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ID : tm3022811199

Using Delta, Alpha and Beta Protocols for Neurofeedback Training of ASD Children

A Time Series (quasi-experimental) Pre-post Design (within subjects) study was conducted in 24 sessions for ASD children. The steps in the treatment protocols used for the training were Delta, Alpha and Beta trainings. The objective of starting the training session with Delta protocol was to discharge the exhausted mind of the ASD children which was characterized with hyperactive symptoms and high Theta activity. This was followed by Alpha training for relaxation and finally Beta to help them focus. There were observations made for each subject before and after the treatment within six months.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3023111202

The Shell of Placuna Placenta Linnaeus: A Potential Material for Interior Products

In Malaysia, Placuna Placenta Linnaeus (Window-pane
Oysterthis or Siput Kapis) is a marine resource of economic
importance especially along the muddy coastal areas
of the western part of Peninsular Malaysia. This bivalve
is gathered by handpicking (in shallow area), or
compressor diving (in deeper areas). The collected siput
will either be used for own consumption or sold to the
local food outlets (as an alternative protein source). After
removing its nutritious flesh, the translucent shell of the
siput will normally be discarded, at will, that much of the
coastal shore areas in the vicinity of these homes and food
outlets would be badly littered with the shells. Taking advantage of its abundance, an R & D project at UNIMAS
has given focus on creating a hybrid material that can serve as an alternative source of raw material for the production of furniture items and other interior products. The 'matrix'of such hybrid material has been found to be applicable for most furniture design and craftworks. The soft and translucence properties of the shell are added advantage in terms of providing attractive final texture and aesthetic quality of the products.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3025011221

Practical Headwear for Muslim Nurses and Doctors

The aim of this research is to design a comfortable headwear for Muslim female nurses or doctors which eases access to their ear in discreet. The headgear is an easy wear style of scarf that consists of frontal openings at the ear lobe area for the stethoscope. Consideration of head circumference and opisthrocranion is the important point of this design. This product is also suitable for all Muslim women whose headgear needs a multifunction of usage.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3028011251

EmotiveVR: A Framework for Emotional Affordance in Virtual Reality (VR)-Based Learning Environments

EmotiveVR is a novel methodological framework that can be used to uncover the salient relationships between learners emotions and the design elements of virtual reality (VR) based on learning environments. The framework may also serve as a generic framework that can be systematically applied to uncover the relationships between emotional components and the design elements of different instructional design models for various other types of learning environment.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3028411255

Eco-friendly Magical Pepper Crystals

This innovation develops a new value-added product from pepper wastes. The wastes are chemically treated and calcined at high temperature to turn into magical black pepper crystals (MPC). The preparation of MPC is very simple, fast and cost effective. MPC works effectively as an absorbent to remove of dYes and heavy metals such as Cr(III) and Cu(II) in aqueous solution. MPC is an environmentally friendly product, biodegradable and applicable as a plant growth enhancer.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3028611257

Easy Wear - Patient Attire in Hospital Wards

This product is based on Malaysian traditional clothing where the opening has been re-constructed without
changing much on its originality. It is noted that the existing attire design for the disabled and hospital
patients is not quite user friendly. Aged and weak patients, for instance, often face serious difficulty in
putting on the hospital gown and tying up the strings (behind them), by themselves. This newly designed
two-piece attire is made up of top blouse and long loose skirt or pants. The special features of this design
are its opening, sleeves and closure. The attire consists of half front 'T' shape opening with sides on the
right that are easy to close or open. This opening will not compromise the original appearance of the
clothing. With this ease-opening concept, there will be no difficulty in changing cloth for patients in bed
or on drips and accessibility for medical examination and administering injections etc. will be much more
convenient. The fit of the design is loose and free flowing, and the fabric is smooth and soft to provide
total comfort. This attire is designed with large opening. As such it allows for both step-in and slip-on
ways of dressing up. It is expected that the flexibility and easy-wear design of this attire would be attractive
to users in hospitals, clinics and handicap centers, locally and abroad.
The invention provides a garment for hospital patients, disable and ageing people. The garment comprises two-pieces style of uppler and lower garment: A1 ) shirt and long skirt; B1) shirt and long pants. The claims were on pattern cutting of these garments.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3028711258

Duo Fad: Dual Functional Fashion

The aim of the study is to design an easy and flexible clothing suitable for the 21st century eco-friendly lifestyle campaign. The DuoFad is a dual functional fashion that creates a combination of vest-cum-bag for utilities. It offers an alternative to fashion for women who prefer versatility in their clothing. The vest can be transformed from a styling vest into a carrying bag. This product is for individual consumers, hypermarkets, supermarkets and retail outlets.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029311264

Cockle Shell in Artificial Reef Construction

In Malaysia, artificial reef has been an effective method to conserve marine life since the early 70s to provide new habitats and shelter to marine life. Despite its successful implementation, there are issues on the use of hazardous materials (tyres and old vehicles) on the marine ecosystem. Hence, the focus of this research is to develop an eco-friendly artificial reef made from of cockle shell. Cockle shell reef utilising waste material; can be an economic option as mineral composition and rough texture of shells are good as artificial reef.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3029811269

Breast Feeding Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung' is a traditional dress widely worn by Malaysian
women, especially among the Malays as casual,
office or formal/ceremonial wear. For mothers who are
nursing their infants with breast milk, they consider 'Baju
Kurung' as a practical outfit because it is loose enough to
be conveniently pulled up during nursing, but on the other
hand it can be too revealing as the baju will have to be
pulled up from knee length, thus exposing their abdomen.
A special design of breast feeding Baju Kurung has been
developed to discretely provide ease and comfort during
nursing. The design focuses on pattern cutting and construction (overlay and pull over style, easy side and front breast access) using suitable materials, that would allow easy opening and closure (buttons). The design retains
the aesthetic value of Baju Kurung and enhances its functional value as a traditional dress. The breast feeding Baju Kurung has a great potential for commercialization as it is relatively easy to manufacture (rendering it very affordable) and the demand by the nursing mothers is expected to be high for it will provide the convenience needed to opt for the much encouraged breast feeding instead of formula feeding.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3030711278

Application of Sugarcane Bagasse as an Alternative Insulation Material

Bagasse is lignocellulosic waste material from sugarcane juice extraction. More than 100 thousand therefore tonnes of bagasse is dumbed at the Felda Sugar factory, Perlis, in a season. This research is to identify the potential of bagasse as an alternative insulation material to substitute polystyrene and polyurethane. Choosing bagasse to make product is a competitive option and environmentally friendly innovation.

Kota Samarahan Sarawak

ID : tm3355414525

1 Day Full Dentures (1DFD)

Innovations in the process of manufacturing false teeth that can reduce the critical procedures, patient appointments and the dentition period.

Inovasi dalam proses pembuatan gigi palsu yang dapat mengurangkan prosedur kritikal, temujanji pesakit dan juga tempoh penghasilan gigi palsu.

Kuching Sarawak

ID : tm3515515782

Eco-Handy Dust Cleaner 2.0

The 'Eco-Handy Dust Cleaner 2.0' is applying a cleaning tank system similar to mini vacuum cleaner. When the motor is connected to batteries, it is able to draw the air into the system and thus clean the chalkboard effectively. The chalk dust can also be collected and recycled then reused in laboratory.

Sibu Sarawak

ID : tm3517115798

EM Clothes Rack

The clothes rack can automatically retrieve-in the clothes when raining. This product turns electrical power into mechanical power for this purpose. The rain sensor can detect rain droplets during raining day and cause the circuit to complete which will activate the motor to retrieve in.

Sibu Sarawak

ID : tm3517215799

P Saver

P Saver is an invention to solve the problem of squeezing the leftover in toothpaste especially or other hand cream or any paste. P Saver is flexible and can suit any type of paste. With P Saver, we can save the cost of using the personal care.

Sibu Sarawak

ID : tm3517315800

SHS Pulley-Clothesline

Our invention will not just save energy, time and space but on the dominant matter at hand, can even prevent fatalities. It uses the theory of the parallel pulley system to solve tight space problems. Our invention is a portable complex system which helps to collect clothes with ease.

Sibu Sarawak

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