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ID : tm3353014501

Peralatan Pemeriksaan X-ray Khusus Untuk Kes Trauma dan Kronik (Smart Table)

Kecederaan kes trauma yang berlaku di bahagian tulang belakang seseorang boleh menyebabkan implikasi lumpuh. Bagi membendung kecederaan sekunder terjadi di bahagian badan yang telah tercedera,terutamanya kecederaan di bahagian tulang belakang, semasa menerima rawatan kesihatan pemeriksaan x-ray, maka peralatan pemeriksaan x-ray khusus untuk kes trauma dan kronik ( Smart Table) di cipta. Dengan adanya peralatan ini pesakit kes trauma atau kronik boleh menerima pemeriksaan x-ray tanpa digerakan dari satu tempat ke satu tempat yang lain atau dari satu posisi ke satu posisi yang lain. Pesakit hanya perlu berada di dalam keadaan baring telentang sahaja.
Penekanan menghadkan pergerakan pesakit adalah sangat penting bagi mengelakkan kecederaan sekunder kepada pesakit semasa mahupun selepas perkhidmatan kesihatan diberi. Penemuan ini bertujuan mewujudkan satu kaedah cara kerja baru yang berguna kepada pesakit dan juga kepada kakitangan kesihatan yang terlibat agar dapat mewujudkan suasana perkhidmatan yang selamat serta mesra kepada pesakit dan warga kerja kesihatan

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ID : tm3521115838


Alat yang dapat membantu tukang rumah untuk permasangan jubin atau mozek. Sebelum adanya Nk Smart Tool Bin ini, tukang rumah atau kontrektor amat sukar untuk memasang jubin, ini kerana mereka terpaksa mengunakan kaedah menual untuk meletakkan simen di atas jubin dan ketidak sama rataan boleh menyebabkan jubin tersebut ada yang tinggi dan ada yang rendah, malah kerja mereka agak lama untuk menyiapkan satu persatu jubin tersebut.
Lalu tercertuslah idea saya untuk mencipta satu alat yang diberi nama Nk Smart Tool Bin ianya dapat membantu tukang rumah dengan mudah, cepat dan boleh menjimatkan simen dengan menolak masuk jubin didalam alat tersebut kemudian terus meletakkan jubin di tempat permasangan. Ianya boleh digunakan mengikut saiz jubin sama ada 2 kaki persegi, 1 kaki persegi dan lain-lain persegi. Alat tersebut boleh dibawa kemana-mana sahaja kerana terdapat roda dibawahnya. Nk Smart Tool Bin ini juga disediakan tempat perendaman jubin bagi jubin yang perlu direndam sebelum meletakkan simen di atasnya.

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ID : tm3209113062

Zinc Planting and Chromate Conversion Coating and Nickel-Chrome Planting

Zinc layer is vulnerable and exposed to atmospheric corrosion when the chromate conversion coating experienced severe shearing force. By using the new electroplating method, the corrosion resistance of zinc plating after passivation will be greatly improved thus increasing the service life of zinc coated steel components. The newly developed technology presents a formability property of the passivated zinc coated component. The new formation produces a yellow iridescent thin film of zinc chromate non-process surface.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3209213063

ZEO-NIQUE : A Unique Zeolite For The Removal of Various Contaminants In Water and Wastewater

-Drinking water treatment
-Wastewater treatment
-Textiles industries
-Pharmaceuticals industries

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ID : tm3209313064

Zeobiolite A Modified Support Material of Alumina-Silicate with Immobilized Bacterial Consortium for Decolourization of Azo Dye Amaranth

This is a biosupport material for the attachment of bacteria made of alumina-silica material (specifically Zeolite) upon modification with a quarternary amine surfactant. The modification can bind bacteria and can simultaneously trap negatively charged or hydrophobic, organic or inorganic compounds. This support material is useful to treat many types of wastewater and can also be used in biotransformation processes.

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ID : tm3209413065

Wireless System For Broadband Internet Access

The Wireless System for Broadband Internet Access is an integrated of Radial Line Slot Array (RLSA) Antenna and Radio Unit. The system act as the front-end part in wireless system or wired link that connects LANs of several kilometers away in localize network. The system could be used to connect exclusive LANs which involved buildings that are not adjacent to each other. The system could also provide internet to the users via wireless link.
Wireless Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint system is the fasters, more cost effective and easy to manage solution in providing seamless network linkages between scattered buildings and to the Internet. This product is integrated of Radial Line Slot Array (RLSA) Antenna and Radio Unit (OEM Product). It using the UNII Frequency Band of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. It can be used for indoor and outdoor application.

Gold Medal - PECIPTA 2007
Silver Medal - IEINP, Geneva 2008

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ID : tm3209513066

WiNDAQ : Multitier of Multiple Access Hybrid Wireless Network For Data Acquisition in Large Remote Area

Product Features :
- Hybrid Wireless Network System
- Multiple Access Network Technology
- Multi-tier Architecture of Mesh Network
- Support various type of data (from Sensor-based Data to Multimedia Data)
- Effective infrastructure for Various Data Acquisition System in Large Remote Area
- Can be enhanced for Controlling Remote Devices (Actual System)

Relevant Industries
- Agriculture & Plantation Industries
- Manufacturing & Retail Industries
- Municipal & Local Authority
- Seaport & Airport
- High Security and Safety Premises/Area/Environment

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3209613067

Wideband Radio Over Fiber Feedward Transmitter (WRoF-FT)

The invention concerns linearsation of directly modulated SMF semiconductor laser transmitter employing fee-forward technique to exhibit linearity, low noise and wide bandwidth to be applied in radio over fiber (RoF) system. Simultaneous reduction of third order intermodulation distortion (IMD3) up to 30 dB and relative intensity noise (RIN) up to 20 dB with bandwidth linearisation up to 800Mhz at operating frequency 2-6Ghz. Supporting multiservise operation in frequency range 2 -6 Ghz (ISM Band WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g, Worlwide Interoperability for Microwave Acces (WiMax), Public safety, and Intelligent Transport System (ITS and supporting three major transmission standard formats are ITU-T SONET/SDH STM/OC, IEEE 802.3 (known as Ethernet) and Fiber channel.

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ID : tm3209713068

Wellbore Stability

Rock properties and behavior database which can be used to predict wellbore stability, compaction, subsidence and sand production.

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ID : tm3209813069

Voltage Booster For Low Voltage Fuel Cell Stacks

-Boost the low output voltage of a fuel cell stack to dc bus in renewable energy system.
-Handling the high input current problems and high output voltage requirement for high power fuel cell applications.
-Working in interleaved operation mode.
Low input ripple current.
-High Voltage gain ratio.
-Suitable for high power applications.

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ID : tm3209913070


Peranti untuk menyokong akses yang berterusan kepada laman web sama ada semasa dalam atau luar talian

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ID : tm3210013071

Vision Technology in Edible Bird Nest

Projek ini membersihkan sarang burung walit
menggunakan robot dan dalam persekitaran yang
terkawal. Ia bukan sahaja cepat dan bersih malah
mengekalkan khasiat sarang burung walit

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ID : tm3210113072

Virgin Coconut Oil Based Skin Nutrient Cream

Product features:
- Rich in skin nutrient (virgin coconut oil, tocopherol, essential oil)
- Moisturizing properties
- Rejuvenating
- Natural emollient
- Excellent for dry, stressed and aging skin
- Anti-inflammatory
- Antioxidant
- Hypoallergenic
- Non drug skin care & cure

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ID : tm3210213073

Virgin Coconut Based Hair Cream

This product is safe and natural. It soften hair and also provides youthful and healthy appearance to the hair. Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of lauric acid promote hair scalp health. It prevent the dandruff and also provide nutrition for the hair and scalp.

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ID : tm3210313074

UWB Antenna With Band Rejection Using Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) Structure PI 2009 2815

This product is developed to improve the telecommunication system specially in UWB communication system. While discussion the potential of interference, it can be solved by using complex filtering electronics within the UWB devices. Hence, this new technique using electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structure for band rejection can overcome the usage of the complex filtering electronic system which is hard to develop and requires high cost. Using the EBG structure, it is more practical which is easy to develop and also using low fabrication cost.

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ID : tm3210413075

UTMOST Power System, (UPS) fpr Clean and Sustainable Power Generation

A component of the hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle project

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ID : tm3210513076

USB 12-Lead ECG System

Hearts disease has been known as among the main killer in the current society. Many research has been carried out in overcoming heart disease and in identifying ways to detect them for early treatment. Even though, there are machines available such as the electrocardiogram and echo-cardiogram, these can be used only for clinical purposes and are not suitable for research.
Lately, Malaysian cardiologists, in-line with related international medical organizations, are doing research in relating and ECG parameter, QT dispersion, with the Myocardium Infarction (MI). QT dispersion is a potential indicator of Myocardial Infarction/Heart Attack - occurs when blood supply to parts of the heart is interrupted. However, this is measured manually using the clinical ECG machine. Therefore, this is seen as holding back Malaysian advancement in the research of biomedical field.
This system is able to digitally record and review the 12-lead ECG, and is able to provide critical ECG parameters such as the heart and QT Dispersion in real-time intervals. This eliminates the effort to measure the ECG manually and is helpful in handling a large number of patients.
This system is helpful is assisting cardiologists in discovering new phenomena in cardiovascular system and may provide other parameter measurement in the cardiologists field of research. Using signal processing techniques, these are done automatically with consistency and reliability. Furthermore, it opens a gateway for the development of digital Malaysia ECG database for future research in the biomedical field.

Gold Medal - IENA 2007
Silver Medal - PECIPTA 2007

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ID : tm3210613077

UR Product (UR Grout, UR Plaster, UR Sand and UR Chem)

- Construction: formulation of chemical, plaster, grout and manufactured sieved sand in the specialist servers of building repair and maintenance.
- Grout material for repair works (UR Grout), plaster material for repair and general construction (UR Plaster), manufactured sieved sands for concrete product and for ash tray (UR Sand. The sand also can be used for facade, concrete finishing and sand blasting purposes. Domestic chemicals for clothes ironing and kitchen deodorizer spray (UR Chem).

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ID : tm3210713078

Ultrasound Tomograph

To perform imaging of liquid/gas two phase flow in industrial column.

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ID : tm3210813079

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Planar Array Integrated with Butler Matrix

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) wireless communications offer a radically different approach to wireless communication compared to conventional narrow band systems. Global individuals are always interested in huge technologies. The normal characteristic of UWB antenna covers an extremely wide band frequency between 3.1 GHz and in 10.6 GHz and Omni-directional radiation pattern. The proposed novel design of UWB antenna is realized by making the parabolic shaped ground according to the parabolic equation. Thus the radiation patterns of the UWB antenna become directional. The signal incident at each input port of the Butler Matrix is divided into four output ports.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3210913080

Two-Stroke Stepped-Piston Engine Equipped With Gasoline Direct-Injection (GDI) Fueling System

The technology evolved around the development of a stepped-piston, intricate combustion chamber and the incorporation of a direct fuel-injection system for a single cylinder, air-cooled engine of 125 cc. It produces improved performance over a same conventional two-stroke engine of similar displacement and lower emission (lower concentration of NOx. CO2, CO and HCs) levels and smoke. The design enables the engine capacity to expand in modular forms, from 125cc to 500cc with minor modifications.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3211013081

T-Safe-Wireless Toddler Safely System

Wireless Toddler Safely System also known as T-SAFE is a security device. Parent will know that their child is in close range and safe even if they are wandering around. It is used to assist parents to monitor their child during outdoor activities such as shopping, picnic, driving and many more. The alarm in the monitoring device will go off instantly if the tracer is separated approximately 6-9 meters away from it. The alarm will shut off automatically if the tracer stay within that range. Basically, the child will be equipped with a tracing device (receiver). It is suitable fr indoor and outdoor use.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3211113082

THEO-BCC - Nanocomposite Membrane For Protein Bioseparation

Product Feature:
- Bioprocessing for value-added product from renewable and sustainable technology.
- The bioseparation techniques are increasingly important for biotechnology because separation is often the limiting factor for the success of biological processes.
- Manufacturers of new enzymes, pharmaceutical products require improved methods, equipment, etc. for protein recovering.
- This is a nano-biocomposite membrane where Molecularly Imprinting Polymers (MIP) ideation are implemented by living radical polymerization on the bacterial cellulose membrane produced from pineapple waste by natural microorganism that has been integrated with chitosan composite layer and modified with polyethylene glycerol as the porogen.
- Theophylline is the MIP in nano-scale that incorporated on the surface of biocomposite membrane of bacterial cellulose-chitosan to change its permeability automatically by responding to the presence of template.
- The membrane is reengineered from biological products making is capable to enhance the protein bioseparation process using ultrafiltration.
- The membrane gives many advantages such as appreciable energy saving, environmentally benign clean technology with operational ease and produces high, quality products.
- Furthermore, it's a waste-to-wealth quality product for biotechnology.

Skudai Johor

ID : tm3211213083

The High Viability Of Microencapsulated Probiotic Bacteria

In this invention, a technique has been developed to protect lactic acid bacteria during spray drying at high temperature. This is archived by encapsulating bacteria cells with prebiotic and coconut oil giving a protection that is over three times more resistant than those that are unprotected. Encapsulation of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria has also been reported to protect them from lyophilization and rehydration and protective effect especially against oxygen toxicity in the product.

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ID : tm3211313084

The Effect of Edible Bird's Nest Extract on Chondrocytes Isolated from Osteoarthritic Articular Cartilage

In this project, the effect of the EBN extract on the chondrocytes isolated from osteoarthritic articular cartilage will be carried out. It is crucial to validate the function and effects of the extracts towards chondrocytes as it containts several properties which give stimulatory effects of the extract to the culture. The extracts were identified to be a good supplement to prevent ostoearthritis. However, the therapeutic effect as alternative medicine to cure osteoarthritis at a later stage of the disease shown less potental.

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