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ID : tm3245413425

Paddle Wheel Monitoring System For Shrimp Farming

The facilities management staff can locate the
ponds with paddle wheel problems and repair the
damages quickly to restore the oxygen supply to
the shrimps. The functions of this system are for
viewing damaged wheels in the ponds, analysing
the problems, assigning staff to repair the damaged
wheels and generating reports for decision making.
The Paddle Wheel Monitoring System For Shrimp
Farming overcomes these problems as it is capable
of identifying (by manual or sensor based input) the
locations of the failed paddle wheels and displaying
it using a comprehensive birds eye view of the
shrimp ponds.

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ID : tm3246113432

MYPOBDEX:Malaysian Investors Palm-Based Biodiesel DSS

MYPOBDEX:Malaysian Investor's Palm-Based Biodiesel DSS is our product name.It has been invented as a solution to maximize the investor's profit.MYPOBDEX is unique because it has been developed based on system dynamics approach and converted to a user friendly interactive tool for dummy users.

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ID : tm3246213433

MYOPPIDEX: Malaysia Oil Palm Plantation Investment Decision support System.

MYOPPIDEX has been developed to assist the Malaysian oil palm planters especially the independent small holder in their decision making. The interactive game their environment renders player a complete control to experiment their future planting strategics and anticipate the maximum profit to be earned.

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