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ID : tm3126512236

Wrist Immobilizer, Stabilizer and Haemostasis (WISH) Slint

Radial artery gives continuous blood pressure monitoring and intermittent blood sampling that are important for intensivists to make correct judgments in patient management. In the angiogram room radial artery cannulation is use for coronary artery study to find the area of coronary artery occlusion. Here, we describe a newly designed wrist immobilizer, stabilizer and haemostasis for radial artery cannulation.

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ID : tm3126712238

VRE AMP: A DNA-Based Kit for The Detection of Enterococcus Species and Its Gentamicin and Vancomycin-Resistant Genotypes

Enterococci have emerged as prominent nosocomial pathogens that cause clinical infections, such as urinary tract infection, surgical wound infection, bacteremia and endocarditis. Ever the last decade, Centre for Disease Control (2000) reported a dramatic increase in the occurrence of vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) in hospitals within the United Kingdom and the United States (Stephan et al. 2002), Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweeden (Mayhall et al, 2000). However, sporadic cases have been reported in poultry samples in Malaysia (Shah-Majid et al, 2004), Where in there is a high risk of transmission of resistant strains to humans during handling or consumption of poultry meat. This problem necessitates an urgent need to develope a diagnostic kit for rapid and accurate identification of Enterococcus species and its antibiotic-resistant genotypes to facilitate surveillance of VRE in poultry and human samples.

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ID : tm3126812239

VCUSM1/2 Vaccinecandidates:Genetically Attenuated, Protective and Ecologically safe Veccinesfor O139 Cholera

Cholera remains a major health concern in developing countries. Live oral cholera vaccines are available for O1 serotype of V.cholerae but not for V.cholerae O139 Bengal. Here, we have developed attenuated V.cholerae O139 Bengal vaccine candidates , VCUSM1/2.

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ID : tm3126912240

USM Functional Load Sharing Patella Tendon Bearing Brace

Fracture and injury of the tibia and ankle are always treated surgically. Severely comminuted fracture and ankle instability need an external support for early rehabilitation. Conditions such as osteomyelitis and Charcot joint in diabetes can caused bone destruction and subsequently lead to join collapse. The problem is usually managed with prolonged plaster of Paris treatment. This conservative treatment will caused stiffness of the ankle joint and is bothersome to patients. Indications for use of the below knee brace include rehabilitation fracture of the tibia and ankle, protection after surgery, rehabilitation of ligament injury and correction and support of deformed and unstable joint were the brace helps to realign the deformed ankle due to joint destruction such as seen in paralytic and chronic diabetes also the brace allow patient to have a stable foot and ankle for walking.

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ID : tm3127012241

TYPHIRAPID - A Rapid IgM test for the accurate diagnosis of acute typhoid fever

Thphoid fever remains as a public health problem in many developing countries. Current diagnosis for typhoid is via the method of culture and serology (Widal test). These methods lack sensitivity, specificity and speed. Hence the need for an alternative test for typhoid that is rapid, sensitive, specific, cost-effective and without the need of cold chain for transportation and storage. An early discovery of a 50kDa specific protein on the outer membrane of Salmonella thphi had resulted in the development of a rapid one-hour test for typhoid called THPHIDOT to detect the presence of specific lgG and lgM. Despite world-wide acceptance of the test, its need for the cold chain limits the extensive use of the test in remote areas where the test sould not be transported due to lack of cold chain facilities. THPHIRAPED was strategically developed to convert TYPHIDOT into a 15 minute lgM testor the acute diagnosis of thphoid in order to create a global impact for typhoid diagnosis.

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ID : tm3127112242

TYPHIDOT Rapid: A rapid antibody detection test for typhoid fever

A rapid dot enzyme immunosorbent assay (EIA) kit for the detection of specific IgM and IgG to Salmonella typhi within an hour. Product feature :
- Highly sensitive
- Highly specific
- Rapid
- Cost effective
- Easy to perform

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ID : tm3127212243

TYPHIDOT -M- : A Rapid Dot EIA Test For The Acute Diagnosis Of Typhoid

A DOT EIA test for the rapid detection of specific IgM and IgG antibodies to Salmonella typhi. Typhoid fever remains a public health problem in many developing countries.Current diagnosis for typhoid is via culture and serology(Widal Test). Such methods lack sensitivity, specificity and speed. Hence, there is a need for an alternative test for typhoid that is rapid, sensitive, specific and cost-effective.

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ID : tm3127412245

STAE Seat Confvertor?

The new invention ? STAE (pronounced as in the word STAY) Seat confvertor is a portable, foldable, self-inflatable gadget that you could put on your chair, to re-tailor it to get the best support for your neck (cervical) and back (lumbar)

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ID : tm3127612247

Rapid Low-cost Laboratory Tests For Blood Bank Screening And Diagnosis For Hepatitis C

Two in-house laboratory methods using Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology were developed for rapid HCV detection using innovative enzyme systems that simplifies the three-stage reverse-transcription (Rt), PCR amplification and PCR product labelling method into a single step one-tube assay with consequential reduction in time and reagent costs. A low cost in-house multiplex Rt-PCR assay was also developed for HCV genotyping and compared with the expensive commercial Line-probe assay. Both assays showed sensitivities comparable to commersial assay but at one third of the cost. HCV genotyping is important for selection of patients targetted for interferon treatment.

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ID : tm3127712248

Rapid diognostic kit for typhoid fever (Typhidot tm)

A dot EIA test that could detect the presence of specific IgM and IgG antibodies to the bacteria Sal monella typhi, the causative agent of typhoid. The kit comes complate with instructions and could produce results within 1 hour. The test has been shown to have a sensitivity of >95% and has a high negative predictive value of >96%.

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ID : tm3127812249

Rapid diagnosis of acute typhoid fever (Typhidot-M tm)

A dot EIA test that detects the presence of specific IgM antibodies to the bacteria Salmonella typhi, the causative agent of typhoid. The kit comes complate with instructions and produces results within 3 hours. An IgG inactivator is used to remove IgG in the serum sample hence allowing for the detection only of IgM. This test could be used to differentiate acute typhoid from convalescence cases. The test has been shown to have a sensitivity of >95% and a specificity of 100%.

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ID : tm3127912250

Rapid Diagnosis for Infection of "Campylobacter jejuni"

This specific protein-based test enables direct detection of C.jejuni in the patient`s stool. This test can also be used to detect the presence of C.jejuni in animals. The test is rapid, specific and cost-effective compared to the existing methods.

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ID : tm3128012251

Rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Multiplex PCR

A Multiplex PCR Technique was developed which allows detection of the B9 region and a second M. tuberculosis (MTB)-specific sequence (IS986) in a single reaction. This assay was able to detect the presence of the organism in specimens from patients. A second version of this assay utilizes the PCR-ELISA format which detects the product of the PCR. Primers and probes have been developed allowing simultaneous detection and speciation of Mycobacterium.

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ID : tm3128112252

Production of Coral as Bone Replacement Material

Dead sea coral are processed using innovative technique leading to development of biomaterial that mimic the human and animal bone. The product (CORAGRAF) is produced in various sizes and shapes. Each packages is individually gamma sterilized.

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ID : tm3128212253

Production of Bovine Bone Xenograft for Safe Clinical Use

The operation of the bank include screening, procurement, processing, storage and distribution of the bovine bone xenograftt.

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ID : tm3128312254

Production of Bone Allograft for Safe Clinical Use

The operation of the bank include screening, procurement, processing, storage and distribution of the bone allograft

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ID : tm3128412255

Production of Amniotic Dressing for Safe Clinical Use

The operation of the bank include screening, procurement, processing, storage and distribution of the Amniotic dressing.

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ID : tm3128512256

Portable Expendable Lower Limb Emergency Splint

At present, the fractured limbs were maintaned by air splint or wooden splint as method for fracture stabilization duirng transportation. However this method does not allow the entire lower limb especially hip fracture to be stabilized securely. Here the new invention was a newly designed expandable lower limb emergency aplint made from recycled crutches. It is call 'Recycle Crurthes for Emergency Fractrure Treatment'. Advantagesof used of recycle devise in healed fracture patients to treat emergency fractured patient will prevent wastage and sustainable product.

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ID : tm3128612257

Personalised Methadone Therapy

No effective vaccine available to prevent HIV. The practice is low daily dose for fear of ADR's and variable pharmacology of CYP2B6,CYP2D6 and ??-opiate receptor gene. This causes high failure rates. Informed Methadone therapy with Pharmacogenetics and TDM. Customized pharmacogenetic testing combined with ELISA monitoring of methadone levels.Patients screened for genetic polymorphism of CYP2B6 and ??-opiate receptor. Dose of methadone determined based on polymorphism.Blood obtained for plasma methadone. Methadone dose adjusted. The results may improved compliance and retention and reduces risks for HIV.

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ID : tm3128812259

Neurojaf 5th Ventricular Set

A locally made 5th ventricular drainage system was designed and used in 1999 by the above department. 600 patients who received this set benefited both for elective and emergency interventions. 60% of the indication were Hydrocephalus secondary to obstruction due to intraventricular hemorrhage and 40% were for tumor surgery. The blockage rate was 5% and infection rate 10%. Our catheters with extra large holes are thought to decrease the blockage rate and is especially good for hematomas or tumor debri in the ventricular system. Our EVD is as good as other commercially produced products available.

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ID : tm3129112262


Bovine pericardium has widely been used for grafts in cardiac surgery and seems to have suitable properties for use as a dural graft. Indications for grafting included closure after operation for brain tumours, congenital abnormalities and trauma patients. Bovine pericardium was found to be easily sutured and watertight using standard 4-0 silk suture. This material is relatively inexpensive compared to other non-synthetic grafts. Our bovine pericardium better known as Lyolemb was found to be an excellent dural graft material for local and eventual international consumption. In this age of health economics, the issue of cost is an important consideration. Bovine pericardium costs a fraction than commercially prepared bovine pericardium purchased from USA and EU. We believe that bovine pericardial grafts will continue to be used for duraplasty in future, especially in developing low socio-economic Southeast Asian countries. Costs of our bovine pericardium grafts are around 25 United States dollars (USD) compared to imported bovine pericardium grafts which are priced between 85 and 100 USD and synthetic dural substitutes that cost up to 625 USD. There are categorized to three sizes : 4x2cm, 6x4cm, and 100x40cm.

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ID : tm3129412265

In-House Autoantibody Kit

This in-house auto antibody kit was originally developed to be used as a cheaper alternative to the commercially available counterpart for an earlier cancer research project. The kit has been tested at a number of laboratories in Malaysia and has been found to be comparable to its commercial counterpart. This type of kit is routinely used in various medical diagnostic service centers for measuring anti nuclear antibodies in individuals suspected to be suffering from autoimmune disorder.

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ID : tm3129712268


EZDNA Amp is a complete kit containing thermostabilized reagents for the in vitro amplification of DNA by PCR.

Each EZDNA Amp kit contains:
1) EZDNA Amp Reaction Mix (25 tubes)
2) EZDNA Amp Quality Control (5 tubes)
3) Magnesium chloride reagent (5 tubes)

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ID : tm3129912270

Evaluation On The Safety Profile Of Herbal Product On Male Reproductive System: Laboratory Evaluation In Male RATS

Evaluation On The Safety Profile Of Herbal Product On Male Reproductive System: Laboratory Evaluation In Male RATS
Studies to evaluate the possible toxic effect of two different extracts from similar plant species on the male reproductive system of rats have been carried out. Male rats were treated with the herbal extract by gavaging for four-week duration. Mating were allowed in all animals (1 male: 3 females) daily for three hours in a dark quiet room for a maximum period of 3 weeks. At the end of the study, blood was collected for hormonal assays and all male rats were sacrificed. Examinations of the sperms and testis were carried out. Result showed that both extracts increased the reproductive performance (Libido Index) and sexual hormones concentrations in rats. Examinations of the sperms and histology of the testis however showed that the extracts cause severe damage to the spermatogenesis and severe interstitial edema of the testis. There were alteration in reproductive organs weight, significantly low sperm count, spermatic count, daily sperm production and high number of abnormal sperms. The No Observable Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) of the extracts was found to be 1.0 mg/kg/day. These findings suggest that evaluations on the toxic potential of all herbal products on reproductive systems are important to prevent major harmful effect to the consumers. Our research team will be offering this service to local and international parties at reasonable cost.

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ID : tm3130012271

E-TAC (Early treatment Avoid Complication)

E-TAC is a newly designed alternative pylon to overcome the difficulties faced by the patients using conventional pylon. It is more practical and innovative. E-TAC was designed to look like a normal limb made from various materials such as mixture of plastic and plaster of Paris (POP), foam, stainless steel, rubber and satin cloth. The most obvious characteristics include the attached foot which enables the patient to wear shoes thereby enhancing its aesthetic coloured finishing.

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