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ID : tm287659736

Acetylcholine Esterase as a Possible Marker for the Detection of Halal Way of Slaughtering

These issues in turn are related to the release of neurotransmitter (NT) at the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) eventually is subject to be released from the body through the blood flow. The study is level of acetylcholine or acetylcholine esterase can be used as a biomarker to identify if the slaughtering is performed following Islamic guidelines.

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ID : tm2965710628

Transformation of Decanter Cake Palm from Oil Milling Plant into Adsorbent and Solid Fuel

In this research, semi-solid waste from palm oil milling plants was transformed into absorbent and solid fuel using plant excess thermal energy. Solid fuel produced from decanter cake could be used as a coal substitute. As an absorbent, the treated is able to remove heavy metals and organic pollutant from industrial effluent.

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ID : tm2966710638

The Development Of Behavior Modification Kit For "Mat Rempit"

The country faces various Juvenile delinquency destructs community, national safety and stability. Till today, many approaches have been designed and implemented to bring positive changes to the targeted teenagers with delinquency problems. This research has come up with a new method in helping teenagers to improve their delinquency and strengthening their positive behavior

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ID : tm2971510686

Novel Dust Explosion Database (UMP-Dex) for Accident Prevention

Dust explosion database equipped with dust explosion calculator was developed through lesson learned from process safety incidents related to dust explosion. It allows industries to predict the occurrence of dust explosion so as to determine appropriate risk control mechanisms as preventive measure.

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ID : tm2973410705

Manufacturing of Nano-wood Composites using CNT and Aluminium Oxide Nano-particles

Nano-wood composite is a composite made by using high conductive nano particles with adhesive and wood fibers. It can be used as a replacement for wood composites in the furniture, d??cor and construction industry.

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ID : tm2973610707

Manara Anti-Hysteria First Aid Kit

Hysteria incidents which often occur in educational institutions such as schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities in Malaysia invite various stigma and anxiety among students, teachers and parents. Psychological experts categorize hysteria as a psychiatric disorder known as somatoform disorder while alternative medicine practitioners state that it is due to the interference of supernatural entity. Hysteria incidents disrupt learning process which cause such institutions to be temporarily closed down to remedy the situation. Various efforts had been taken by the parties involved to deal with the incidents, including using the services of traditional medicine practitioners and psychologists. Some events can be recovered, some get worse and there are also cases of recurrence. The Anti-Hysteria Emergency Kit is developed with the aim to assist the relevant parties, particularly educational institutions to deal with cases of hysteria in an easy, quick and safe way.

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ID : tm2977410745

Ecofriendly Binderless Wood Composite Board Using Enzymes

Binderless wood composite is a composite made using enzymes to plasticize the lignin content of wood fibers as an adhesive in preparing wood composites. It can be used for making furniture, sound boxes, shoe heel, kitchen furniture and other similar uses.

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ID : tm3499415621

Duo Honey Jelly

Generally known that cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have been increasing from year to year. Our invention is basically preventing and curing the dangerous cell to be spread. So, it will surely help the society in the future.

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ID : tm3499515622

One Tap Secure

Home is a place that we can gather around with our families. Nowadays, home are not safer enough for the society because of the burglary cases. That is why we come with a resolution by inventing One Tap Secure (OTS), a home security system that can help to create smart cities with low rate of burglary cases.

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ID : tm3511215739

Sistem Penutupan Elektrik secara Automatik (Automatic System to turn off power supply-AUTOTOPS)

This product is very easy to install and also user-friendly because of its low cost while saving electricity.

Produk ini amat mudah dipasang dan juga mesra pengguna kerana kos yang murah disamping dapat menjimatkan elektrik.

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