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ID : tm3031611287

Propoplus : Bee defence human beauty treasure

Propoplus : Bees defence human beauty treasure is a set of beauty product consists of 2 in 1 moisturiser cream, facial cleanser and hand lotion that sweeps away make-up and grime without drying out the skin. Stingless bee propolis are the active ingredients of this product.

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ID : tm3031711288


IVER is an unmanned aerial equipment that assists rescue workers to find victims during natural disaster. The equipment is able to fly low altitude while providing live video feed to rescuers. Its main focuses are on easy operation, long fly time and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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ID : tm3031811289

Em Foliar Fertilizer

This product is produced by combining effective microorganisms that were isolated from Bris Soil in Tembila with essentials macro and micro nutrients, organic materials and growth regulators required by plants.The microorganisms used are adaptable to the chemical and organic foliar solution

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ID : tm3406415035

Mass Fry Production of Marine Finfishes in Tank

Technology to produce marine finfish juveniles suitable for grow-out in net-cages and earthern ponds. The process begins with broodstock maintenance and eggs production by natural or induced spawning through hormonal injection.

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ID : tm3406515036

Spawning Stretcher : Usungan Pembenihan

Alat ini direka khas bagi membantu kerja-kerja pembenihan
di hatcheri. Sebelum inovasi, pengendalian ikan untuk tujuan
pembenihan dilakukan dengan cara memegang induk dan ini
memerlukan tenaga kerja yang mahir dan ramai. Kerja sebegini
bertambah rumit sekiranya induk itu besar. Alat ini direka bagi
memudahkan kerja pembenihan di samping mengurangkan tekanan
pada ikan. Komponen-komponen Spawning Stretcher adalah beg
anti-stress, rangka penyokong yang diperbuat dari polyvinyl
chloride/besi, ruang gonad dan bekas pengumpul.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406615037

SmartWin:Tiub Sedut Air

Alat ini dihasilkan sebagai sistem alternatif kepada kaedah bekalan air laut sedia ada.SmartWin senang dipasang. Komponen utama SmartWin terdiri dari paip polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bersaiz 8 ince lebar dan 10 kaki panjang. Di bahagian bawah paip diisi dengan gravel bersaiz sederhana. Beberapa lubang (1mm) ditebuk bagi membolehkan air masuk kedalam paip. Air disedut menggunakan paip PVC bersaiz 2 inci yang dipasang di bahagian tengah tiub.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406715038

Sistem Asuhan Cents

Sistem tangki Cheap Efficient Nursery Tank System (CENTS) telah direka bagi mengatasi permasalahan ini. Sistem CENTS ini terdiri daripada beberapa komponen iaitu 20 unit tangki culvert bersaiz 180 liter, saluran air masuk, saluran air keluar, saluran pengudaraan dan sistem perparitan. Tangki CENTS yang (75 cm diameter, 52 cm tinggi, 45 cm dalam) disusun dalam 2 barisan yang disambungkan secara selari dengan paip bekalan air. Setiap tangki boleh memuatkan 1,000 ekor ikan bersaiz 2-3 cm dan setiap pusingan mengambil masa 4-5 minggu bagi mencapai saiz 7.5-10.0 cm. Pengurusan mutu air bagi sistem CENTS boleh dibuat secara aliran terus atau kitar semula. Kaedah aliran terus melibatkan air dari tangki simpanan mengalir terus ke dalam tangki CENTS dan melimpah keluar ke dalam saluran buangan.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406815039

SirehMAX : Rawatan Herba Akuakultur

SirehMAX adalah rawatan alternatif yang selamat dan berkesan bagi mengawal dan merawat penyakit bakteria pada ikan.SirehMAX merupakan produk daripada ekstrak daun sireh (piper betle).Produk ini mengandungi pelbagai bahan aktif yang mempunyai khasiat astrigen dan antiseptik yang membantu mempercepatkan penyembuhan dengan mengecutkan tisu-tisu organik serta membunuh kuman.Justeru produk berbentuk cecair ini merupakan agen antimikrob yang berkesan dan boleh diguna untuk merawat pelbagai jebis jangkitan bakteria pada ikan.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3406915040

Oxygen Stormer Alat untuk Kekalkan Ketepuan Oksigen

Oxygen Stormer merupakan alat yang direka oleh FRI Tg Demong
untuk meningkat dan mengekalkan kadar ketepuan oksigen dalam
tangki takungan dalam masa yang singkat. Komponen-komponen
OS terdiri dari batu pengudaraan, saluran pengagih dan pemberat.
Dengan menggunakan OS, kadar oksigen air laut dalam tangki
takungan dapat ditingkatkan kepada 6.57 (95.5%) dalam masa 2
minit dan kepada 7.23 ppm (103.1%) dalam masa 1 jam.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3407015041

Fish Egg Harvester

Satu rekabentuk pemungut ideal dari segi keupayaan untuk
memungut telur yang tersenyawa telah di hasilkan oleh FRI Tg.
Demong. Komponen Fish Egg Harvester adalah, tangki gentian
kaca bulat, hapa 400 m dan polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Telur yang tersenyawa dalam tangki pembenihan akan mengalir keluar secara terus ke dalam Fish Egg Harvester di mana telur-telur tersebut akan dikumpul dan dibersihkan sebelum dimasukkan ke tangki asuhan. Inovasi ini berjaya menjimatkan masa, kos, meningkatkan produktiviti serta mudah digunakan.

Besut Terengganu

ID : tm3281313784

Worst Allergic Weed, Parthenium Hysterophorus

Perthenium hysterophorus (rumpai miang Mexico) is invasive alien species and recalcitrant environmental pollutant weed recently discovered in Malaysia (Newstrait Time 25 Oct 2013). It reduces quality & quantity of agricultural products, causes health problem to human & animal and affect biodiversity.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3281413785


Tisc-tech is a nursery technique to produce quality tissue cultured banana seedlings with shorter period than the conventional nursery practices. This technique provides best on-farm planting materials handling and nursery practices in mass production hence provides lower cost planting material.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3281513786



Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3281613787

Smart Helmet

Smart Helmet is a motorcyclist helmet, which incorporates fun and safety while riding a motorcycle. The helmet is equipped with an Mp3 player if users want to listen to music while riding. It also integrates traffic information with music/fun to alert users of any road congestion. Besides, this helmet is developed with a weather forecast tool and a raincoat that can keep users dry on a rainy day.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3281713788

Pumice-Buoy: An Innovative, Rocky Product of Floating Devices

Pumice-Buoy (from the words of pumice and buoy) is for the first time exposed as a novel and innovative product of floating devices and buoy products. It is made of pumice, a volcanic igneous rock which forms when magma with extremely high levels of water and gases is violently ejected from a volcano (in an explosive eruption), cools and depressurizes quickly and simultaneously above the ground. Pumice is typically light colored, composed of volcanic glass, may or may not contain crystals, and commonly originated from high-silica (felsic) to intermediate magmas. It commonly has vesicular or foamy (porous) texture and very low density, so it is enough for it to become the only rock that can float in water. This rock is cut and shaped to become some products, such as surfing boards and lifebuoys. Different from other types of the same kind products that are mostly made of heavy materials, such as plastic (polyethylene), rubber and fibreglass, Pumice-Buoy are lighter, stronger, more buoyant, more durable, resistant, friendly to users and environmental as well as unique in appearance. Potential markets and customers of these products among others are sport and safety equipments traders and marine transportation (such as ship and ferry) companies. People can use pumice-based surfing boards personally for surfing activity and pumice-based lifebuoys for swimming especially for babies and kids.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3281813789

Nephelium Lappaceum and Lansium Domesticum Natural Fruit Vinegars

Nephelium lappaceum and lansium domesticum natural fruit vinegars were produced by natural fermentation process of the fruit juices to solve the problem of fruit dumping among the fruit orchards in Malaysia. The product is at par with imported apple cider vinegar and locally produced nipah vinegar.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3281913790


Produk cuka berasaskan buah rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) dandokong (Lansium domesticum)

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3282013791


Produk cuka berasaskan buah rambutan
(Nephelium lappaceum) dan dokong (Lansium

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3282113792

My Wengtonia-Detoxificant for Drug Addiction

This product is a plant based-supplement from the Barringtonia racemosa extract. It possesses high antioxidant properties in which it can enhance the detoxificant process in human and animal bodies. The product also enhances the immune system of testimonies where it contains an antimicrobial activity to fight against the various species of pathogens.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3282213793

My Peppell-Health Food Supplement

The increasing cost of treatment of many acute diseases such as cancer compels scientist to find alternative solutions. It is thus the aim of the present invention to address the above problems by providing a food supplement for human consumption. It is also to provide a primary composition that can be used directly or dried into powder form for application in pharmaceutical preparations.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3282313794

My MM-New Aquaculture Product for Human Consumption

MY MM is dried freshwater tiny shrimp, Palaemonetes spp. This tiny shrimp is widely distributed in the river, ditches and open body water. Preliminary study showed that this dried tiny freshwater shrimp possesses high protein content ranging from 60% to 63%. The drying process of the shrimp is carried out in low cost and hygienic method through self modified microwave vacuum oven.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3282413795

My Ab-Antibiotic Selective Kit for Veterinary Use

MY ABTM is a simple, low cost and user-friendly antibiotic selection kit for aquaculture use. This kit is developed to facilitate fish farmers in identifying suitable antibiotics for aquaculture use especially during disease outbreaks. This kit is the first in the world that can overcome misuse or overuse of antibiotics in aquaculture. Another feature of this kit is it can generate results rapidly within 36 hours.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3282513796

Microwave Char From Mill Waste

The high carbon wastes generated from oil palm mills boosts the importance to be utilized for fuel exploitation in national power generation industries. The treated empty fruit bunch contains less moisture and high carbon content, benefits in boiler combustion application to steam power generation.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3282613797

HM Breeding Chamber

The present invention relates to a method/modelling for optimization of growth condition in breeding leeches. Specifically, the invention relates to commercial of leeches in a big scale production by using the technology based on the study made on reproductive efficiency and mortality rate under different cultures.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3282713798

High Density & Strength Composite Lumbers from Compressed Oil Palm Fronds (COPaF) An Eco-Friendly Material, Strong, Durable, Light and Cheap Alternative to Future Wood

Composite lumber made from the sliced and compressed oil palm fronds is a new type of wood composite introduced as an alternative to future timber. These lumbers (COPaF) are composed of compressed fibres from the agricultural waste fronds of Oil Palm trees, which are cultivated and found in abundance in Malaysia. The technology involved in manufacturing the products is quite straightforward. The fronds are peeled of their skin and sliced in a longitudinal direction. The materials are then compressed using rollers compressing machine before undergoing the gluing and assembly process to form the Compressed Oil Palm Composite Lumbers with enhanced density and strength.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

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