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ID : tm204081455

Sistem Pengurusan Kad Pintar Kampus Tanpa Wang (EDUPurS)

Sistem Kad Pintar Kampus (EDUPurS) menggabungkan fungsi yang mampu mentransformasikan setiap institusi pendidikan kepada institusi yang lebih berdaya maju dan berteknologi sesuai dengan visi memartabatkan institusi pendidikan Malaysia seiring dengan antarabangsa.

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ID : tm3069911670

ZeoPKC: An Additive to Control Ammonia Production in Poultry Houses

This product is especially useful for layers in cages or broilers in deep litter system, in open or close house system or range system.Other added advantages for layers include: -improved egg shell quality. -In additional to being safe and healthy,it provides additional nutrients,such as calcium and antioxidants to the layers; - It is easy to use, can just be mixed in the feed. ZeoPKC is proven to be environmentally friendly and cost effective. It is suitable for organic farming system. It is formulated to contain zeolite,palm kernel cake,antioxidants and other useful nutrients.In addition, it absorbs moisture which predisposes to fly larvae,reduces emission of NH3 from fecal nitrogen and is value added organic manure.

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ID : tm3070011671

ZAPPA- The Rice Seeds Germination Enhancer and the Control of 'Padi Angin' Infestation

ZAPPA or `Zapa Padi Angin` is a specially formulated seed treatment with active oxygen which provides vigorous growth to rice seeds grown under aerobic and anaerobic systems.
- Increases root and shoot growth to about 130% & 62%
- Increases paddy yield between 40 to 57%
- Paddy seeds treated with active oxygen in ZAPPA
suffocates the untreated weedy rice seeds present in the
soil, thereby reducing weed problems
- Reduces rats attacks due to standing water
- Conserves water usage (water is not removed after
- Reduces seed borne disease, and increase seed purity.

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ID : tm3070111672

Work Values Congruency System

Work values congruency system is a web-based that can identify the work values needed in a workplace in their rank of importance. The work values of individual candidates or apprentices can then be assessed and compared with the "ought to" have work values to see the extent of congruency (match or mismatch). The system can be utilized for career and human resource management, training and programmes aimed towards producing profitable and psychologically congruent apprentices and workers.

This system currently is using a present database churned out from a study. A total of 26 work values are computed and ranked according to their importance in the institutions and training centers participating in the National Dual Training System.

The work values are work with others, help others, creativity, lifelong learning, friendship, help society, work precision, supervision, working mastery, make decision, intellectual status, search for meaning, work under pressure, achievement, public contacts, security & stability, influence people, affiliations, more fulfillment, competition, change and variety, autonomy, excitement, financial gain, lifestyle and community, and challenge.

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ID : tm3070211673

WONDERMOMO: Biodegradable Portable Charger (BPC)

More and more portable device had been produced to fulfill the high demand of the new portable device era. Wondermomo: Biodegradable charger (BPC) is portable power supply for mobile electronic devices. BPC eliminate down time for charging mobile electronic devices like mobile phones, PDA, digital cameras, notebook computer and video camera which normally require electricity from conventional utility socket for charging. It is a solution for the user in charging heir portable devices wherever their location maybe. BPC is very reliable, charge any portable electric compact and it is very light in weight and small in size. It is easy and handy to carry along while traveling. It will use a much more environmental friendly energy source compare to conventional electricity charger. Handy portable device has become part of hour daily life. Everyday, there are new handy portable device launch in world wide. The portable handy device which using rechargeable battery cannot works efficiently without a convenient energy source for charging it, especially when the user staying out from the house or indoor, where there is no plug and play energy source nearby and some of use end up carrying extra battery. Thus, it is important to take this problem seriously. Although there are existing portable chargers in the present market, but these devices are not working efficient due to various reasons, such as expensive price, bulky size, made of heavy material and slow charging speed and furthermore the energy source is not renewable and environmentally friendly.

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ID : tm3070311674

Web Smart Farmer

Web Smart Farmer is a Web Based System to help the farmer to view their field soil variability maps and keep the record of their farming activities through a web portal and take remedial actions using variable rate treatment of their management zones with the help of "rice check" available on-line. The system also allows farmers to keep the record of their farming activities such as amount and cost of fertilizer and chemical uses. The system finally will determine the profit of their farming based on Return of Investment (ROI). This will enhance the farmers' understanding on their cost of productions and real profit being gained by them for each particular season. The target group for these systems is for the farmers and farm managers. The farm manager can view which lot produce highest yield with the lower cost of expenses. This will help the managers to determine which lot with the low produced yield and overcome the problems. This system has the potential to be used in the granary area and also by the government agencies involved in the national rice industry like MADA, KADA and others. Because of the use of open-source technologies, the cost for development of this system is reduced.

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ID : tm3070411675

WARM Model

This invention relates to a system and method for optimum watershed outflow retention, control and management through the utilization of structural best management practices (SBMP) such as constructed ponds to achieve the objects of controlling flood and or maintaining base flow. it is a method for investigating, identifying, implementing and operating SBMP for mitigating, controlling and managing the impacts of land development on watershed outflow quantity. It is a novel and cost effective decision support system (DSS) for current and future mitigation of the effects of land use changes on river discharge. It compiles tools and techniques that include remote sensing (RS) and hydrological modeling to provide a meaningful, integrated and multi-criteria solution. Maps identifying the locations and sizes of SBMP will help planners and decision makers to take the impacts of climate change into account. The future SBMP detailed plans will be generated in advance to help planners and decision makers avoid the negative impacts of land use changes on stream flow magnitude in the watershed.

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ID : tm3070511676

VRS-RadeR System (Virtual Rainfall Stations using Radar-Derived Rainfall Data)

Malaysia has 10 weather radar stations belonging to the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) that can be used to estimate rainfall distribution. A new computer program called RaDeR ver1.0 was developed to estimate the radar-derived rainfall intensities from archived raw weather radar data. The RaDeR ver1.0 performs fast estimation more than 100 times of 3D-Rapic program currently used by MMD. Since Malaysia is a tripical country with more than 60% of land area covered by forest, using the limited number of rain gauges to determine the spatial distribution of rainfall in forested watersheds may not be representative, hence not the best technique. Therefore, a VRS-RaDeR system was developed to improve mapping of the rainfall spatial distribution using virtual rainfall stations (VRS) network and the RaDeR ver1.0 program. It was found that using the development system to estimate the rainfall distribution gives better watershed runoff result than using the traditional rain gauge data.

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ID : tm3070611677

VOCIO (Child Rocker)

VOCIO is baby swing that practical and well-use for the use of infants and the parents' as well. This new design of baby rocking swing will considering more the practicality aspect and well-use in the purpose of creating a design that very friendly user. There are many types of swing design can be find. Some of them using the rocking system as the technology developed. This study is to resolve the issue that arises on current baby swing products such as comfort, safety and personal taste.
The disadvantages of existing baby swings are such as the awkwardness of styles with overhead bars or mobiles and the unpractical of some of product assembly during usage. Lastly, personal taste in using a practical product that equipped with justified technology without harming the baby itself was also taken as critical design criteria. Thus, this effort will ensure that the quality of the new design product is better than the older design by considering the best solutions based on the user needs.
In general, the proposed product titled VOCIO emphasizes on the 3 factors of design considerations (comfort, safety and personal taste as mention above). Most of the analyzes conducted have focused on the safe practical usage without abandoning the aesthetic criteria. The concept of new era of design considering each criterion is important due to the demands of personal taste and tendency of the society nowadays. This will help the user/ consumer to accept the design instead of accepting the new technology applied on the design.

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ID : tm3070711678

Vita-Grow : The Growth and Yield Enhance

- VITA-GROW increased plant yield and produce quality
- Produce proven UPM long-term research;
- Reaffirmed by MARDI, BERNAS, FELCRA, DOA, MADA, FOA an
individual farmers in Malaysia.
- Foliar fertilizer containing complete and balanced plant
mixed nutrients;
- Enriched with plant growth regulators and organically
bound micronutrients;
- High strange stability; and
- High stability when mixed who most nutrients.
- Stimulates/induce flowering and better fruit setting;
- Prevent the shedding of flowers and buds;
- Significantly increase yields during; and reproductive
stage by correction of nutrients deficiencies.

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ID : tm3070811679

Viscous Damper Device for Reinforced Concrete Buildings Subjected to Earthquake

Maintaining the safety, Functionality of buildings and living confort in the residents during earthquakes and strong winds is of paramount importance in civil engineering field. The present system is development of a numerical finite element algorithm used for analysis of reinforced concrete structure equipped with shakes energy absorbing device subjected to dynamic load such as earthquake excitation. Hence, new nonlinear viscose damper is proposed and finite element program code for analysis of reinforced system is evaluated by implementation in actual reinforced concrete frame buildings. by comparing seismic responses of modeled structures without energy dissipation system, and structures with proposed system shows that using developed earthquake dissipation devices effectively reduced structural response due to earthquakes and mitigates buildings safety. The main aim of present work is to provide safe shelter for one billion humans being against natural disaster such as earthquake and tsunami.

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ID : tm3070911680

Virgin Coconut Oil : Application of FTIR Spectrocopy for Analysis of Virgin Coconut Oil

Application of analytical technique to measure the content of virgin coconut oil.

- fast and reliable
- support the green technology

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ID : tm3071011681

V-Grooving: A New Conversion Method of Bamboo Culms into Flat Bamboo Sheet

The present invention relates to the method and the apparatus for converting cylinder shaped bamboo culms into flat, solid bamboo sheets that can be further processed into various high value-added products. The culm internodes are cut in a series of V-shaped grooves at its outer-side by a special design grooving machine at a predetermined grooving interval. The optimum grooving intervals, which are the function of culm diameter, thickness and the grooving angle, are tabulated in a Grooving Table for simple operator use. Each grooving has 0.5-1.0mm depth grooving cease that serves as pivoted connector to maintain the culm intact and provides pivoted hinge function necessary for flattening process. After series of grooving being completed and the last groove is cut through, the grooved culm is opened up by hand and simply flattened under a pressing machine or clamper. The hinge function of the grooving cease transfers the vertical forces of the pressing into lateral forces that facilitate each the groove to close tightly and can be fixed become flat sheet upon they has been previously coated with certain glue. Since the flattened culm is wide and laterally straight, it can be efficiently and practically planed by a planing machine on one or both of its surfaces and then used for producing of laminated bamboo boards or planks. The advantage is that the processing steps are shorter and more efficient as compared to the conventional split-and-squaring method. Therefore, the product production cost with this method is expected to be lower than those of the conventional method. On top of that, as the machine used is small and relatively simple in its construction, this method and apparatus will be suitable for medium- and small-scales bamboo processors, especially those from bamboo producing countries such as in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Thailand, and Philippines.

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ID : tm3071111682


The UVTREAT Machine is designed that is capable to treat the fresh tropical juices such as pineapple juice to inactivation of the bacteria at least 5 log10 reduction as required by the Foods and Drugs Administration (FDA). Dean vortex flow concept was adapted in this machine to increase the mixing effect as well as exposure of the microorganism to UV, thus, increase the lethality rate of microorganism. The machine is simple, feasible and a cost saving piece of equipment. It consists of an inlet, UV reactor and outlet. The UV reactor consists of 6 UV lamps in which five of the units are arranged in a circular pattern to minimize the size of the process system yet ease to handle and maintenance. A lamp in the centre of the five lamps that arrange in the circular pattern to boost the effectiveness of the processing system to give extra UV-C wavelength. The UV lamps able to switch on/off individually by using the control panel. Juice is pumped in by hydraulic pump and it is treated at the UV reactor (254 nm) prior packaging at the outlet. The production rate of this machine is depending on the characteristic of the juice and the number of lamp uses.

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ID : tm3071211683

UV Treat Machine

The UVTreat Machine is designed that is capable to treat the fresh tropical juices such as pineapple juice to inactivation of the bacteria at least 5 log10 reduction as required by the Foods and Drugs Administration [FDA] in which existing designs are not able to achieve the standard. Dean vortex flow concept was adapted to this machine to increase the mixing effect as well as the exposure of the microorganism to UV, thus, increased the lethality rate of microorganism. The machine is simple, feasible and a cost saving piece of equipment.

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ID : tm3071311684

Use of P-32 Isotope and Phosphate Transporter for Selecting Oil Palm Genotypes with Efficiency P Uptake Ability

Phosphate is one of the crucial elements to complete the plant's life cycle. The use of phosphate fertilizer in manipulating the phosphate availability in Malaysian soils has been a common strategy by planters to improve the plant's growth. In view that phosphate resources is depleting and some environmental issues that arises due to excessive phosphate fertilizer application, a concept of "tailoring the plant to fit the soil" is adopted. We implemented two techniques to identify oil palm genotypes with better phosphate uptake ability. The outcome of the research has the implication that phosphate resources in the soil is better utilized and promotes sustainable agricultural practice. In our study, P-32 radioisotope proved to be a good method to quantify and differentiate the genotypes in taking up applied P among oil palm genotypes were observed. Next, we incorporated molecular technique to understand the uptake of P among oil palm genotypes during P-starvation. A distinct difference in expression of phosphate transporters were observed among the genotypes. These two techniques will contribute in the oil palm breeding program to identifying genotypes with better P uptake ability.

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ID : tm3071411685

Use of A Composition comprising of Acylated Steryl Glucoside In the Manufacture of an antidiabetic, antioxidant and hypocholesterolemic Product

The invention relates to glucose lowering-, hypocholesterolemic- and antioxidant properties of GBR and ASG, which is an innovation of brown rice that has been subjected to germination. It is particularly suited for diabetic subjects whose problems include sustained chronic hyperglycemia, abnormal cholesterol metabolism and oxidative stress damage.
It is hoped that this invention will impact on the lives of diabetics and even those suffereing from other chronic diseases related to oxidative stress. We hope to develop functional foods and nutraceuticals from this innovation for diabetics as well as non-diabetics who are at risk of cardiovascular disease. Of particular importance is the fact these products will equally be useful in cases where oxidative stress is a problem like aging, Alzheimer's disease, cancers and other degenerative diseases.

Because rice is a staple diet in Malaysia, this could possibly influence the lives of most Malaysians if they consume this variety of rice. This is because of its effect on cholesterol and oxidative stress which are implicated in many chronic diseases. This could greatly reduce the burden of chronic diseases among Malaysians in view of the fact that these diseases are the highest causes of morbidity and mortality.

And since rice is also a staple diet for many people outside Malaysia, estimated at over half the population of the world, this variety of rice could provide enormous benefits to these people.This is also a pointer to the huge numbers of potential consumers of this rice variety not only in Malaysia but around the world. At the moment, similar rice varieties are only commonly consumed in Japan, and therefore there is still room for covering other parts of the world apart from Japan with the product.

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ID : tm3071511686

Usability of Anal Retractor in Anorectal Surgery

Surgery procedure today often relies on intelligently designed techinical equipments. Usability is increasingly of major importance and main consideration when hospitals purchace new equipments. In anorectal surgery, the research finding has identified the importance of self retaining ability for the anal retractor, which in-turn could save time and labor, with additional fro safety and reliability. This invention gives an advantage to surgeons ans assistants as the anal retractor is retained in surgery position during the operation, thius clinically ans economically beneficial.

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ID : tm3071611687

Up-scalling and Commercialisation of Bacteriocin Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Malaysian Fermented Foods.
Product: Bacteriocin

The present invention relate to a process for production bacteriocin from Lactobacillus plantarum. Further, it is also relates to a method for inhibiting bacteria using bacteriocin derived from Lb. plantarum according to the present invention. The bacteriocin accoiring to the present invention can tolerate a wide range of pH from pH 2-5 and pH 7-8. Besides, bacteriocin according to the present invention is highly antagonise against Pediococcus acidilactici, Enterococcus faecalis, Enterococcus faecium, Listeria monocytogenes ect.

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ID : tm3071711688

UPM Viras Rader

UPM Viras Rader is a method to measure rainfall runoff by an estimated rainfall data from a weather radar of a single station. It is a rainfall calibration model (for a single radar station using the derived rainfall data). The method identifies at least one rain gauge station of a single radar station to develop the rainfall calibration model and to compare the recorded gauge data with the rainfall data of the radar. Then the method estimates the measurement of the rainfall runoff using the recorded data and the rainfall data of the radar.

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ID : tm3071811689

UPM BioGreen biofertilizer for efficient production of rice and vegetable

Biofertilizer 'UPM BioGreen' consists of locally isolated nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilizing bacterial strains and Glomus mosseae mycorrhiza. Microbes were grown in 2.5 % molasses and mixed into compost mix consists of commercial peat (Peat grow) and empty fruit bunches (EFB) compost. Application of one tone per hectare of this product is able to increase plant biomass, photosynthesis and crop yield with 30% less chemical nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer. Nitrogen fixing bacteria of this product supply nitrogen for crop requirement. Phosphate solubilizing bacteria and mycorrhiza enhance P solubilization from phosphate rock that improves plant P acquisition and plant growth with reduced P fertilizer. Instead of expensive triple super phosphate (TSP) a cheaper phosphate rock (PR) can be utilized for annual crop production. Phytohormones produced by the microbes construct extensive plant root architecture that increased nutrient uptake from surrounding soil. This product is environmental friendly and suitable for sustainable crop production. UPM BioGreen can be easily applied by farmers by mixing it with organic fertilizer and can be used for crop production especially rice and vegetables. Industries related to organic and biofertilizer production are able to produce this product by using locally available organic materials and industrial byproducts such as molasses. The cost for manufacturing of this product should be less than that of chemical fertilizer.

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ID : tm3071911690

Understanding Microglia: The Immune Cells of the Central Nervous System

The cellular compartment of the central nervous system (CNS) consists of neurones and glia. Whilst neurones fire electrical impluses to transmit messages, glia were classically thought to be mere 'connective tissue' of the brain. This notion no longer holds true. Astrocytes, oligodendrocytes and microglia are now known to have specific functions within the complex CNS microenvironment. Microglia are the resident macrophages of the CNS. They scavenge brain tissue, acting as sensors that monitor the well being of the CNS milieu. When the brain is stressed or injured, microglia assume an activated phenotype to launch an inflammatory attack on the assailant. To do this, activated microglia proliferate, upregulate expression of inflammatory receptors, produce inflammatory mediators and become phagocytic.

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ID : tm3072011691

Ultrasound Assisted Solid Liquid Extraction of Jatropha Seeds

Jatropha oil can be used as fuel alternative and biodiesel. Solid liquid extraction is commonly used to extract the oil from jatropha because it is efficient and cheap. This new process takes about 8 hours and yields around 36-47%. Oil using ultrasound with the conventional solid liquid extraction. It improves the yield of oil in comparison to conventional method. The maximum amount of oil extracted by conventional and ultrasound assisted were 47% and 51% respectively. The reaction time to achieve the maximum was shortened to 5 hours from 8 and more oil was extracted in the early phase of extraction. The oil extracted by ultrasound assisted methods was found not to have free fatty acids (FFA) content. This use of ultrasound is suitable to be used in a alrger scale.

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ID : tm3072111692

Ultrasound Assisted Solid Liquid Extraction of Jatropha Oil

Jatropha curcas has a variety of uses which are great economic significance. Jatropha oil can be used as fuel alternative and for making biodiesel that is supposed to overcome the source limitation problem. In this paper, conventional and ultrasound assisted solid liquid extraction of Jatropha seed were studied in terms of amount and quality of the extracted oil. The free fatty acid content which is an important oil quality index was also investigated for the obtained oil. Both ultrasonication and microwave pretreatment of the seed had a positive effect on amount of yield. With the application of ultrasound, more oil could be extracted compared with that obtained by conventional method. The maximum amount of oil which could be extracted by conventional and ultrasound assisted were 47 and 51 respectively. Regarding the quality, oil extracted by conventional and ultrasound assisted methods did not show any significant difference in terms of free fatty acids (FFA) content. The use of ultrasound as assistance to improve oil yield is practical and more suitable to be used at larger scale.

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ID : tm3072211693


This product is obtained by selecting from a variety of bacteria found in the gut of prawn, water and bottom soil of cultured ponds.

Easy to use, cheaper than imported products, no negative health effect on cultured animals and the animals are safe to be eaten.

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