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ID : tm3031611287

Propoplus : Bee defence human beauty treasure

Propoplus : Bees defence human beauty treasure is a set of beauty product consists of 2 in 1 moisturiser cream, facial cleanser and hand lotion that sweeps away make-up and grime without drying out the skin. Stingless bee propolis are the active ingredients of this product.

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ID : tm3031711288


IVER is an unmanned aerial equipment that assists rescue workers to find victims during natural disaster. The equipment is able to fly low altitude while providing live video feed to rescuers. Its main focuses are on easy operation, long fly time and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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ID : tm3031811289

Em Foliar Fertilizer

This product is produced by combining effective microorganisms that were isolated from Bris Soil in Tembila with essentials macro and micro nutrients, organic materials and growth regulators required by plants.The microorganisms used are adaptable to the chemical and organic foliar solution

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ID : tm3406415035

Mass Fry Production of Marine Finfishes in Tank

Technology to produce marine finfish juveniles suitable for grow-out in net-cages and earthern ponds. The process begins with broodstock maintenance and eggs production by natural or induced spawning through hormonal injection.

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ID : tm3406515036

Spawning Stretcher : Usungan Pembenihan

Alat ini direka khas bagi membantu kerja-kerja pembenihan
di hatcheri. Sebelum inovasi, pengendalian ikan untuk tujuan
pembenihan dilakukan dengan cara memegang induk dan ini
memerlukan tenaga kerja yang mahir dan ramai. Kerja sebegini
bertambah rumit sekiranya induk itu besar. Alat ini direka bagi
memudahkan kerja pembenihan di samping mengurangkan tekanan
pada ikan. Komponen-komponen Spawning Stretcher adalah beg
anti-stress, rangka penyokong yang diperbuat dari polyvinyl
chloride/besi, ruang gonad dan bekas pengumpul.

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ID : tm3406615037

SmartWin:Tiub Sedut Air

Alat ini dihasilkan sebagai sistem alternatif kepada kaedah bekalan air laut sedia ada.SmartWin senang dipasang. Komponen utama SmartWin terdiri dari paip polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bersaiz 8 ince lebar dan 10 kaki panjang. Di bahagian bawah paip diisi dengan gravel bersaiz sederhana. Beberapa lubang (1mm) ditebuk bagi membolehkan air masuk kedalam paip. Air disedut menggunakan paip PVC bersaiz 2 inci yang dipasang di bahagian tengah tiub.

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ID : tm3406715038

Sistem Asuhan Cents

Sistem tangki Cheap Efficient Nursery Tank System (CENTS) telah direka bagi mengatasi permasalahan ini. Sistem CENTS ini terdiri daripada beberapa komponen iaitu 20 unit tangki culvert bersaiz 180 liter, saluran air masuk, saluran air keluar, saluran pengudaraan dan sistem perparitan. Tangki CENTS yang (75 cm diameter, 52 cm tinggi, 45 cm dalam) disusun dalam 2 barisan yang disambungkan secara selari dengan paip bekalan air. Setiap tangki boleh memuatkan 1,000 ekor ikan bersaiz 2-3 cm dan setiap pusingan mengambil masa 4-5 minggu bagi mencapai saiz 7.5-10.0 cm. Pengurusan mutu air bagi sistem CENTS boleh dibuat secara aliran terus atau kitar semula. Kaedah aliran terus melibatkan air dari tangki simpanan mengalir terus ke dalam tangki CENTS dan melimpah keluar ke dalam saluran buangan.

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ID : tm3406815039

SirehMAX : Rawatan Herba Akuakultur

SirehMAX adalah rawatan alternatif yang selamat dan berkesan bagi mengawal dan merawat penyakit bakteria pada ikan.SirehMAX merupakan produk daripada ekstrak daun sireh (piper betle).Produk ini mengandungi pelbagai bahan aktif yang mempunyai khasiat astrigen dan antiseptik yang membantu mempercepatkan penyembuhan dengan mengecutkan tisu-tisu organik serta membunuh kuman.Justeru produk berbentuk cecair ini merupakan agen antimikrob yang berkesan dan boleh diguna untuk merawat pelbagai jebis jangkitan bakteria pada ikan.

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ID : tm3406915040

Oxygen Stormer Alat untuk Kekalkan Ketepuan Oksigen

Oxygen Stormer merupakan alat yang direka oleh FRI Tg Demong
untuk meningkat dan mengekalkan kadar ketepuan oksigen dalam
tangki takungan dalam masa yang singkat. Komponen-komponen
OS terdiri dari batu pengudaraan, saluran pengagih dan pemberat.
Dengan menggunakan OS, kadar oksigen air laut dalam tangki
takungan dapat ditingkatkan kepada 6.57 (95.5%) dalam masa 2
minit dan kepada 7.23 ppm (103.1%) dalam masa 1 jam.

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ID : tm3407015041

Fish Egg Harvester

Satu rekabentuk pemungut ideal dari segi keupayaan untuk
memungut telur yang tersenyawa telah di hasilkan oleh FRI Tg.
Demong. Komponen Fish Egg Harvester adalah, tangki gentian
kaca bulat, hapa 400 m dan polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Telur yang tersenyawa dalam tangki pembenihan akan mengalir keluar secara terus ke dalam Fish Egg Harvester di mana telur-telur tersebut akan dikumpul dan dibersihkan sebelum dimasukkan ke tangki asuhan. Inovasi ini berjaya menjimatkan masa, kos, meningkatkan produktiviti serta mudah digunakan.

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ID : tm2992510896

Y-Tube Olfactometer for Insect Behavioural Responses to Volatile Compounds

This prototype was designed to determine the olfactory response of insects or other invertebrates towards different volatile compounds in order to improve the effectiveness of phermone trappings. This prototype also can be used as a teaching tool of entomology course or in chemical ecology research.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2992610897

Wifish: Fish-landing Data Collection using Mobile Technology

Advances in hand held computer technology are making data collection faster,easier and more accurate. In this project,the use of wireless mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAS) to collect data for a study on elder neglect is described and evaluated. Methods for integrating this technology into a research study are discussed as suggestions for increasing the performance of data collectors using these devices. Fisheries policy and management objectives, particularly under the precautionary approach, need to be based upon analysis of reliable data. The implementation of Wifish for data collection could reduce the costs, paper usage, and eliminates the time for keying in data.It will increase efficiency and control of the field work, improve the coverage and provide collected information in a timely manner in an electronic form ready for compilation and further analysis. Moreover, control of the field operation is tremendously improved. Duplication of data missed data and cost control are monitored and rectified immediately.

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ID : tm2992710898

WfSAT: A Web-based Fish Stock Assessment Tools

In marine fisheries management, we hardly heard about the words "sustainability" and the "precautionary principle". These two famous words have being discussed worldwide in order to manage the renewable natural resources for future human generation as it is benefiting the present human generation. Therefore, the task to improve the fisheries itself is a dynamic process. The failure of the population processes and look at their probabilistic outcomes in hyperspace either through three or four dimensional spaces.

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ID : tm2992810899

Web Based Clinical Decision Support System for Hyperbilirubinemia: Hybicare

This product examines from a systems perspective some of the major issues associated with the provision of computer-based decision support in the management of the Hyperbilirubinemia patients. The concept of Web-Based Clinical Decision Support System for Hyperbilirubinemia (HybiCare System) is to facilitate hyperbilirubinemia risk stratification in newborns which support the clinical process and use of knwledge, diagnosis and investigation through treatment and long-term care. This system assist health care providers in clinical decision making by providing well-balanced information on the management of jaundice in newborns.

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ID : tm2992910900

Wave/Air Displacement Generator

The wave/Air Displacement Generator capitalizes wave crests through dynamic movement to create displacement of air in water in a confined container fitted with a small outlet, creating a stream of air with enough velocity to propel a mini propeller/ turbine. It can also rotate a mini motor to generate an electrical energy of up to 12 volts. Applying the basic principles of Bernoulli???s Continuity Flow Conservation of Mass a confined system, the mass that enters the system must also exit the system at the same time. Flow rate = Q = Area x Velocity
R1A1V1 (mass inflow rate) = r2A2V2 (mass outflow rate)
Where r is the density of the fluid. (In this case is density of air)
If the fluid at both points is the same, then the density drops out, and you get the continuity equation: A1V1 = A2V2
Therefore if A2 < A1 then V2 > V1
Thus air exiting a nozzle has a higher velocity.

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ID : tm2993010901

V-SEED'S : Web Database System for Seed Management

Seed is a basic resource for the reproductive process of some species of plants besides utilizing stem cutting method, bud leaf cutting and graft method which is known as air layering. The process of getting the source of the seed supply is very hard especially for plant that the breed offer a high value. Seed is imported or bought from certain suppliers whether individually or through company.

An innovation of digital software is developed to facilitate officers and researchers to keep, update, wipe, find and increase information related to the seed virtually using web technology which is known as Virtual Seed Database System or V-SEED'S.

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ID : tm2993110902

User's Behaviour Analyzer for E-learning Applications In The Social Network (UBIAR)

Currently, there are many studies use the log files in analyzing user's engagement of e-learning. Nevertheless, log files data in the social network only display the records of users attempted, experienced and finished.The built-in report did not explain the user's behaviour inside the e-learning applications in the social network. Therefore, this study was proposed a model for analyses the user's behaviour engagement of e-learning applications in the social network. Th behaviour data such as: "attempted","experienced","answered", "completed","passed" and "failed" will be tracked and recorded. By analyzing the behaviour data, the user's behaviour engagement of e-learning applications in a social network can be determined.

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ID : tm2993210903

Tubbies Ice Cream

Tubbies invent a novel unique natural flavor with new natural ingredient of premium ice cream which produced from fermentation technology.

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ID : tm2993310904

Titania/P3DT/Seaweed Bilayer Hybrid Solar Cell as Third Generation of Solar Technology

In this research, hybrid solar cells which consist of a combination of organic Red Seaweed(RS) and Poly(3-Dodecylthiophene)(P3DT) with organic titania nanocrystals materials are fabricated via electrochemical method. Power conversion efficiency value of ITO/TIO2 NCS/P3DT/RS/Au was 2.0%.

Kuala Terengganu Terengganu

ID : tm2993410905

ThiOLED: A Petit Waste-Reducing New Materials for Lighting Technology Interest

ThiOLED: A Petit Waste-Reducing New Materials for Lighting Technology Interest was successfully prepared, synthesized and characterized via spectroscopy and analytical technique which involve contribution of molecular modelling by Gaussian 09 in order to correlate between layer OLED. The electrochemical deposition (ECD) technique have been applied to prepare organic thin films due to posse least expensive cost, low temperature method, easily controllable (change of deposition time and potential) and non-pollutant one. Surprisingly, this type of system gave promising result to be applied as conductive layer in single layer OLED. In a nutshell, with the outstanding approach and performance, ThiOLED will be no doubt can attract any crowd at different level in the community to further evaluate this type of molecular framework to be potentially used in the area of microelectronic devices.

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ID : tm2993510906

The Hurricane Protective Barrier System

A windstorm consisting of violent winds with 64-72 knots (11 on Beauford scale), have a significant force that is able to cause damage to property and environment. Since 1990, natural disasters have affected about 217 million people every year especially windstorms disaster contributed of world disaster in 15% loss of life, 27% number of events and contributed 45% of economic loses and increasing every year. High winds cause significant structural and environmental damage. However, the research on ideal and effective windstorm protection or wind barrier method are rather limited. The used of this Wind Barrier for deflecting incoming wind as a novel method to reduce severe damage to properties with the ability to withstand windstorm's forces. The barrier is formed y joining several aerodynamic ellipse-shaped beam or 'S' shape curves arranged horizontally equidistance from each each other made of a set of blades and aerodynamic rod shape in between superposed on one another at regular distance for deflection of high wind velocity, at the lower end of the last 'S' shaped curve can be attached a wind blade to be used to generate electricity.

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ID : tm2993610907

The Horseshoe Crab and their Use in Human Cardiac Disorders

Marine natural products have always been a source of new leads for the treatment of many deadly diseases such as cancer,acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome (AIDS) etc. The pharmacology of marine compounds such as anti-helminthes,anti-bacterial,anti-coagulant,anti-diabetic,anti-fungal,anti-inflammatory,anti-malarial,anti-platelet,anti-protozoa,anti-tuberculosis anti-viral activities affecting the cardiovascular and nervous systems are highly encouraging.Several molecules isolated from various marine organism such as micro organisms,algae,fungi,invertebrates and vertebrates are currently under an advanced stage of clinical trials.Some of them have already been marketed as drugs.A number of marine peptides have been isolated in recent years which exhibit potent biological activities and many of the compounds showed promising anticancer activities. This present study thus opens up entirely new possibilities using peri-vitelline fluid of the horseshoe crab for medical application to improve stem cell differentiation into cardiomyocytes on severe ischemic diseases which cannot be improved by classic therapy.Though along Malaysian coast,three valuable species of the horseshoe crab are found but unfortunately not much work has been done on their bio-medical potential.Hence it is prudent o our part to put our sincere efforts to know more about the amazing creature.

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ID : tm2993710908

The Development of Food Products from Greater Yam (Dioscorea alata L.) Flour.

The fresh tubers of greater yam {Dioscorea alata L.) collected were processed to become flour. The food products (cake and cookies) were formulated and developed from the flour. The acceptability of the foods assessed by a number of panelists indicated that the use of yam flour in food formulation gave a positive effect in most sensory attributes as compared with the control sample (food without yam flour).

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ID : tm2993810909

Tetraselmis Chuii Beads for Home Aquarium

Aquaculture wastewater containing high levels of ammonia, nitrite and phosphorus when discharged have negative effects on environment. Chemical treatment are expensive. Present invention uses tetraselmis chuii beads for rapid and efficient removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater.

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ID : tm2993910910

Technique of Triploidy Induction for Enhancing Growth in Fishes

Triploidy induction as a way to mitigate the maturation effects in aquaculture is an effective chromosome manipulation technique. triploidy induction provides functional sterility, because the pairing of chromosomes during meiotic division results in a hampered separation of chromosomal triplets.

Triploidy induction technique as a way to overcome stunting effects in tilapia culture has attracted considerable research over the past.

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