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ID : tm203601407

Deep penetration topical cream for fast delivery of bio-actives into body. It is for anti-inflammatory, sinusutis, psoriasis, dengue fever, combacting lice and etc.
An innovative fast delivery method for quick relieve.

The standardized bio-actives can penetrate through the skin barrier in delivering functional compound to the body for starting the healing process.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm203611408

Electron Beam Irradiation Facility

Sterilization / Irradiation of Medical Devices using electron beam technology. However this technology is not limited to sterilization of medical device only. It can also be utilize in sterilization for F&B industry, cross linking of polymers and also gem stone industry.

Port Klang Selangor

ID : tm287879758

Used of post mortem computed tomography(PMCT) in predicting coronary artery disease(CAD) in post mortem cases.

Deceased individual are scanned using a post-mortem computed tomography(PMCT)achine in a caniocaudal direction covering the heart till diaphragm. Quantification of calcium involving the 3 main coronary vessels is done using the Agatston Janowitz score.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm287889759

TocoTrienol-Enriched mixed fraction is an effective in vivo anti-atherosclerotic agent in the prevention and treatment early and established atherosclerosis.

The novelty of this invention is palm oil derived tocotrienol-enriched mixed fraction(TEMF), an anti-atherosclerotic agent effective in reducing coronary artery tissue inflammation

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm287899760

The bisector: an innovative technology in dental radiography.

The bisector is specifically designed to help young dentist obtaining good intra-oral radio-graphic images without having repetition as they may increase radiation dose absorbed to the patients. In addition, this prototype provides better comfort to patients as compared to conventional holders.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm287909761

Pure Tocotrienol isomers and Tocotrienol rich fractions as anti-atherosclerotic agents.

Palm oil derived pure Tocotrienol isomer and Tocotrienol rich fraction are beneficial in reducing in votro inflammation, Endothelial activation and monocytes binding activity. TRF is also beneficial in cholesterol lowering and oxidate stress in patients with non familial hyperchholestrolamia.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm287919762

Method of preparing and optimizing umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) for growth in micro-gravity environment, human endothelial cells grown in a micro-gravity to earth gravity.

The novelty of this invention is in the methodology on growth optimization of human umbilical vein endothelial cells(HUVEC) on micro-carrier beads in fluid processing apparatus (FPA) and the revival of post spaceflight HUVEC as re adapted cells which survived the following real spaceflight travel.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm287929763

Method of preparing and optimizing osteoblast cells for growth in a micro-gravity environment, osteoblast cells grown in a micro-gravity environment, and method of re adapting.

The inventions relate to a micro-gravity cell culture method of normal human osteoblast(NHOST) cells. More specifically this invention relates to a method to be used for sending adherent osteoblast cells to space. maintain them in micro-gravity and regain viable cells after the space flight.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm287939764

Ficus Deltoidea extract as an anti-atherosclerotic agent.

Ficus Deltoidea(FD) is locally known as Mas Cotek. The novelty of this invention, is the production of standardize extracts of four different FD variants which have potent anti-atherosclerotic effects in vitro via inhibition of inflammation and endothelial activation pathways.

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm287949765

Detective of Glacomatous Optic Neuropathya: A novel method

Glaucoma is the leading causes or irreversible blindness in the world. The diagnosis and follow up of individuals with the current available methods. This novel method will be specific and sensitive in the diagnosis and management of patient with glaucoma

Sungai Buloh Selangor

ID : tm287979768

Functional Electrical Stimulation Plus Progressive Resistance Exercises Protocol for Spinal Cord Injury

An exercise protocol which combined functional electrical stimulation-evoked cycling and progressive resistance exercise for incomplete spinal cord survivors to improve their muscle morphology.

Puncak Alam Selangor

ID : tm288079778

The Empower-Par Global Cardiovascular Risks Self-Management Booklet

The empower-par global cardiovascular (CV) risks self-management booklet was designed as an educational resource material to empower patients to take charge of their own health to avoid potential complications. Its effectiveness in improving health outcomes is supported by robust research evidence.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288249795

Roselle Chewable Tablets as New Natural Nutraceutical Product

The tablets are a new pro-health supplement since Hibiscus Sabdariffa commonly known as roselle is a rich source of a vitamin C, D, B1 and B2; anthocyanins and other antioxidants, Chewable tablets are a credible alternative to drinkable herbal extacts and an excellent and novel nutraceutical product The tablets are unique since they allow quick and complete disintegration, hence obtaining a rapid effect, yet with a prolonged after-taste in the mouth. The tablets are attractive to children and the elderly, without the need to take them with water. Benefit from a wide range of nutrients while enjoying its fabolous taste. Roselle Chewable tablets is for all the family.
Bronze Medal Award in Malaysian Technology Expo (MTE) 2006. Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288269797

Rapid Detection of Methicillin and Vancomycin-Resistance Staphylococcus Aureus by a Newly Developed Cold Chain Free PCR Assay

A new platform that identify Methicillin and Vencomycin-Resistance in s.aureus within 5 hours with high sensitivity, specificity and lower detection limit which help in reduce nosocomial infection, mortality and morbidity with lower cost and this kit could be used in ordinary hospital labs.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288379808

Porous Niti Dental Screw Implant By Innovative Powder Metallurgy Route

In this work, a prototype of porous Niti dental screw implant has been successfully manufactured by an innovative process, namely metal injection moulding. The porous structure developed could simultaneously improve the degree of fixation and decreases the stiffness mismatch between bone and implant.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288399810

Pharmacogenomics Test Kit for Warfarin: Bridging Personalised Medicine to Quality Health Care

Responses to warfarin has been found to vary and genetic variation of CYP2C9 and VKORC1 account for 30 to 70% of variable drug responses, both on efficacy and toxicity (bleeding). The USFDA has thus strongly supported Pharmacogenotyping in clinical practice and trials and before patients begin warfarin treatment. The research team had successfully developed a DNA test kit that is able to determine the genetic variants commonly found among the Asians population thus allowing personalized medication and prevents unnecessary adverse reaction such as bleeding.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288779848

Healthy Wealthy Drink

Healthy Wealthy drink is a beverage that main ingredients comprise of Polygonum Leaves (Daun Kesum) and other herbs and spices which are rarely used in beverage production. Healthy Wealthy drink is a drink that provides refreshing taste, flavor and health benefits to the human body. Healthy Wealthy drink drink contains high antioxidant which comes from the herbs and spices which includes honey, clove, cinnamon and lemon juice. The uniqueness of Healthy Wealthy drink is the ussage of local herb with therapeutic properties as the main ingredient in the formulation and also due to its unique taste and flavor. Besides providing refreshing effect, Healthy Wealthy Drink helps to detoxified and benefits human body.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288809851

HalabiomaxTM Nutraceutical and HalabiogelTM Cosmeceutical

HALABIOMAXTM nutraceutical is an advanced nanotechnology formulation of poorly absorbed lipophilic compound using self nanoemulsifying system in soft gelatin capsules. Fat soluble vitamins and health supplements oils such as tocotrienols, tocopherol, ubiquinone, astaxanthin, omega oil, evening primrose oil, nigella sativa oil are easily self-dispersible in gastric fluid to form very fine droplets that it lead maximum absorption into blood circulation. Bioavailability of lipophilic active HALABIOMAXTM is two to four times comparing to conventional formulation. HALABIOMAXTM can be taken any time, unlike conventional formulations that it should be taken after fatty meals to ensure maximum absorption. Therefore, HALABIMAXTM give confident on maximum effectiveness of vitamins and health supplements in maintaining people health. Soft gel capsules of HALABIOMAXTM are made from HALAL bovine gelatin.
HALABIOGELTM cosmeceutical is an advance nanotechnology nanostructured cubical phase system for topical (skin) applications. Olive oil and local tropical oil such as virgin coconut and palm oils are mainly used in HALABIOGELTM formulation, due to their good properties as natural lipid in skin treatment. This is a unique formulated gel to promote fast penetration any active oily compounds into thick human skin. It also increases the moisture, elasticity and skin healing properties of the treated skin. The natural oil gel are intend to use for crack hell remover, skin emollient, psoriasis, eczema, psoriasis, hard keratin removers and other skin disorder. HALABIOGELTM formulation can be loaded with herbs containing lipophilic and hydrophilic active compounds. This is allowed HALABIOGELTM formulation to be used for many applications.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288899860

G2B: Gut-Brain Revitalized!

G2B are revolutionized Lactic Acid Bacteria(LAB) packed in individual sachet. Our novel microcapsule formulation protects LAB against low pH (as low as 1.8) in the stomach and high temperature (up to 100 OC) during industrial processing. G2B maintain gut microbiota balance and enhance cognition.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288919862

Formulation of New Periodontal Gel From Salvadora Persica (MISWAK)

The objective of this invention is to formulate a new topical oral gel from Salvadora Persica for gum diseases treatment. Miswak extract and Benzyl isothiocyanate were selected as the base of the oral gel. Acute toxicity test was done. The antibacterial effects were evaluated on periodotpathogenic bacteria using Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, Minimum Bacterial Concentration test and Scanning Electron Microscope. The bio-adhesive gel contains Miswak extract, pectin and hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose. This newly formulated oral gel is suitable to treat the periodontal diseases.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm288929863

Formulation and Evaluation of New Biodegradable Periodontal Chips From Malaysian Propolis in Chitosan Base for Gum Treatment

Propolis purchase and extract prepare and mixed with chitosan.Chips prepared 0.5 x 0.5 cm. Antibacterial, release, thickness and biodegredation of the chips evaluated. Results showed promising biological and physical properties to be used in the treatment of gum disease. It is cheep and halal.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289169887

Bitter Ground Crackers

Bitter Ground (Peria Katak) is widely cultivated plant for medicinal, food uses and usually being consumed fresh. However, is has yet to be diversified and promoted commercially in the food industry. Therefore, bitter ground can be developed into crackers that are aimed for small and medium entrepreneur with simple preparation process. The crackers are not a wide range of nutrients while enjoying its taste.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289179888

Biomimetic Concept Approach in Diabetic Footwear Design

Biomimetic refers to a nature inspire approach in product design are widely applied in the development of new material, shape, function and much more. In this project, the chosen nature object is MOSS. MOSS concept approach in diabetic footwear design is through mimicking the layer of the MOSS.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289259896

A Method and System for White Matter Hyperintensity Identification and Classification

This invention is an automatic technique to quantify White Matter lesions(WMH) in MRI image based on computer algorithms. The technique involve clustering and enhancement of MRI image to investigate the brain abnormality and classify the region as WMH, which help radiologist for further analysis.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm289799950

The Solution for Long Bone Regeneration Via Stem Cell Technology

Invention of a technique using a pre-induced cylindrical tissue engineered bone construct to fill segmental long bone gap, coupled with a simple external and intramedullary fixation system for implant stabilization and alignment

Bangi Selangor

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