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ID : tm289519922

Tissue-engineered Articular Cartilage

A method of producing a tissue-engineered articular cartilage is invented by applying a composition comprising articular cells and a biomaterial, plasma derivative fibrin with CaCl2. In the preferred embodiment, the human chondrocytes are cultured from a sample of patients knee joint mixed with human plasma derivative fibrin. This tissue-engineered articular cartilage is very useful for knee joint cartilage repair purposes or any other similar usages

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ID : tm289529923

HIREPS- An Integrated Resuscitation Pendent and System

The present invention relates to an integrated resuscitation pendant system suspended from the ceiling of a medical room. The said pendant assembly comprises a first vertical arm, a first horizontal arm, a second vertical arm, a first housing means, a second housing means, a third housing means and a shelf frame structure. Optionally the said arms could further comprise at least one telescopic arm each, which could further include motorized means to pivotally rotate the arms and wherein when assembled, a plurality of medical accessories are attached for medical use. Optionally, the pendant assembly could further include more than one pendant assembly interconnected to one another and capable of operating independently from one another

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ID : tm289539924

To create a virtual hub to provide service, research, education, training, tools and technology to meet the current and future needs of forensic medicine, science and law enforcement communities in Malaysia.

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ID : tm289549925

Composition of Palm Vitamin E as a Bone Strengthening Agent to a Prevent Fractures and Promote Fracture Healing

The present invention relates to composition of palm vitamin E as a bone strengthening agent, to prevent fractures and to promote fracture healing in normal or diseased bone. Specifically, this invention relates to the use of the palm vitamin E composition. Palm vitamin E composition comprising of tocotrienol-enhanced fraction consisting of 50-100% alpha, gamma and delta tocotrienol mixture.

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ID : tm289559926

Alat Perlindungan Radiasi T-Rax (TM)

T-RAX (TM) digunakan untuk memberikan perlindungan ke atas pesakit yang berada bersebelahan dengan pesakit yang sedang menjalani pemeriksaan radiografi mudahgerak.

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ID : tm3497615603

Rajawali:Pengembaraan ke Angkasa Lepas

Rajawali: Pengembaraan Ke Angkasa Lepas Is A 3d Animation Series Of 26 X 22 Min Episodes For Television Broadcast. Its Genre Is Fiction-adventure, Targeted For Viewers In The 10 To 35 Years Range And Geared For The Local And Global Market. The Story Is About A Saga Of A Team Of Malaysian Space Rangers' Voyage Of Exploration And Discovery In Space.

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ID : tm3521915846

i-MET (Intelligent Helmet)

i-Met is intelligent-helmet designed to discipline the wearer to tighten the belt properly and neatly. Application of proper safety helmet wearer from head injuries in a crash. I-Met consists of an alarm and LED flame. When the helmets are worn, the alarm will vibrate and LED lights will dazzle. This discomfort will end of the user tightens the belt properly and neatly. Motorcyclists can ride safely after the helmet is securely fastened.

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ID : tm3522015847

Qi-Find (Qiblat Finder for the Blind)

Qi-Find is a sound producing compass that can determine the qiblat efficiently. It will produce sounds in the process of finding the qiblat and stop immediately once the qiblat is found. Disable people especially the blinds could benefit from this invention. Solat can be performed anywhere and anytime without doubts. Certified and tested by Unit Falak, Jabatan Agama Islam, Wilayah Persekutuan, this invention has proven to be highly effective.

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ID : tm3353014501

Peralatan Pemeriksaan X-ray Khusus Untuk Kes Trauma dan Kronik (Smart Table)

Kecederaan kes trauma yang berlaku di bahagian tulang belakang seseorang boleh menyebabkan implikasi lumpuh. Bagi membendung kecederaan sekunder terjadi di bahagian badan yang telah tercedera,terutamanya kecederaan di bahagian tulang belakang, semasa menerima rawatan kesihatan pemeriksaan x-ray, maka peralatan pemeriksaan x-ray khusus untuk kes trauma dan kronik ( Smart Table) di cipta. Dengan adanya peralatan ini pesakit kes trauma atau kronik boleh menerima pemeriksaan x-ray tanpa digerakan dari satu tempat ke satu tempat yang lain atau dari satu posisi ke satu posisi yang lain. Pesakit hanya perlu berada di dalam keadaan baring telentang sahaja.
Penekanan menghadkan pergerakan pesakit adalah sangat penting bagi mengelakkan kecederaan sekunder kepada pesakit semasa mahupun selepas perkhidmatan kesihatan diberi. Penemuan ini bertujuan mewujudkan satu kaedah cara kerja baru yang berguna kepada pesakit dan juga kepada kakitangan kesihatan yang terlibat agar dapat mewujudkan suasana perkhidmatan yang selamat serta mesra kepada pesakit dan warga kerja kesihatan

Selama Perak

ID : tm3521115838


Alat yang dapat membantu tukang rumah untuk permasangan jubin atau mozek. Sebelum adanya Nk Smart Tool Bin ini, tukang rumah atau kontrektor amat sukar untuk memasang jubin, ini kerana mereka terpaksa mengunakan kaedah menual untuk meletakkan simen di atas jubin dan ketidak sama rataan boleh menyebabkan jubin tersebut ada yang tinggi dan ada yang rendah, malah kerja mereka agak lama untuk menyiapkan satu persatu jubin tersebut.
Lalu tercertuslah idea saya untuk mencipta satu alat yang diberi nama Nk Smart Tool Bin ianya dapat membantu tukang rumah dengan mudah, cepat dan boleh menjimatkan simen dengan menolak masuk jubin didalam alat tersebut kemudian terus meletakkan jubin di tempat permasangan. Ianya boleh digunakan mengikut saiz jubin sama ada 2 kaki persegi, 1 kaki persegi dan lain-lain persegi. Alat tersebut boleh dibawa kemana-mana sahaja kerana terdapat roda dibawahnya. Nk Smart Tool Bin ini juga disediakan tempat perendaman jubin bagi jubin yang perlu direndam sebelum meletakkan simen di atasnya.

Selama Perak

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