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ID : tm2963610607

My-Care: 3N1 Oral Hygiene

Dental caries considered the most widespread infectious disease in the world. Plants used for traditional medicine contain a wide range of substances that can be used to treat chronic as well as infectious disease from one hand and inhibit the oral pathogens growth from the other hand.

Pekan Pahang

ID : tm2963810609

Mouthwash vs Op : Reality & Improvement

The evolution of microbes changes from time to time according to environmental changes as well. Due to these changes health care products (ex mouthwash) maybe was effective before against oral pathogens. We are using the plant extracts mouthwash mixture to improve the antimicrobial activity.

Pekan Pahang

ID : tm3513015757

Formulation of Safe Anti-acne Cream from Syzygium Aromaticum Extract

This product offers a new solution to avoid acne problems among teenagers. Using pure clove, it helps to inhibit the destructive cycle on skin which is a possible solution to overcome typical acne problem.

Pekan Pahang

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