Multiple Intelligences Self Inventory (MISI) is a newly adopted version by the author from Multiple Intelligences Checklist for Adults (MICA with 8 domains). This inventory consists of 100 items, where 10 items will measure each intelligence (10 domains: i) verbal linguistic; ii) interpersonal; iii) intrapersonal; iv) logical-Mathematics; v) visual-spatial; vi) musical; vii) bodily-kinesthetic; viii) naturalist; ix) spiritual; and x) moral). It has been modified into another inventory which is applicable for adolescents with only 50 items. Teachers and mentor can use this inventory. The book, entitled Kecerdasan Pelbagai: Aplikasi dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran, provides concepts of multiple intelligences and 50 activities for fun teaching and learning.

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ID : tm3122312194

Multi-Hygienic Slime Remover

Multi-Hygienic Slime Remover contains mixtures of locally available plants extract. Dipping slimy freshwater fish such as ikan keli in this extract readily loosens the slime of its skin to reduce it odour and slime. It also lengthens the period of freshness of the fish. The use of this plant extract solution is safe as it is made from plants that are consumed as tea. This environmentally friendly innovation is not only for fish slime but also microbial slime of other surfaces.

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ID : tm3122412195

Muamalat Interactive Game 2.0

Muamalat Interactive Game (MIG) is an invention to inculcate fun learning experience for stakeholders of Islamic Banking & Muamalat activities. The game provides hands-on experience dealing with Islamic Banking products & its flow of 'Aqad. It also promote awareness on personal financial planning.

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ID : tm3122512196


Alat pendidikan untk pengurusan kewangan peribadi, perbankan dan kewangan islam (MIG). Permainan interaktif muamalat (MIG) menawarkan penyebaran pengetahuan melalui aktiviti, pengalaman dan simulasi.

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ID : tm3122612197

Muamalat Interactive Game (Community Edition)

Muamalat Interactive Game (Community Edition)(MIG CE) is a game-based educational tool that promotes inclusive economic development by inculcating the spirit of gift economy, promote awareness on managing personal finance & exposes the players to Islamic Banking, investment and social instruments.

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ID : tm3122712198

Model indeks penentuan had tempoh mualaf

Inovasi model indeks penentuan had tempoh mualaf dibangunkan sebagai pengukuran penentuan had tempoh panggilan mualaf untuk diselaraskan di setiap negeri di Malaysia. Model ini akan menjadi indicator dalam menetapkan had tempoh panggilan mualaf yang sesuai mengikut realiti semasa di Malaysia.

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ID : tm3122812199

Mobile Intravenous Drip

Mobile Intravenous Drip or MIV, is a specialized strap used by patients to assist them in carrying the IV drip. It consists of a long strap, a hook, an arm strip, and at each end it has a buckle. MIV assist patients in mobilizing around the hospital without troubling the patient or others.

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ID : tm3122912200

MMS for Decision-Making Process in Critical Medical Treatment

This model envisions the model of Maqasid Al-Shariah (MMS) for decision making process in critical medical treatment. The underlying principle is the preservation of life as the central objective in Islamic biomedical ethics.

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ID : tm3123012201

Mizan Solarhome

Mizanhome is a solar innovation home in modular industrialized building with passive design layout for energy efficiency, customized wall and roof insulation from plant waste material, sufficient recycle water, fast construction, affordable and comfort for flood victim and the needed group.

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