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ID : tm3152812499

Portable kidney stone detector

Microprocessor Based Electrolyte Analyseries is a general purpose instrument that can measure/analyse the level of any electrolyte for urine stone problem, and also for other purpose, for example kidney stone or gout analysis, or glucose level monitoring. This multipurpose instrument can be used as a tool to forecast/anticipate/diagnose/monitor any disease. Portable unit of Litosensor 418 is a disposable oxalate biosensor prototype, which serves
as a fast and simple means for diagnostic and early detection,occurrence/recurrence of oxalate stone urine. The detector is relatively mobile, small in size and can be interfaced to the PC or laptop. The advantages of these instrument
are fast result, efficient, direct and easy to use.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3153412505

Persuasive Multimedia Learning Enviroment (PMLE)

PMLE present an example of how persuasive design principle can be designed into educational material using CD ROM based multimedia application for assisting parents and teachers to motivate children aged 7 to 9 years old reduce their anxious feeling towards dental treatment.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3155512526


The Multi-Disciplinary Problem based Scenarios (My-PBS) is a stand-alone DVD-based interactive multimedia program. The DVD contains multimedia-learning objects in the form of documents, short videos, and flash animation to assist teachers or facilitators with classroom and outdoor activities. The My-PBS adventure series was designed to enhance, but not limited to, the teaching of Geography, Mathematics, and Science subjects in Malaysian secondary schools.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3157312544


Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies or ISDEV was founded in 1995 at the School of Social Sciences; Universiti Sains Malaysia. It evolves from its initial name, the International Project for Islamic Political Economy (IPIPE), then Islamic Development Management Project (IDMP) and finally in September 2005, Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV).
As a research and educational centre, ISDEV gathers its academic members from various disciplines and schools within the University. It aims at pioneering and enhancing the field of Islamic development management beyond the confines of the development and management per se. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach to development and management, integrating social, economic and political tools of analysis to understand development management in an integrative and holistic manner based on Islamic doctrines.
All in all, ISDEV strives to scrutinize and construct a conceptual and practical framework of the management economics, development, and economic development in a Islamic perspective. As development is seen as an all-embracing aspect of life, from spiritual to material and physical, and from the level of the individual to that of society, state and beyond, ISDEV intends to cover the whole range of horizons of human live, formulating and pioneering a new integrated discipline that ISDEV terms Islamic Development Management.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3159912570

ePKhas: A Repository of Multimedia Resources for Special Education

ePKhas is the first and sole online repository of multimedia learning objects for special educators in Malaysia. It is developed to harness the power of technology to advance theory and practice of instruction in special education. It fulfills the urgent demand for special needs resources in the Malay Archipelago. ePKhas is located at There are six types of novel multimedia resources in ePKhas. Pedagogical Learning Resources Sets are complete ready-to-use lesson sets for teachers on the go. These sets consist of a combination of multiple learning objects anchored semantically to a digital lesson plan. Flash Worksheet Creators enable teachers to create customized worksheets for individual needs. A picture gallery of Malaysian-styled graphics provide instructional assets for teachers. nteractive multimedia stories are developed specially for students with disabilities. Teachers seeking more knowledge can access the bank in ePKhas. The repository serves eight main functions. Teachers can use different methods to search and retrieve multimedia resources stored in ePKhas. Teachers can use Lesson Builder templates to create their own Pedagogical Learning Resources Sets. Research and evaluation functions are built-in to obtain data on usage of resources. A forum encourages collaborative discussion among special educators. A registered user's management system and multi-level administrative system increase efficiency of administration. Finally, the repository is home to an online academic publication, the Buletin Pendidikan Khas.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3163212603

Banana Paper

One of the many practices under this concept is of recycling of waste products and developing them into new product of value. USM has come up with an innovative approach to convert discarded banana trunk waste into paper that can then turned into useful handicraft. The paper is used not only for simple printing or writing but also for decorative purposes such as lamp shades, lanterns, gift boxes, paper bags, photo frames and many others. This approach has a two pronged objectives- to transform waste into bbjects with aesthetic value, and to provide opportunities for the lower income groups to earn a secondary income.

Minden Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3515815785


A rechargeable electric bicycle is constructed using economic materials to reduce carbon emission of motor vehicles. An induced electromotive force is generated when the mechanical energy is converted to the electrical energy. Further distance travelled can be achieved without recharging process.

Jelutong Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3516115788

Smart Access Automotive

Keyless entry system on vehicles are getting problematic, local radio frequencies disrupting, forgetful car owners lost their key fob, unreliable and causing security issues. Our invention "Smart Access Automotive: uses modern biometric sensors and software technologies to overcome the problem.

Jelutong Pulau Pinang

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