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ID : tm204101457


Pearl Trekker merupakan sistem aplikasi untuk menyalurkan dan menukarkan data Global Positioning System (GPS) kepada format yang dikehendaki oleh pengguna. Ianya mengumpulkan signal GPS dari tempat kejadian atau lokasi dan menyalurkan data yang telah dikehendaki bagi tujuan Automatic Vehicle Location Service (AVLS) dengan ketetapan masa sebenar. Sistem ini juga dapat membantu pihak berkuasa dalam melaksanakan tugas menangani kegiatan yang menyalahi undangundang dengan lebih efektif dan efisyen.

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ID : tm287959766


This prototype won bronze medal in MTE 2008. the edutainment software is an animation based on Malay folktales to teach moral values.

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ID : tm289679938

Zerit: DNA-Damaging Anticancer Agent

Zerit, a sesquiterpene in the rhizomes of Zingiber zerumbet Smith, was shown to exhibit antiproliferation activities on various cancer cells. This study was carried out to determine the cytotoxity and genotoxicity of Zerit on WEHI 7.2 wild type murine thymoma cells through the employement of standard MTT assay, alkaline comet assay demonstrated that Zerit has a dose dependent but not a time dependant cytotoxic effect towards WEHI 7.2 cells with IC50 values at 24,48 and 72 hours were 13.83 M , 12.50M and 12.14M respectively. Using IC10 and IC25 values obtained DNA damage in Zerit treated cells at three different time points for both concentration. Comparison of DNA damage levels at both concentrations suggested a concentration-dependent genotoxicity, as significantly higher values of tail DNA percentage and tail moment were obtained for cells treated with IC25 cooncentration as compared to IC10. Furthermore, the mode of cell death included by Zerit was found to be via apoptosis. In conclusion of DNA damage as an early event of cytotoxity.

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ID : tm289689939


This project consists of a document management engine of which plans to build a specific website, integrate databases and various digitization processes, programming and developing a e-commerce model. This if for users from all over the world to access the digital images of the mentioned materials using a PC with an Internet connection regardless of time. This portal has presented not only another valuable Malay indigenous collection of materials on architecture, but also other bibliographic, textual, audio and multimedia databases on Malay world studies.

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ID : tm289699940

XML-Based Rumi-Jawi Transliteration Engine for Malay Web Pages

The size of web has increase significantly over the years. It is estimated that the number of current web pages is currently about 30 billion web pages. Many of these web pages are in English (65%), Chinese (10%), Japan (6%) and other languages. The number of web pages written in Jawi, a script for Malay language based on Arabic, is very limited. The objective of this project is to design and implement and XML-based transliteration engine that would transliterate in real-time web pages in Malay language into Jawi script. This would allow easy access to jawi web pages for web users who is learning jawi and rural folks who still prefer jawi. The project is based on XML and buildup using web services concepts. The system would retrieve the web pages in Malay, and transliterate the web pages such as images and links remain intact.

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ID : tm289709941

Wireless Optical Sensor Network (Wosn) for Smart Monitoring in Optical Network

WOSN includes optical passive and active components, digital signal processor, and RF communication. Tapping method is used to monitor the optical signals entering to customers receiver. Experiment was carried out to get the parameters of optical passive components. Based on the experiments, this system only involves 4 dB insertion loss and is able to detect optical signal. Since the insertion loss of this system
is very low, we can use it as a connector in the FTTH system.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289719942

Wireless Monitoring Machining Performance : MO-MAC 3

Mo-Mac 3 is a real time wireless monitoring system for monitoring cutting tool wear progression. The system consists of handy, portable and light weight PDAs/uPC which are used to monitor the real time wear progression during turning process simultaneously, by online detecting and analyzing the cutting force signals. This system is designed to be robust in any shop floor environment. The individual PDAs/uPC produces accurate result by detecting the dynamic signal cutting force data which is then compared to the programmed database installed in the PDAs/uPC. The main function of this product is to detect and analyse cutting tool wear in terms of flank wear land (VB). Later, tool wear progression will be displayed to inform the user about the status of cutting tool conditions is three modes of different colour i.e green(good condition), yellow(transition zone) and red(end of cutting). Therefore, this product is able to give early warning related to the damage and failure of cutting tool, and helps the operation of machine to be smoothly operated in order to produce acceptable quality in manufacturing process.

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ID : tm289729943


The project developed is a Wireless CATV Tester Unit for a fiber-to-the home (FTTH) network system. Wireless CATV Tester Unit is a video monitoring eqiupment for optical fiber network line. It consists of two main parts; a detection module (transmitter) and a handheld Wireless CATV Tester Unit (receiver). Detection module functions in detecting and extrating video signal from three main signals present in optical signal in underground cable while handheld Wireless CATV Tester Unit is responsible in manually determinig the status of the line by accessing the video displayed on the device's video display. To certify transmitted signals are in working provision, CATV tester device is designed to measure signals passing through optical network unit (ONU) at user's premises. A single mode optical fiber at ONU will be obtained by 'tapping' method and 10% of the signal will be fed into detection module. Video signal is then extracted. Through wireless technology, video signal transmitted by detection module throughtout fiber optic cable located in the underground to the handheld Wireless CATV Tester Unit. Here, this handheld device will translate the obtained signal into a video to be displayed and accessed by the in-charged personnel. If received signal is accompanied by noises, FTTP main line is possibly damaged and needed to be repaired. Two worth-enhancing appropriates taken for this project are by using Solar panel to charge rechargeable battery to avoid of frequently changing the battery. Secondy is for power saving, ON/OFF switch is implemented inside signal detection module.

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ID : tm289739944

Voltage Sag Ride through Device for Personal Computer

Voltage sags have emerged as one of the most serious power quality problem. Voltage sag disturbances, which sometimes last less than a fraction of second, can cause sensitive equipment such as personal computers (PCs) to shut down and interrupt PC controlled systems and processes for considerable periods of time, which leads to loss of production and high costs. In order to overcome this problems, an electronic device the enhance the ride through capability of PCs during voltage sag is invited. The proposed device can be connected to the power of supply unit of PC to add a new operational state to the PC???s power supply, in which PC supplied for one second by a capacitor bank in the event of voltage sags. In this case, the capacitor bank acts as an energy storage device. The proposed ride through device consists of sag detection circuit, control circuit, switching circuit and capacitor bank. The device is simple, easy to use and can be built from cheap, commercially available components. Some of the salient features of the proposed device are that it does not require additional uninterruptable power supply for its operation and it does not draw high levels of inrush currents from the mains. Furthermore, the proposed device can be adapted to other voltage sensitive devices such as lamps and contactors.

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ID : tm289749945

Voice Recognition Browser and Marking System for Visually Impaired Learners (MG SYS-VISI)

Mg Sys-VISI is a voice recognition browser for the visually impaired,to browse the Internet, read and send mail, print articles in Braille, and convert Braille back to text. Mg Sys.-VISI is tehrefore able to convert text codes to voice,from voice to Braille and then back to text. Visually impaired users can use the system through 2 main modules: Automatic Voice Recognition (AVR) and Text-to-Voice (TTV) with 5 sub modules: Navigation, Information,Communication, Document and Translation.

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ID : tm289759946

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Computerized Data Management System for Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program

The universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) program started in UKM Medical Centre since April 2003 till now. More than 35,000 newborn were screened for hearing loss using portable otoacoustic emission (OAE) before they discharge. The joint Committee on Infant Hearing (JCIH) year 2000 position statement recommends some quality indicators for UNHS which include achieving a screening rate of at least 95% within 6 months of program initiation, referral rate to no greater than 4% and achieving return for follow up rate of at least 70%. After the first stage hearing test perform by the staff nurse, the result from test can be kept in quickly and efficiently. Babies who fail the first stage screening test will be given the appointment date by the staff nurse without calling the ORL Clinic officer. Those failed screening test need to come for follow up with Automated Brain stem evoked response(AABR) at 6 week of life.During this stage the Assistant lab officer will keep in the result.At the same day the baby will go for brain stem evoked response if they failed the AABR test.

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ID : tm289769947

Tunable Sonar System

This sonar system uses a tunable tranCRucer. The frequency of operation can be varied or tuned over a wide frequency range using inductors. Potential applications are in defence and fisheries (industry).

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ID : tm289779948

Tunable Sonar

This sonar system uses a tunable transducer. The frequency of operation can be varied or tuned over a wide frequency range using inductors. Potential applications are in defense and fisheries (industry)

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ID : tm289789949

Transliteration Engine for Jawi to Rumi

Jawi is a writing system that is adapted fom Arabic characters for writing Malay language. The usage of Jawi script in writing has been disregarded particularly since the Roman script is used as the official script in Malay language. Since, then contents that are written in Jawi, especially in the Internet, are scarce. The smart way to escalate contents in Jawi is by assisting the transliteration process of digital documents, i.e. web pages that are in Roman script, to Jawi script.However, the fact is that there is no system that can do the job including the well-known Google translation engine. Hence, building a Rumi to Jawi transliteration engine for web pages is a way to create Jawi contents and to rejuvenate the usage of Jawi script by using the information technology. We developed the Transliterasi Engine for RUmi to JAwi (TERUJA) in a form of web services that can transliterate any web pages that is in Malay Roman script to Jawi script without changing the original web page layout. The engine is up and running on the TERUJA official website at

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ID : tm289799950

The Solution for Long Bone Regeneration Via Stem Cell Technology

Invention of a technique using a pre-induced cylindrical tissue engineered bone construct to fill segmental long bone gap, coupled with a simple external and intramedullary fixation system for implant stabilization and alignment

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ID : tm289809951

The Development of Herb Drink from Kemunting Cina, Pecah Beiling and Melada Pahit

The purpose of this study is to develop a herb drink desired from the combination of Strobilanthes crispus, Cattharanthus roseus and Brucea javanica and to confirm that the herb drink is non-toxic for diabetic patients. It is also to compare the antioxidant activity of these three plants.

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ID : tm289819952

The Development and the Evaluation of a Web Based Career Interest System for Malaysian Youth ( is a Web based Career Interest Exploration system for Malaysian users (Student, job seekers, counselors, parents and employers).it was developed using PHP and MySQL Database and run under Apache 2.0 Web Server. All the questions, answers and survey results are stored in MySQL database and system logic and calculation are done by PHP. The system must be accessed using web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others. This system requires user to register before entering the system by filling in his/her name and relevant particulars, login name and password. The system is secured with login page to avoid unauthorized user using the system and the spamming. Once entering the system, user will be provided with menus to take the test, edit profile or view results. User is allowed to take as many as test possible. All the test results is stored and can be view at view result page. The current Xplorasi system has 18 equation pages and each page has 10 questions. If there is any problem during answering the question, the system will force to logout and user needs to re-login and the system will bring back the page where the user previously answer the page. The system also displays time duration of answering the question. After completing the questions, user will be provided all results with tables and graphs. At the result page, there is a button where user can answer simple survey about the system.

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ID : tm289829953

The Bahasa Melayu Reading Text Test

Reading speed and reading error are two major components that can be used to determine reading performance in normal children, those with low vision or children with learning disabilities. At present there is no standard reading text test available in Malay Language. Therefore a standard related and non-related reading text tests in Malay Languages was developed to be used by optometrists, teachers, doctors, clinical psychologists or rehabilitation officers to assess the reading performance of school children. A set of manual and recording sheet were also developed to make it easier to be administered by the users. The Malay Language Reading Text Test was tested among normal school children and children with disabilities such as dyslexia. The findings showed that the Malay Language Reading Text Test can be easily administered. The Malay Language Reading Text Test developed can be used to determine the reading performance among school children in Malaysia.

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ID : tm289839954

The Agent-based Rough Set Data Mining Tool

The novelty of ROUGHAGENT compared to previous agent-based rough set technique, is that it is employed within default rules generation framework (DRGF). It improves the existing Emergent-based Approach where the running time has been reduced thus maintaining the number of rules and classification accuracy. ROUGHAGENT controls the number iteration to avoid the unnecessary mining path but reserves the generation of simpler and shorter rules. ROUGHAGENT improves the mining speed and maintains the quality of knowledge.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm289849955

The Agent Based Rough Set Data Mining Tool

ROUGHAGENT TM proposes a new agent based approach in rough set classification theory with a default rule generation framework. ROUGHAGENT is a data mining tool that have the combination two basic theories that are :
1. the theory of agent in rough set
2. the theory of agent in the default rules generation framework.
Rough set is one of data mining techniques for classification. It generates rules from large database and it has mechanism to handle noise and uncertainty in data. However, to produce a rough classification model or rough classifier is highly computational especially in its reduct computation phase which is an NP=hard problem. This drawback has contributed to the generation of large amount of rules and lengthy processing time. To resolve the problem, an agent is embedded within a rough classifier framework specifically the Rough Set Default Rules Generation Framework (DRGF). In this research project, an agent is created within the main rough set modeling processes such as reduct computation, rules generation and attribute projections. Four main agents are introduced ROUGHAGENT i.e interaction agent, weighted agent, reduction agent and default agent.

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ID : tm289859956

Telemedicine System for Online Medical Check-Up with Mobile Communication Support

iMobile information location system is an intelligent LBS(Location Base Services) service suite application. The intelligent part of the system is that it was able to predict the users' location within a certain degree of accuracy to provide the proximity landmark required by the LBS services. This will entice users to use LBS service as the means of locating information efficiently. The design is unique in such way that it is the first LBS service suite ever developed in Malaysia. It was design using GSM/3G infrastructure network parameter for location prediction algorithm. During the economic downturn service like this will help users to find the necessary information without wasting energy and petrol.The emergency application will also be able to assists the enforcement agency to reduce child kidnapping cases efficiently.

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ID : tm289869957

Synthetic Wood Composition & Method of Processing Thereof

The invention relates to the technology and materials for processing thermoplastic natural rubber wood from a blend of natural rubber and polyethylene, as the matrix and cellulosic fibers, rice husk or any dried parts of the rice plant/grass and wood powder, as the filler.
The composite will be further improved in properties (hardened and strengthened) with addition of particulate filler such as clay, and chemical modifications to the matrix. The special properties of the thermoplastic composite wood like mouldability and resistance to moisture and fungi enable it to be applied in the construction of formed products for outdoor applications (garden furniture) and in wet indoor areas (tiling applications). It can be applied to door fittings and furniture through the addition of pigments or painting of the composite for a better finishing. The use of agro-waste such as rice husk and wood flour helps to lessen environmental problem related to rice and wood industries.

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ID : tm289879958

Superior Red Rice with Low Gi

Five transgressive variants derived from a cross between the wild rice, Oryza rufipogon Griff and a high yielding Malaysian rice cultivar O. sativa L. indica cv. MR219 were evaluated for red pericarp stability, grain yield potential and resistance to blast disease. The experiment was conducted at a single location over two seasons. Grain yield was significantly higher (15%) than MR219 for variant G33 (R14-3-66-4-B-B) which also possessed the desired physico-chemical properties of grain with high antioxidant activity (Ferric Reducing Ability of Plasma = 107.72 molFeSO4/g and Total Phenolic Content = 0.49 mg GAE/g), low glycemic index (GI =51) and low insulin index (II = 39). The same variant was resistant to blast disease and the red pericarp colour was stable. The transgressive variant G33 is recommended for cultivar development as a specialty rice.

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ID : tm289889959

Stacked Patch Antenna for Broadband Wireless System

A novel stacked patch antenna is invented for broadband wireless system. The bandwidth is obtained by a stacked patch fed with a folded patch feed and the size reduction is realized through the use of shorting wall. The antenna occupies a compact dimension of 15mm x 15mm x 10mm. The proposed antenna axhibits impedance bandwidth of 90% for -10db return loss (VSWR 2). Details of the antenna for broadband wireless system.

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ID : tm289899960

Stacked Folded Patch Feed Antenna for Ultrawideband Application

A new stacked patch antenna with a folded patch feed is invented for ultrawideband (UWB) applications. The bandwidth is obtained by a stacked patch fed with a folded patch feed, and the size reduction is realized through the use of shorting wall. The antenna occupies a compact dimension of 15 15 10 mm3. The proposed antenna exhibits impedance bandwidth of 90% for -10dB return loss (VSWR<=2). Details of the antenna design and the results with low-profile characteristics make this invented antenna suitable for UWB applications.

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