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ID : tm3281113782

G Technique

G Technique exist from the word girdling technology. This technique is the alternative technique from conventional method technique which normally implemented and practice such as cutting, marcotting and grafting. The benefit of this innovation technique is universal technology.

Jeli Kelantan

ID : tm3281313784

Worst Allergic Weed, Parthenium Hysterophorus

Perthenium hysterophorus (rumpai miang Mexico) is invasive alien species and recalcitrant environmental pollutant weed recently discovered in Malaysia (Newstrait Time 25 Oct 2013). It reduces quality & quantity of agricultural products, causes health problem to human & animal and affect biodiversity.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3281413785


Tisc-tech is a nursery technique to produce quality tissue cultured banana seedlings with shorter period than the conventional nursery practices. This technique provides best on-farm planting materials handling and nursery practices in mass production hence provides lower cost planting material.

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ID : tm3282513796

Microwave Char From Mill Waste

The high carbon wastes generated from oil palm mills boosts the importance to be utilized for fuel exploitation in national power generation industries. The treated empty fruit bunch contains less moisture and high carbon content, benefits in boiler combustion application to steam power generation.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3283013801

Fine-E: The Under-explored Cassava

UMK undertakes farmer participation research 'Fine-E Cassava' to explore potential use of cassava and its by-product for food, industrial, energy and environmental purposes.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3283513806

Corm-Tech 2.0

Corm-tech 2.0 is the improved invention from corm-tech (2014). Corm-tech is the propagation technique of banana seedling using mother corm. Corm-tech 2.0 is faster than corm-tech. It has 2 components, which are corm shad and corm fert. This technique is user friendly and, cheaper and green technology.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3283713808

Bio-composite Particle Board (BIOPAB) From Kenaf Core Fibers'

-Utilizatiion from kenaf plantation (kenaf core fibers'-waste from kenaf plant).
-Less price for raw material compare to common raw material (hevea brasiliensis) that have been used in industry.
-Good properties (especially for less water absorption).
-ecofriendly resin (corn starch-degradable).

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

ID : tm3284113812

Tisc-Tech'- On-Farm Nursery Technique for Acclimatization and Mass Propagation of Tissue-Cultured Banana Seedlings

Tisc-Tech' refers to on-farm nursery technique for acclimatization and mass propagation of tissue cultured banana seedlings. The major features of the newly-established techniques include: shortening the nursery period (enabling multiple cycles of propagation), reduced seedling mortality and low-cost.

Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan

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