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ID : tm3283213803

Eco-Friendly Machines for Enhancing Durability and Colour Appearance of Wood

The eco-friendly machines were designed for enhancing durability and improving the colour appearance of wood especially those from the planted species. The process also increases the wood dimensional stability. The process make used of a stainless steel tank with oil palm as the heating medium. The heat were generated by an electrical current. The temperature and treatment duration were monitored by a control panel placed outside the tank. Depending on the wood species and condition (mature and immature), the temperature applied were 1400C, 1800C and 2200C with exposure duration of 1, 2 and 3 hours respectively. The results of the investigations show that the heat treated wood retained most of their original physical and strength properties after undergoing the heat treatment. The colour especially the sap wood improved tremendously. The wood can be dried to an MC of 6-7% within 2 to 3 hours of treatment. The basic densities of bamboo were found to improve slightly by the heat application. The overall strengths properties of the heat treated bamboo were found to decrease slightly. The modulus of elasticity in the bending strengths were reduced between 2-33% in the green and 6-9% in the air-dried conditions. For the modulus of rupture in the bending strengths, the value were reduced between 1-23% in green and 4-16% in air-dried conditions. The compression strengths were reduced in the ranged between 2-3% ingreen and 2-35% in air-dried conditions. The shear strengths were reduced in the ranged between 16-24% and 12-24% in green and air-dried conditions respectively. The cultivated wood of Tectona grandlis, Acacia hybrid and Neolamarckia cadamba were used in this study. Within a week after harvesting, the wood were sawn and cut into various sizes, dried to 14% MC and underwent the heat treatment process, and for the subsequent investigations. Two sets of samples were investigated. The first set consist sap wood and second set consisted of heart wood. The heat treatment on the bamboo were done using an electrical heat treatment machine which was made as a prototype model. Palm oil was used as the heating medium as it is organic in nature, readily available and has high boiling point. The palm oil was first heated up to a temperature of 800C. Then the wood samples were submerged in the heated oil by placing them in a metal cage. The samples were taken out at 1400C, 1800C and 2200C interval after 30, 60 and 90 min. of immersion. A control panel was used in controlling the temperature and the duration of the process. A procedure developed by Razak et al. was adopted in this study with modification to suit for bamboo. All tests on the physical, mechanical & durability studies on these samples were conducted in accordance with ASTM, ISO & EN standards.

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ID : tm3283313804

Easy Travelling Baby Milk Bottle

Gaya dan budaya hidul ala nomad alaf baru dan kemampuan ekonomi memilik kenderaan membentuk satu segmen masyarakat yang senang bergerak dengan kerap. Bekas susu ini dapat memenuhi keperluan mereka dalam segmen ini yang mempunyai anal kecil yang masih menyusu kerana produk ini senang dibawa, tidak perlu dibersih selepas diguna.

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ID : tm3283413805


Dry-wuduk is designed to overcome splashing water in the ablution area of the mosque. It saves water and enhances the quality of ablution. Target location of Dry-wuduk is mosques and worship areas.

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ID : tm3283513806

Corm-Tech 2.0

Corm-tech 2.0 is the improved invention from corm-tech (2014). Corm-tech is the propagation technique of banana seedling using mother corm. Corm-tech 2.0 is faster than corm-tech. It has 2 components, which are corm shad and corm fert. This technique is user friendly and, cheaper and green technology.

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ID : tm3283613807

Cassava Composite Lumber (CCL)

Wood composite lumber from the stem of cassava bagasses is a new type of wood composite lumber introduced as an alternative to future wood. Cassava Composite Lumber (CCL) is composed of wood fibre from the agriculture waste stems of cassava bagasses, which are cultivated and found in abundant in most part of the rural areas in Malaysia. The technology involved in manufacturing the products is quite straight forward. The stems of cassava bagasses (without skin and pitch) are peeled and split in the longitudinal direction. The split and the waste forms of the cassava are then glued and compressed together and then mechanically compressed to form cassava wood composite lumber.

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ID : tm3283713808

Bio-composite Particle Board (BIOPAB) From Kenaf Core Fibers'

-Utilizatiion from kenaf plantation (kenaf core fibers'-waste from kenaf plant).
-Less price for raw material compare to common raw material (hevea brasiliensis) that have been used in industry.
-Good properties (especially for less water absorption).
-ecofriendly resin (corn starch-degradable).

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ID : tm3283813809

Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties in Natural Blue Colour of Gynochthodes Sublanceolata (Pitang Leaves)

Pitang leaves (Gynochthodes Sublanceolata) express several colours due to the presence of various pigments. It is used as a food colorant for nasi kerabu in Kelantan resulting in the rice to be of dark-purplish colour. Extraction of the leaves produces the dark-purplish colour and analysis of the extract shows higher antioxidant properties of DPPH inhibition with the percentage of 75.7 0.05, which is higher in comparison to Salacca edulis (salak fruit), Hylocerous polyrthizus (red pitaya), and Ipomea batatas L. (purple sweet potato). The extraction also shows the presence of antibacterial properties which inhibit the growth of Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus, Citrobacter aeruginosa, Shigella boydii, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli. Gynochthodes sublanceolata seems to possess high potentials as food colorant which provides beneficial values, both antioxidant and antibacterial, which are not found in synthetic coloring.

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ID : tm3283913810

Anticancer Study of Red Seaweed, Gracilaria sp. Extracts

Gracilaria sp. Extracts were screened for their anticancer activities against cell line MDA-MD. Crude extracts were prepared using six different polarities of organic solvents. Later the Crude extracts were prepared using Soxhlet extraction and soaked at room temperature. In the present study, seaweed crude extracts were tested for their effectiveness as anticancer agents on human breast cancer cell, MDA-MD. MDCK was used as appositive control. Crude extract 7, showed good anticancer activities against the MDA-MD with the IC50 53.53 8.17 g/ml when assayed using the methylene blue assay (MBA).

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ID : tm3284013811

A New Innovative Product Development of Halal and High Quality Budu

Budu is a brown liquid condiment consumed mainly by those in Kelantan and Terengganu. A new innovative halal budu is produced because of the hesitation towards budu consumption. Halal budu is a high protein budu where minced fish flesh is used as a raw material by mixing with coarse salt in a ratio 1:3 (w/w), salt : fish. The mixture is placed in covered polyethylene (PE) container and left outdoors for 5 months under the sun for natural fermentation. After fermentation, the budu is ground with palm sugar and tamarind before bottling. Halal Budu is produced in good hygienic practices with appropriate utensils and equipment without adding food coloring substances, monosodium glutamate (MSG) or other food additives, Bacteria growth was not detected in the plate count agar 0.5% NaCI within 48 hours.

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ID : tm3284113812

Tisc-Tech'- On-Farm Nursery Technique for Acclimatization and Mass Propagation of Tissue-Cultured Banana Seedlings

Tisc-Tech' refers to on-farm nursery technique for acclimatization and mass propagation of tissue cultured banana seedlings. The major features of the newly-established techniques include: shortening the nursery period (enabling multiple cycles of propagation), reduced seedling mortality and low-cost.

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ID : tm3497915606

I-RON Technology

This project knows as I-Ron technology. This project specially designed for user facilities using the latest technology where it's functioned automatically and it's also portable so it can be used anywhere. This machine worked to served drink hot and cold and also hand washer with automatic system.

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ID : tm3519815825


- To expose the Pondok community to IT and make them an integral part of their lives.
- To provide the Pondok community with effective management system, to enhance teaching and learning process and to improve the community`s well-being through knowledge enhancement and improvement in communications.
- To increase islamic scholars who can master both islamic knowledge and technology know-how.
- To enable islamic knowledge transfer from Pondok to public
- To become an authorized islamic web portal for genuine islamic teaching resources.

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