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ID : tm3120612177

The Use of Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Cornea Regeneration

The research of stem cells and tissue engineering has brought about numerous advances in the regenerative medicine. Application of stem cells in the therapy of corneal disease has gained attention in ocular regeneration.

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ID : tm3121112182

Rapid Sequence Intubation in Emergency Department-A Colour Coded Guide

The ring-bound booklet is specially designed for assisting Rapid Sequence Induction an in emergency department. Chapters are stepwise, colour coded and tagged for easy reference during intubation. Indications for intubation and factors for predicting difficult situations are listed. Measurement of endotracheal tube, blade sizes and anchoring point are given. Drugs and their dosages are presented in an easy-to-refer tables with their uses, contraindications and special points provided.

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ID : tm3122812199

Mobile Intravenous Drip

Mobile Intravenous Drip or MIV, is a specialized strap used by patients to assist them in carrying the IV drip. It consists of a long strap, a hook, an arm strip, and at each end it has a buckle. MIV assist patients in mobilizing around the hospital without troubling the patient or others.

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ID : tm3123412205

Lactid Acid Bacteria and Health Benefits of Malaysian Honey

This innovation allows the isolation and characterization of antimicrobial activity of LAB in local honey. LAB isolated local honey showed better antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella Typhimurium compared to Manuka honey from New Zealand. The antimicrobial compounds produced by these LAB isolates are stable to heating at 900C for 1h. Molecular characterization of the isolates did not match with the sequence in the gene bank; thus bacteria are considered a new unidentified strains of LAB. This study suggests that the local honey contains naturally occurring LAB. Its antimicrobial activities in vitro of these LAB isolates against pathogenic bacteria offer health benefits and highlight medicinal value of Malaysian honey.

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ID : tm3124412215


Hydroshooter is made by 2 main materials which are silicon for the outside cover and propylene for the inner component that hold the spring to act as the auto-recap function. The hydroshooter will be attached to the syringe by screw like component of attachment at the inner component.

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ID : tm3125512226

Chicken Eggshells (CHES) Membranes for Protein Separation

The synthesis of novel ultrafiltration membranes from chicken eggshells waste was addressed. The novel CHES-UF membranes is designed and developed by imtl@usim. From highly abundant chicken eggshells bio-waste, a special bio-active compound was synthesized via wet/dry chemical method.

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ID : tm3125812229

Bio-Based Shape Memory Polyurethane for Biomedical Applications

In this invention, bio-based shape memory polyurethane (SMPU) was produced using renewable resources available in Malaysia for diverse biomedical application. The production of bio-based SMPU from palm oil was done via two-step process involving prepolymer and polyurethane preparation with addition of MWNT. The unique combinations of hard and soft segments found in bio-based SMPU inspired to design and develop improved SMPU performance include synergistic combination of chemical, physical and biological properties.

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ID : tm3126212233

Amazing X-dent Box : A Protection to The Dental Technicians and Students

The amazing X-dent box is the protection to the dental technicians and dental student which protect them from short and long term disease (eg : allergy, asthma and lung cancer) causing by the hazardous particles form from trimming process. It has 2 compartments which is very user friendly.

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ID : tm3445515426

Cocoa Cosmeceutical for Anti-Ageing

This rejuvenating cocoa serum rehabilitation and repairs ageing skin through inhibition of collagenase, gradual decreasing of sels parameter and elevation of 6.82% of elasticity R7 value from 4.76%. Application has also increased the mean thickness of epidermis from 1.434 mm to 1.569mm (P<0.05).

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ID : tm3445615427

Kejora Smart Kool

Kejora Smart Kool ini dapat menurunkan panas
badan pada kanak-kanak dan bayi. Kanak-kanak
& bayi yang demam hanya perlu memakai baju
Kejora Smart Kool selama 30 minit. Panas di
badan akan diserap keluar oleh Kejora Smart

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ID : tm3516615793

Mimosa Extract With Aloe Gel Base

Mimosa Pudica extract with aloe vera gel as base used to facilitate wound healing.

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ID : tm3516815795

Smart Ward

Smart ward incorporates the smart iv drip indicator and smart noise alert system. The smart drip uses a non contact gravity liquid level sensor and iot to alert the nurses when it is time to change the IV bags. Smart noise alert system detects high noise level and flashes a message on the lcd screen.

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