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ID : tm3298813959

Malaysian Employees Engagement Tool (MEET)

MEET is a method of measuring employee engagement focusing on overall employee satisfaction and employee commitment and contribution to the company's success. The index of MEET will be used to determine engaggement levels contains items that reflect the two axes of overall employee satisfaction, and employee commitment and contribution. by plotting a given population against the two axes, nine distinct employee segments can be identified. These segments provide powerful information to critical human resource management decision making such as career development, succession management, training and development, performance management, allocation of rewards and management of non-performance.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3304614017

GETs: A Barometer for Green Sustainable Business

Green Entrepreneur Tracking System (GETS) is an innovative system that assist the entrepreneurs in implementing and monitoring the green initiatives in their business operations. Gets functions as a barometer that supports the creation of a new entrepreneurship paradigms in urban spatial development.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3314314114

Engage, Enhance, Empower, Enjoy : A Holistic teaching and learning platform from learning content to e-portfolio with mile@edu

The mile@edu platform is an innovative space for students and teachers to interact, via the engage, enhance, empower and enjoy framework, with multimedia content, blogs, and e-portfolios. The system is accessible on pcs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, making the learning process enjoyable.

Cyberjaya Selangor

ID : tm3314714118


Sprintla is an online platform that connect all university students to the printing vendors. We automate the printing process of both students and vendors via cloud technology to achieve time and cost efficient. Our mission is to empower the student learning experience and vendor business flow.

Cyberjaya Selangor

ID : tm3315114122


Have you ever wonder, how amazing it could be to get your beauty services done while you resting at home. Cantik4u is the solution which gather beauty services under one roof. Beauty services at your doorsteps just by click at your fingertips. Convenience, variety of choice, save time and less hustle.

Cyberjaya Selangor

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