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ID : tm3174012711

Novel Approach for Single Display Traffic Light System with the ability to cater for Colour Vision deficiency drivers (SD-Traffic Light)

A novel approach for single display unit for traffic light system is designed and developed based on problems seen over the conventional three display traffic light. As the role of the traffic lights plays significant role in ensuring road users safety at junctions.

For the day of traffic lights were invented till today, the three colour display traffic light is widely used and the only system available in the world.

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ID : tm3174112712

New Technique of Plastic Mould for Thermoset Composite Fabrication

This invention a new technique of plastic mould for thermoset composite fabrication. There is generally used a mild steel, tool steel, wood, and aluminium mould for moulding plastic products as they hard and tough. However the mould requires high tooling cost and complex shapes cannot be produced.Thus, this research is a development of new technique that will be used is PVC film from thermoplastic material.

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ID : tm3174212713

New Generic System For Cornice Ceiling Pattern Design

Similar to any other conventional design process, designing cornice ceiling patterns exert lots of time and energy. Even with regard of time and energy waste, the quality and satisfaction of customers with the products still inevitable. A research is done to overcome these problems and the outcome is to develop a new generic system for cornice ceiling pattern design, using the parametric method with the help of computer-aided design software (CAD). A few selection of software available with these features but the one for this project is UnigraphicsNX2. It is an interactive system that allows users to program the drawing by its features so that the drawing can be used over and over again with different parameters. Creating a library file system and integrated with 3D modeling and 3D-Printer for making prototype products. For existing cornice pattern design, a reverse engineering was done. Measurement of cornices dimension were taken manually by ruler, caliper etc. Drawing simplification and sketching are done before proceed to technical drawing phase (CAD). CAD drawing than converted to .STL format since 3D-Printer only apprehends with these format. Conversion is done using the
UniGraphicsNX2. Prototype size was scaled down to smaller size than the original, small enough to be produced by 3D-Printer. The prototype produced then been used as master model for silicon mould. And finally, from the mould, a cornice product was produced. At the end of the day, the purpose of integration with 3D-Printer is to observe how well the system works with advanced manufacturing

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ID : tm3174312714


This project is an automated PLC-based scapping manchine prototype for Nata de Coco manufacturing. During fermementation process; a thin, white membrane-like layer develops on top of the Nata de Coco, which has to be removed before further processing. At present it is carried out by workers who manually scrape off this layer. In order to minizing human intervention that leads to hygienic issues besides cost of manual labors reduction, this machine prototype is designed, fabricated and tested to remove the specified thin layer. The manchine is divided into three major sections; loading, scaping and uploading. A PLC is used machine controller besides several sensors, a variable speed motor and a scraping mechanism consists of an electro-pneumatics cylinder, a water jet spray and a brush. It is user friendly, which can easily be handled by a single worker with auto-manual selection mode and equipped with a SCADA system as the machine's GUI to assist the operator for remote monitoring and control. It can possibly be integrated with the Nata de Coco's fermentation and cutting processes. This scapping machine prototype contributes as a platform to suit SMI's needs in automating the Nata de Coco scaping process toreduce hygienic issues, cost reduction and increase productivity in long term.

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ID : tm3174412715

NAKULA (Loose Fruits Collector)

Oil palm loose fruits have high oil content; uncollected loose fruits in the field will reduce profit opportunity. Current method for collecting oil palm loose fruits usually by hand picking or raking, these method are very time-consuming, inefficient and can causing back pain problem.

NAKULA is designed and developed to improve worker's productivity when collecting oil palm loose fruits in the field. The device uses picker wheel with many tynes to pick up the oil palm loose fruits during rolling back and forth. If the wheel is full of trapped loose fruits, the fruits can be released by pushing the device on a spread sack while gripping the release ever.

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ID : tm3174512716

Myiecs (My Intelligent Electric Cost System)

Nowadays, electricity becomes very essential to human being. The importance of electricity usage on humans daily life cannot be denied. In line with the rapidity of development and application of science and technology, the demand towards electricity is increasing per annum. Therefore, the cost of electricity supplying services increase proportionally with the demand. Due to those importances, e-learning software has been developed which is capable to compute the cost of electricity in peninsular Malaysia, called MyIECs which is stand for My Intelligent Electric Cost System In order to develop MyIECs, two graphical programming language have been used, which are Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0and Macromedia Flash 8.0. Both languages are very practical to use where user is allowed to interact with them in friendly manner. Approaches used in MyIECs such as buttons and graphic animation are good to ease user and attract them to use the software. Through MyIECs, a few analysis have been covered to strengthen the objectives of the project software including how certain factors influenced tariff rates, the variety of electric user, the function and structure of energy meter and also some methods on energy saving practices. As the result from this MyIECs, it would help user to enhance their knowledge on electric cost calculation and other related topics inside the software.

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ID : tm3174612717

My IOT-Powered Plugs

This innovation is concerning My IOT-Powered Plugs. The plugs are able to communicate with each other to control and monitor the power consumption of a building. In addition, a group of IOT-Powered Plugs can be controlled by the agent-based cloud controller for energy efficiency and DSM program.

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ID : tm3174712718

MY 2nd EYE

The "MY 2nd EYE" product is about supporting device for visually impaired person that use as warning system by using a vibration motor.The main purpose of this product is to help the blind person around this world to have their own confident in order to travel from one place to another place.

The conceptual design of the product is to develop an effective warning system with low cost budget by applying the universal design in order to make the user comfortable to use.Besides, the user-friendly system is also the priority in develops the products because the blind person does not have their ability like the normal person. On the other hand, this product is designed light, compact and adjustable to ease them to carry.

Therefore, all blind person in this world may have it and independent to travel. As for green technology, this product is included with rechargeable power supply by using solar panel which is mounted on the top of controllers box in order to supply electrical power to main controller and sector.

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ID : tm3174812719

Multi-Scale Eco-Composite Automotive Door Panel

Multi-Scale Eco-Composite Automotive Door Panel product is specially designed by sourcing local natural fiber with integration of nanotechnology. This green product is economical, easy fabrication and able to reduce dependency towards aluminum metal in manufacturing of automotive inner door panel.

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ID : tm3174912720

Multi-Point Noise Detection for Area Monitoring System in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Legal Requirement.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), requires a minimum twice a year for noise monitoring inspection in industries to certify their workplace is within the safe hearing range. This is governed under the standard in ISO14001 & OSHAS18001. The conventional method which is widely in practice require two types of noise level inspection which are the personal monitoring and area monitoring.

Currently the inspection is done manually by the appointed certified consultant. Such inspection is very costly for the industries especially for large scale production floor. The results from the test may be disputable as the factory setup could be different during the test for the sake of passing the inspection.

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ID : tm3175012721

Multiple Entry e-Attendance

Multiple Entry e-Attendance is a system to record attendance of the student without using any paper or paperless. The system only uses several entries for student attendance such as barcode scanner in the Smartphone, Bluetooth and scan the QR code class. This activity can be conducted before beginning of class, during the class, or after finishing class.

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ID : tm3175112722

Multimedia Assistive Learning for Autism Children

The concept of Behaviorism Learning Theory is used in producing a courseware for autism children. Drill and Practices is chosen in developing the mathematics courseware to learn numbers. This educational courseware will profit the moderate level of autism children in primary schools. This courseware aims to give enjoyable, meaningful, and challenging activities. It also will educate them to recognize the senses. Beside, activities are based on a Games-Based Learning approach for the children to enjoy.

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ID : tm3175212723

Multi-Beam Meander Line Antenna

Wireless communication has become more important element in our world today as the growing on its technology is increase rapidly. Since, the wireless communication system used air as the medium to communicate, the use of the antenna to every transmitter and receiver module is important. The challenge of designing the user friendly devise, low profile, practical and light weight also needs the smaller and low profile antenna that will be used. So, this project presents the low profile multi-beam antenna for ISM band application such as WLAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and etc. This antenna, used meander line concept with additional parasitic elements to provide sufficient gain and multi-beam.

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ID : tm3175312724

Multi LED Machine Fixture

The manufactures of LEDs play a major role for supporting vast amaount of LEDs usage in various applications. Preparation of LEDs using manual bending and cutting requires human labor that cost a lot of time and not reliable in terms on the bending and cutting quality of the lead using pliers and hand cutters. This paper presents the novelty in designing of machine fixture for the number of LEDs. The new machine fixture would be able to hold and to support the LED securely in the requires position for the machine operation. In addition, it would be able to bend and cut the LED pin connector to the required shape and length. This machine fixture would vastly reduce three times the cycle time for producing LED's in the current situation. As a result, new machine fixture for producing the multi LED has been developed.

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ID : tm3175412725

Motorcycle Coordinate Localization System (MoCS2000)

This project is about the implementation of a GPS system on a motorcycle for outdoor usage. The GPS consists of a 32-channel receiver and a GSM module interfaced with a PIC microcontroller to deploy GPS and GSM technology on the motorcycles or other vehicles. It is to detect and determine the location of motorcycles by sending SMS to the microcontroller and in return will reply to the GPS coordinates to or the requester. Then the motorcycle/vehicle location will be displayed on the map of the system.

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ID : tm3175512726

Modul Penjana Kuasa Menggunakan Suhu,
Tekanan dan Getaran Persekitaran.

Sistem penjanaan tenaga elektrik melalui
penuaian elektrik dari persekitaran untuk
mengoperasikan jaringan penderia tanpa wayar
untuk memantau keselamatan enjin dan
kompresor dalam industri

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ID : tm3175612727

Modeling, Simulation And Control Of 3 Dof Motion Platform For Vehicle Dynamic Simulator.

-To developed a 3 D.O.F Motion Platform for Vehicle dynamic simulator.
-To developed the control structure for the # DOF motion platform.
-To evaluate the performance of the proposed controller.

An experiment of 3 DOF motion platform model has been conducted and the result shows that the MRAC control structure is able to control the vehicle dynamic simulator in producing the significant movement as desired.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3175712728

Mobile Security Robot

This working prototype of mobile security robot is capable of patrolling an area without human interaction and provide feedback of the state of its surrounding when it detects the intruders motion. It can replace humans or animals as guards to overcome security problem. It is a low cost mobile robot which is easy to use. This mobile security robot operates mainly indoors and navigates itself on a flat horizontal surface designed to avoid obstacles in its way such as furniture, wall and human in close proximity. This robot is programmed to move autonomously in a designed area to patrol and detect current motion. When it detects movement, the robot will respond by giving a sound signal to indicate the intruder.

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ID : tm3175812729

Microcontroller-Based Motorized Walking Aid

Remote Sensing Walker (RSW) is a walking support system or assistive device that is capable of supporting people with walking difficulties such as elderly, handicapped persons and persons with leg injuries such as under rehabilitation. RSW consists of a support frame, control box, two castors and two wheels with motor attached to it. Power supply and control circuit are placed inside the control box. The brain of the RSW that is micro-controller , which is part of the control circuit, controls the movement of the two motors in which consequently controls the direction of the RSW. There are three input mechanisms of the RSW in which the user can control to move and direct the RSW that are on-board buttons, hand-held remote control and photo-electrics sensors. The on-board buttons and hand-held remote control navigates the RSW to move in various directions that are left, right, forward, and reverse. To further enhance the capability of RSW to detect obstacle in front, the RSW is equipped with two photo-electronic sensors at the front of support frame. Immediately after an obstacle is detected, the two motors will automatically halt. The main advantage of RSW is that it can be remotely control using radio frequency remote control in which it is capable to be parked out of the way and return back to the user when the user is ready to leave. In fact, the RSW has power assisted device(motor) that increase its mobility. Furthermore, RSW is a mobility aid to encourage walking among people with walking difficulties to reduce the risk of muscle entropy, wasting or loss of muscle tissue resulting from disease or lack of use.

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ID : tm3175912730

Microcontroller-based High Power LED Rope Light Application

An integrated embedded controller for high power LED rope light application is designed and developed to control the power flow as well as the LED display patent for long ranges rope light applications. Nowadays, technology rope light controller being marketed is mostly low power, limited length led rope light capability and difficulty in synchronization the LED pattern for long distance application. In addition, technology LED rope light that is controlled by using power 240V AC is still new in Malaysia because most of the manufacturers and system integrator producing DC powered-based LED display system. The existing LED rope light controlled has limited control capability for controlled up to 100 meters distance. Most of the applications required 1km to 2km length of LED rope light and need at least 8 to 10 unit of controllers at on time. This will cause synchronization problem among the controllers. Due to that, the time for LED rope light taken to ON and OFF the light is not consistent and very difficult to control. The connectors between the LED rope light modules always burned because surge AC current and voltage during ON-OFF period. To ensure the controller and the rope light LED operates in the save condition, a micro-controller based high power LED embedded controller is developed to solve the critical problems for up to 4km rope light LED that can accommodate 3 to 4 building in one time. Advantages of the system are long ranges applications, cost effective and maintenance, avoid surge current and voltage and programmable. The hardware was designed based on the integrated SCR power module, snubbed protection, full-bridge rectifier and embedded micro-controller.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3176012731

Mesh Sensor Network for Remote Flood Observatory System

Most flood mitigating plans are expensive and can be implemented only on priority Considering cost and safety measures, this research highlights a Flood Observatory System (FOS) as a warning and alert system to efficiently monitor critical flood-prone areas in real time. FOS can be deployed in flood-prone areas by receiving real time information on flood level. It empowers government and private organizations to react to imminent danger effectively.

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ID : tm3176112732

Mechatronics Trainer With Mobile Robot Application

Most educational institutions tend to purchase lab equipments from local and international manufacturers where these equipments are normally extremely expensive especially the imported equipments from overseas. While ironically the staffs themselves, lectures and technicians have the capabilities and expertise to produce the same standard of equipment if not better. Therefore, this project has been done in order to proof that the lab equipments can be constructed in a cheaper price where the features of the equipments can be determined and specified more correctly, suit to the real requirements. The scope of this research project is to design and construct a mechatronics trainer accompanied with teaching modules and a mobile robot which can be used together with the trainer and modules. The idea is that students can program the PIC microcontroller first on the
trainer, check the reliability by using simple sensors and actuators that are available on the trainers, and then place the PIC microcontroller on the mobile robot to do its task after their programs have been verified.

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ID : tm3176212733

Meander Line Antenna Design With Conductor Line

The meander line antenna (MLA) have been designed to operate at 2.4-GHz for WLAN application. Two different designs
of meander line antenna are investigated, without conductor line and with conductor line. Both microstrip antenna and
planar antenna designs for meander line antenna have been done.

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ID : tm3176312734

Mathematics for Autism Children (Numbers)

Children with autism are socially impaired and usually having problem with verbal and non-verbal communication. Theconcept of Behaviorism learning theory is seen as an innovative pedagogy to be uses in producing mathematics (Numbers) courseware for autism children. Behaviorism learning theory is focuses on a behavioral pattern being repeated until it becomes automatic. The concepts of 'Drill and Practices' is chosen in developing the Mathematics courseware to learn number. This prototype is specially developed for moderate level of autistic children targeted for primary school which covered syllabus of Mathematics Component in the Huraian Kurikulum Pendidikan Khas Bermasalah Pembelajaran (PKBP) set by Ministry of Education. In our research, Behaviorism learning theory and multimedia technology has been blended in enhancing learning performance among autistic child. Moreover, very little empirical research has been conducted to integrate Behaviorism learning theory into learning courseware for autistic learners. Testing and evaluations has been made with autistic children and teachers from primary school in Ujong Pasir, Melaka and Austism Intervention Centre (NASOM). We aims to share the positive feedback from the tester and the possibility to commercialized the research project.

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ID : tm3176412735

Malay Text Readability Test Tool

Malay text readability test tool is an online system developed to assist readers in knowing the score of a Malay text in the quickest way. It is developed to fulfill the needs of readers who may struggle to read as there is no available tool that can measure the readability level of Malays text.

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