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ID : tm3013411105

Fet-Bioelectronic for Cardiovascular Disease Detection

Fet-based biosensors is an electrical label-free technique, which offer new accommodations to medical applications. The majority charges can occur when a probe binds to a target biomolecule; hence, changes of electrical flow will occur within the sensing area. With the introduction of substrate gate, enhancement of the signal can be achieved for higher sensitivity of detection.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3016011131

Intelligent Diagnosing System for Voice Disorders

The intelligent diagnosing system for voice disorders is a non-invasive diagnosing system for early tracking and the treatment of the voice disorders with the aid of the speech signal recorded from the patients. The current invasive system has drawbacks namely, risky, expensive, time consuming, requires costly resources, and discomfort to the patients. The proposed system has a speech signal recording device (microphone) and processing system. The articulated sounds are recorded by a microphone and processed to diagnose the voice disorders.
The intelligent diagnosing system for voice disorders has been incorporated with digital signal processing and artificial intelligence which can diagnose the voice disorders. This system helps ENT specialists and speech therapists for early diagnosing of voice disorders. It can be easily configured to cover the needs of ENT clinicians and speech therapists by developing a user interactive tool. It can also be used as a device to study the voice quality of voice professionals such as singers, speakers, etc.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3018211153

Non-Invasive Sclera-Based Jaundice Detection System

A non-invasive, high reliability sclera-based Jaundice detection system which is lab-free i.e. does not requires clinical test with blood samples or other specialized equipment.

Arau Perlis

ID : tm3020311174

RFID Healthcare Item Tracking System (HITS)

Clinical engineers spend combing the hospital equipment that needs scheduled maintenance. Patients transport is often delayed when a wheelchair or gurney cannot be located. Therefore, the Item Tracking System (ITS) is an important potential application of RFID in healthcare and hospitals. The basis for the ITS, the tracking system, is made to be effective in dealing with searching of medical items and equipment during an emergency and because the tags are rewriteable, the cost of maintaining ITS is low. The direction that RFID technology is heading makes the ITS a viable addition to healthcare and hospitals around the world.

Arau Perlis

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