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ID : tm3171512686

Self-Powered Machinery Vibration Monitoring Via Internet-Of-Thing (IoT)

This prototype is a battery-less and maintenance free wireless monitoring device which is able to monitor machinery vibration and trigger an alarm if the vibration level exceed a pre-defined safety level. The ambient vibration is the energy source that would be transformed into electrical energy and powering up the electric component in the wireless sensor module. As it self-powered by the ambient energy sources, therefore it is sustainable, free from maintenance and have longer life-span than a battery powered electronic device. The data that transmitted wirelessly will be stored in the computer cloud and can be assessible via android apps for the application of Internet-of-things (IoT)

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3171612687

Self Algorithm Traffic Light Controllers for Heavily Congested Urban Route

Traffic light control systems operate on a timing mechanism that changes the light after a given interval. The system will sense the presence or absence of vehicles with a certain range by setting the appropriate duration for the traffic signals to react accordingly. The idea behind this intelligent traffic lights control system is that users will not spend unnecessary time waiting for the traffic light to change. A new sensing method was designed and developed to enhance the existing traffic light control system for multiple junctions. A programmable logic controller was used in this project for switching the traffic light indicator to the volume of vehicle at certain road junctions to ease traffic flow. The method is also inexpensive.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3171712688

Rich Athletics Track

The main athletics track are the SBR, EPDM granules and Polyurethane. Nowadays, application of manufacturing product need a material
that can give the best characteristic such as getting on hardy, strong, safe and easy to manufacture. In this project, silicone rubber resins
from elastomer polymer ware used as the matrix materials and the natural fibers as the reinforcement. Types of natural fibers that have
been selected are rice husk fibers. The matrix materials are usually functioning to attach the reinforcement each other. The rice husk is
grinded for 1 mm. From testing on the composite material, it shows value of hardness, impact strength, and Young modulus for tensile test
and compression test is 17.9, 0.36 J/mm2, 40.94 kPa, with increasing 98.89 percent, 176.9 percent, 1055.84 percent and 157.83 percent compared to silicone rubber without reinforcement, respectively. For friction test, the purpose composites athletics track getting average
value of 70. This average value is over from IAAF standard requirement for >47 of friction value. Overall for this project, although the purpose composites is under researching, the result show the composite be able to emulate with the main athletics track component and
it can be made and used in Malaysia.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3171812689

RH2000 Cybernatics Hand

The RH2000hand has the human like size with performance of grasping different shapes firmly. It composed of 5 fingers with 10 DOFS & 1 DOF for a dexterous designed wrist. It driven by mechanical linear motor linkages and interface with emg signals to be used as the primary controller for the hand.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3171912690

RFID Based Inspection System For Assembly Operation (RFID-APIS)

The Radio Frequency Identification Method (RFID) system is used in developing an inspection system to inspect the assembly product by defining the correct amount and right components that have been assembled. The system consists of the RFID system driven by PC, conveyor and external devices such as indicator lamp, press button and buzzer that driven by a programmable logic controller (PLC). The RFID system will read the data of tags that have been attached to the parts of product whn the product passes through the RFID reader. The data will be read by the Visual Basic interfacing software on PC. The product is considered accepted if the data is matching with the standard data while the product will be considered reject if there are unequal numbers of parts or wrong component is being assembled. Performance analysis of the read range of the reader and the relationship between selected materials of parts is conducted to estimate the effectiveness of integration of RFID into the inspection system.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172012691

Re-volt 8.0 : Reversed Voltage Topology Single Phase Multilevel Inverter

Re-Volt 8.0 is a product of multilevel inverter to reduce harmonic distortion in power generation for agriculture and livestock application. Its convenient in converting solar energy to electrical power for rural area famers and livestock and livestock providers. It is also a low cost and high efficiency product.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172112692

Remote Sensing Walker

Remote Sensing Walker (RSW) is a walking support system or assistance device that is capable of supporting people with walking difficulties such as elderly, handicapped persons and persons with leg injuries such as under rehabilitation. RSW consists of a support frame, control box, two castor and two wheels with motor attached to it. Power supply and control circuit are placed inside the control box.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172212693

Redesign of Nail Clipper Through BD Design for Assembly Methodology

The main objective is to redesign the existing nail clipper by reducing the part count and come with additional new feature. In a product design, part count is a major influencing factor when considering the assembly efficiency. The DFA method starts with the analysis to rate each component on its ease of orientation and assembly of an existing nail clipper design. In the original design, six components need to be analyzed to optimize manufacturing cost. Through the methodology, the redesign helps to simplify the design and reduce the part count into three components. From the simplification approach, the cost estimation can be carried out. It predicts the cost of the product before a great deal of capital resources have been consumed in the design where in this work, 50% of parts of reduction will help tremendously. This explain the conceptual design using BD???s DFA helps to identify potential saving that manufacturing people need to be implemented especially in this economic downturn.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172312694

Recreational Water Wheel For Green Energy Generation

As part of The Global Aspiration Of Conserving the Environment, Green Energy Has Nowadays Become An Important Focus In Electrical Power Production. Water wheel is one of the main methods known to be capable of producing green energy. In this research the design and development of water wheel is specially meant for harvesting potential energy (from falling water)or kinetic energy from flowing water in between 2 split-leveled flood mitigation ponds.

This type of design has the advantages of operating 24 hours interruptible at fluctuating water flow rate as it uses aerodynamic shaped buckets/blade to reduce air resistance while at the same time turn the wheel using dual action principles I.E. both water self weight (gravity effect) and water jet momentum effects.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172412695

Reconfigurable and Integrated Microwave Band Pass Filter with Notched Band for Wireless Application

This invention present a novel high selectivity micro strip wide band band pass filter with tunable notch response. The product is designed using 7th order short circuited stub filter. This filter is suitable for application of multi-service and multiband communication system.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172512696

Real Time Flood Monitoring Using wireless Technology

The Flood Observatory System is designed to be an intelligent system for monitoring flood at remote locations which has high frequency of flooding. This system is fully automated and operates without human intervention at all time. The Flood Observatory System has many features which empowers the monitoring station and the other people in flood prone locations to be alert before the flood reaches critical level. The self monitored system enables the monitoring station to be informed on any changes of water level at a certain location on real time basis. the flood prone location requires regular monitoring especially during rainy seasons since continues rain fall can cause flooding. The Flood Observatory System can be implemented at high potential location of flooding for effective and fast monitoring. The most valuable information that is given by the system is instant water rise time. This information is calculated by performing a simple mathematical operation which is consisting of water level and real time. If a system is capable to send such information in real time basis to the monitoring station without human intervention and regardless of weather conditions, this will help them to make wise decisions. Apart from alerting the monitoring station, the system can also be used to indicate the flood warning sign for the road users, buildings and public areas instantly. The implementation cost is less compare to the efficiency and sue fulness of the system towards mankind. The practicality of the system helps to minimize overheads due to flood and also prevents from dangerous risk at flood prone locations. A brilliant system for flood monitoring and alerts system is developed especially for critical flood prone location in ensuring mankind safety and possible saving to all sectors.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172612697

Radial Auto-Piloting Mechanism (Rapim)

A practical investigation shows that, to completely grass cut a field area of 10,000 m2 by an experienced operator (it took 3.5 hours), but when the same area was cut by ASMA took less than an hour. The machine will work continuously in the rain or hot sun unless the administrator sets the timing or a built-in vigilant system to continue/stop the system.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172712698

PROF E-TRI (Emergency Triangle LED)

PROF E-TRI (Emergency Triangle LED) is an innovation made for Transportation Accessories. The importance of this innovation is helping road user awareness during emergency brake down or an accident. The different of this innovation is giving the D tour direction to the road user for safety purposes and also has emergency kit box. The PROF E-TRI product is a set of LED triangle emergency light and movement detector together with the emergency kit box. The kit box accessories will be included in every vehicles production.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172812699

Portable Solar Charging Device

Electrical sources for recharging electronic device are scarcely available especially during outdoor activities. In military operation, electrical generator is commonly used to ensure continuous recharging of the radio set equipment used by the troops as the main communication device. However, such equipment is impractical due to its weight and size. Furthermore, the military officers are required to go to the base camp in order to recharge their radio set. This activity may jeopardize the safety of the individual as well as their operations. The development of portable solar charger device is explored in this project. The charging device is powered by two energy sources namely solar irradiance as well as direct electrical current. During adequate daylight condition, the solar panel can be utilised to store electrical energy for electronic device recharging purpose. The output socket is designed for variety of electronic devices. The development of this device is very practical during limited access to electrical sources.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3172912700

Portable Air Cooler Using Thermal Energy Storage (TES) System

Thermal energy storage (TES) systems store a sizeabla quantity of "cool" thermal energy that helps meet the cooling load of a building. A typical system of TES consists of a large vessel filled with water or brine that may contain multiple small containers such as encapsulated bricks or balls that filled with a fluid. This fluid can be changed the liquid/solid phase that the temperature is lower than the building's chilled water temperature. In anticipation of periods requiring large cooling loads, typically at night, a chiller produces chilled water or brine that flows to the vessel, causing the encapsulated material to solidify or change phase and creating low-temperature reservoir. In other systems, an ice harvester may produce ice. TES system can save energy in several ways, compared to conventional chillers. Nighttime chillers operation takes advantage of lower dry-bulb temperatures (for air-cooled condensers) or moderately lower wet-bulb (for water-cooled condenser) temperatures relative to daytime values, which also reduce chiller to lift. The base load power plant that operate at night typically have higher electricity generation efficiencies (on primary energy basis)than the plants brought on-line to meet peak electricity demand. Consequently, displacing daytime chiller operation can reduce primary energy consumption. since the thermal energy system has a great benefit for saving the energy, it is very interesting for us to adopt this system into the portable air cooler for getting low power consumption.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173012701

Polymer Concrete Composite with Epoxy Resin Binder To Be Solution for Construction System of Lightweight Concrete Materials

Concrete materials used today have several weaknesses such as having weight, drying time is long (28 days), not resistant to algae humidity and rapid brittle. Some of the development of the concrete has been done so far but it can not solve the problem. This requires further research on concrete materials. Based on the above conditions will require research and development of construction technologies and building construction material that meet the standards of construction and use of both polymers as reinforce or binder. Within this research will be conducted by making lightweight concrete material that has high quality as one of solving a problem in the concrete industry. Concrete is a construction material cement based adhesive, and the aggregate of: sand and stone (gravel). This research wil modify the use of materials that have been commonly used in the manufacture of concrete so as to produce concrete material better than existing concrete and used for this. Modification of this material still refers to the standard design requirement that already exist. The materials will include the replacement of modified binder (cement) with a polymer material and replace the gravel with the whisker fiber glass. This research also has other positive site from the viewpoint of application as the epoxy resin polymer binder materials in the water. Design of products research is expected to be a solution for the construction of lightweight concrete and offshore construction.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173112702

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices

The Piezoelectric energy harvesting devices were fabricated using thick-film technology which is based on screen-printing techniques similar to those used in printing T-shirts. Low cost, simple and efficient in mass production, the piezoelectric materials used in fabricating the energy harvesters are formulated in-house using head zirconate titanate (PZT). It is incorporated with a cantilever structure which operates in a bending mode to generate electrical output at resonant frequencies. These energy harvesters can be applied as wireless self-powered sensors to monitor machinery and structural health, and function as an early warning system for disasters like earthquakes and tsunami.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173212703

Pico-Hydro Generation System Using Domestic Consuming Water for Electrical Energy Storage

This project describes the small scale hydro generation system using consuming water distributed to houses as an alternative energy source. Water flow in the domestic pipes has potential to generate electricity for energy storage purposes in addition to the routine activities such as laundry, cooking and taking bath. The inherent water pressure and flow inside the pipe from utilities??? main tank that used for the those usual activities is also used to rotate the hydro turbine to drive the mechanical shaft. This mechanical power is then being used to drive a generator in order to generate electrical power. This system which is termed as ???Pico-Hydro Generation System??? was constructed using Permanent Magnet DC generator to produce DC power for battery charging purpose as a mechanism of energy storage. The stored energy is applicable especially during electricity blackouts at home for small loads such as LED lamp, mobile phone battery charging, toys battery charging and etc.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173312704

Photovoltic Powered Sensing System for Small Scale Application

Light or lighting is an essential need in our society in order to ensure comfort and security. installation of lighting in a city involves complex and expensive work. Moreover, to energize the lights, an electrical network connection is needed. The problem arises when lighting is needed in daily remote areas, for instance, on the sides of roads, bus stops or rest area at highways or urban area. Emphasizing on the need to have light at daily remote areas, one solution can be suggest which is to use Off-Grid Electrical Lighting System. Such system can be easily developed and commonly electrically powered by solar cells and batteries. The available of high sun radiation makes it viable to use photovaltaic technology systems as the energy source to power the Off-Grid Electrical Lighting System. Furthermore, combination of sensors system which controls the daily usage of the loads curbs the waste of energy. For instance, during sufficient day light, the lights are turned off. Besides that also, life span of the electrical network and sensor circuitry can be increased.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173412705


The aim of this project is to develop a cost-effective high power energy scheme bundled with intelligent control system. In order to maximize the photovoltaic outpit, a step-up conveter is integrated with the intelliegent grid independence network control system. The high step-up converter is integerated to enhance the efficiency of low-voltage photovoltaic module for electrical appliances operation.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173512706

Photovoltaic Educational Training kit (PETKit)

The PHOTOVOLTAIC EDUCATION TRAINING KIT (PETKit) includes a high-efficiency solar panel which can be optimized for indoors or outdoors real time experiment setup. This system provides enough power ti operate a 500 Watt system which consists of fluorescent lights, lamps and small power fan.

The system also managers and stores the harvested energy into the storage system which consist of DC batteries are environmentally friendly and can be recharged for many times if there is no solar energy availability. Battery source is connected to an inverter which provides AC output to energize the AC appliances for experiments purposes. This source can be replaced either harvesting back the solar energy for recharging the batteries manually.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173612707

Personal Remote Sensing System (PRSS)

PRSS can be operated by one person from anywhere and at anytime. Users can customise the sensor's spatial and spectral resolution accordingly. It is autonomous and can be triggered from a smartphone. Images are transmitted from UAV's sensor to laptop via wifi to be stitched and stored in real time.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173712708


The aims of this study are to investigate the various approached to desgn and present problem scenario in PBL, to measure the effectiveness of problem scenario using linear and non-linear technique and to evaluate student's preferences towards scenario presentation. PBLStat courseware is developed based on PBL approach and is used to measure the effectiveness of problem scenario presentation using linear and non-linear technique.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173812709


This PBLAssess presents a new concept of a PBL multimedia interactive product. PBLAssess is using Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach which a case studies on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) course. It focuses on assessment technique. There are two forms of assessment are highlighted in PBL which is self and peer assessment. Methods conducted are questionnaire, interview and prototype.

The study also attempted to describe the respondents responses on the effects of PBL on ICT skills. The respondents involved in this study are second year FTMK students in Interactive Media course pursuing Bachelor in Computer Science at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173912710

Panic Button : A personal security solution for crisis situation call for assistance

Stress situations including panic attack could lead to panic disorder and social problems. The novelty of this product is it consists of two buttons:
1) Loud and noisy alarm
2) silent mode
This product is believed could solve panic attack and leads to safe society living.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

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