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ID : tm287849755

IS-Alignment Web-Scoreboard (IS-Award)

A web based survey tool to measure the current implementation of IS-Alignment in Malaysia Public Universities. It processes strategic users' feedback on IS-Alignment activities to become an index (IS-A Index), which predicts the IS effectiveness and weaknesses to be addressed. The calculation of IS-A Index is based on a validated mathematical model.

Segamat Johor

ID : tm3188412855

Wireless Switch Alarm Control

Wireless switch- alarm control is a multifunction switch can control any load up to 500 voltages using wireless remote control. Moreover than this, it can switch on and off the load at the adjust time. The system itself consist of transmitter circuit, receiver circuit, power supply and unit control.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3189212863

Universal Tracking And Navigation System (U-trac)

The Universal Tracking and Navigation System (U-trac) is a telematic based security and navigation solution that is aimed to be a formidable solution to any kind of vehicle positioning needs. Ultimately, the aim of the project is to be able to pinpoint, immobilize or remotely control the particular target vehicle. U-trac is a very wide open ended solution. However, this first prototype solution is to serve as the proof of concept. Generally, the first part of the system is the GSM-GPS devise that incorporates the Rabbit 8-bit microprocessor as the brain of the system that will make the GPS oncore receiver able to communicate with the Modem embedded within. The device will receive the GPS oncore receiver able to communicate with the Modem embedded within. The device will receive the GPS signal and then sent the SMSes at certain preset interval to the server system. Another device (coined as the GSM-FTP) developed with also the 8-bit Rabbit microprocessor will incorporate the usage of its TCP/IP feature to establish an FTP session each time instructional data from the server is sent or navigational data are received from the GSM-GPS devise. Through the FTP session which is being made possible via Ethernet connection, the device will upload the navigational SMSes to the databases. Graphical interpretion of the navigational raw SMS strings in the databases will be done by the web based GUI developed on the PHP platform. The GUI is expected to be able to track vehicle installed with the devise graphically by interpreting the navigational data stored in the database. Currently, it is proven that it can be used as a fleet management solution due to the capability of the GUI to display multiple target vehicle transmitting the SMS to the system. Studies are also being made to establish the system to work in the GPRS and UMTS infrastucture since it will significantly reduce the operational and deployment cost of the system. This proposed system however is still undergoing development to be deployed on a better platform as such better databases, microprocessor and web API in order to help increase the GPS accuracy, security of the data transaction as well as the robustness of the system.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3191012881

Tagme- Event Organizer System

Tagme - event organizer system is a web-based event management system that allow organizers to manage content for their event using this system. It provide all related functions that needed by an even manager in a web. Besides, it also mobile-ready for easy of a access by users.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3191112882

Sylver Scales Content Management System (Website Builder)

Sylevr Scales CMS is a website content management that can create a modern single-page and mobile ready website. It was developed to aid web designers to build a high quality website with the minimum time, knowledge and resources.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3191812889

Steganography System (SIS) : A Way To Hide Data From Hackers

A new algorithm is designed in order to hide data inside image using steganography technique. By applying the proposed algorithm, SIS (Steganography Imaging System) is developed in order to hide data inside the image.However, a secret key is generated using the proposed algorithm during the process of hiding the data. By using the secret key to retrieve the data, it maintains privacy, confidentiality and accuracy of the data. SIS can be used by various users who want to hide the data inside the image without revealing the data to other parties. Hackers cannot hack the data that is being hidden inside the image.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3191912890

Solat Jama' and Qasr Guidance Application on Mobile Phone

The product is a mobile application which is developed as a guidance to help users especially Muslim to learn on how to perform their religious duties and obligations during all circumstances regardless of location and time. The application content can be accessed via mobile phone with essential multimedia features such as interactivity, animation and audio. The developed application consists of modules containing details information about Solat Jama' and Qasr.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3192212893

Smart Simulator Tool for Wireless Sensor Network

The smart simulator for wsn is capable of running a simulation of up to 300 nodes with various scenarios. It can be used to predict the performance of wsn with various algorithms, logical topologies, radio energy model and node development capability. It can predict the performances of wsn.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3193212903

RESET - Reverse Engineering System Requirements Tool

Reverse Engineering is a very important process in Software Engineering. it can be performed backwards from system development life cycle (SDLC) in order to get back the source data or representations of a system through analysis of its structure, function and operations. We use reverse engineering to introduce an automatic tool to generate system's requirements from its program source codes. The tool is able to accept the C++ programming source codes, scan the source codes line by line and parse the codes to parser. Then, the engine of the tool will be able to generate system's requirements for that specific program. The purpose of producing the tool is to help recovering the system's requirements document (SRD) does not exist due to undocumented support of the system.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3194612917

Prototype Development Using Pulverized Palm Oil Based Fly Ash

Development of 3D Prototype has become significant in the manufacturing industry. However, 3D Printer is currently limited in the choice of materials and this involved high operating cost. The invention introduces new approach in developing an alternative mixed material (fly ash mixed with existing plaster-based powder) that can improve the existing practice with the aim to cut down the cost. The fly ash was pulverized and sieved to a certain particle size before it was mixed with the existing material.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3194812919

PRIS : A Secured Imaging System for Managing Criminal Cases


Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3196012931

Online Pavement Assessment & Management System (OPAMS)

Online Pavement Assessment & Management System(OPAMS) can provide the most effective pavement maintenance and rehabilitation with the economical budget. It is an integrated online database system for public users and highway agencies which provide the access to the existing pavement information; prioritize the maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction needs. Therefore, it can optimize the allocation of fund to ensure the long-term value.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3197412945

M-Triage - Mobile forensics tools for extracting and analysing data from damaged handphone.

M-Triage is a tool that performs triage examination on damaged android-based mobile phone. This tool is able to manage bad block, analyze and acquire evidence quickly and accurately. This tool also able to successfully reduce high number of false positive results using block hash filtering.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3197512946


This research is carried out to design and produce a teaching aid in a form of educational kit that can be used as a training system to help students understanding the concept of how robotic work using PLC programming. The research also focusses on the functionality and evaluation on the design aspect of the development product. This teaching aid supports 10 learning activities. Each activity can be used to test the output of the movement of the robotic parts whenever an input is applied to it. The finish product was evaluated based on its design and function using a verification form. The verification result showed that the educational multifunctional electronic robotic kit function according to the specification and fulfills the criteria of an effective teaching aid. It is also suitable to be used in any group activity.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3197912950

Mobile GPS with Prayer Times Synchronization in an Unfamiliar Area

This research presents the development of a mobile GPS system for muslims travellers, namely Jamatime. The system was developed using JAVA Micro Edition (ME) Software Development Kit (SDK) with POI database on PostgreSQL database platform. Jamatime alerts users 15 minutes prior to a prayer time and by using its interface, it asks if they want to be directed to the nearest mosque. The system can now assist muslim travellers in performing their daily prayers especially while travelling in an unfamiliar area.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3198012951



Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3198212953

Miniaturized Broadband Paper Based Substrate Antenna for Automotive Systems

A miniaturized C-band microstrip antenna embedded on sustainable paper materials has been designed for automotive systems. The optimization of the dipole element with slot embedded on the surface
of the proposed microstrip paper based substrate antenna has been carried out to have a broadband antenna. A novel algorithm has been developed based on Finite Element Method (FEM) to characterize the loss, bandwidth and beam positioning performance to be used for long range detection in automotive systems.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3198312954

Mini Digital Integrated Circuit (IC) Tester

The Mini Digital Integrated Circuit Tester is a cost effective solution for learning institution, students and hobbyist for testing the condition of commonly used digital logic IC. It is very easy to use as it can automatically detect the IC type and test it accordingly. It is equipped with a LCD display to show the type of the IC and whether it is faulty or not. This device is battery operated and combined with its small size thus, making it very portable.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3199312964

Kid Care Alarm Apps

Kid care alarm apps provide mechanism to warning parents if their kids is away from them by using a smart phone alarm. Alarm will be ringing when the kid moves more than range that has been specified earlier in the apps. The is done by using a beacon that connect with the phone bluetooth connection.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3200312974

Inacom : Impulsive Electromagnet Noise Analyzer For Data Communication

Inacom is an analyzer for the measurement and characterization of electromagnetic interference or noise generated by any electrical equipment. Inacom utilizes a programmable digitizer with an analysis software to evaluate the noise amplitude probability function (APD) and probability density function (PDF). The analyzer is useful for noise verification impact on degradation of data communication performance in terms of bit error probability (BEP).

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3200812979

High Performance Graphene Based Antenna for 5G Communications Technology

Graphene based antenna for 5G communications have been designed using rectangular patch elements for the design of printed antennas on dielectric substrates.

A broadband reflectarray antenna where graphene has been practically used for the first time as the conducting material. The conductivity of graphene has been predicted in the milimeter wave frequency range to be used for the X-band reflectarray antenna design.

The glass substrate where graphene has been used as conducting patch as well as ground plane provides better reflection loss of 2.4dB with 100MHz of 10% bandwidth. On the other hand Rogers 5880 and FR4 are shown to offer 3.4dB loss with 40MHz of bandwidth and 9.8dB loss with 60MHz bandwidth respectively.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3201612987

Fatigue Detector using Image Processing

Image processing is important to address some human's problem for technological solution in human's life. In this project a prototype is proposed for driver fatigue detection using 2 factors (eyelid blinking and yawning). The purpose of combining these two factors is to get better measurement of human's fatigue level. The image of human face is processed focusing on eYes and mouth. The rate of eyelid blinking and yawning will then be calculated to determine whether the human is fatigue or not. This invention is a technological solution to address some human problems such as accident prevention for cars or bussed due to the driver tiredness or sleepy during driving.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3202012991

eyeNOON : A Web Content Filtering System

The main purpose of eyeNOON is to assist parents and employers to avoid their children and employees from accessing inappropriate web pages without obtain their proper permission. EyeNOON is capable to perform its filtering ability by blocking the illicit web pages URL or IP addresses. The list URL and IP addresses will be updated from time to time. It also capable to learn and predict text pattern of web content either belong to healthy or illicit web content. This ability allows the knowledge of eyeNOON adaptively increase through minimum human interaction. The main advantage of this technique is cost saving for long term development especially the filtering knowledge maintenance. It allows the administrator user to define additional sites to be blocked. It also capable to track the web surfing activities of client users. The activities report of client users will be generated and send to administrator users. The administrator users will decide either block or keep tracking the web surfing activities.

Relevant Industries
- Internet censorship
- Unified Threat Management (UTM) security application

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3202312994

Evaluation of Physiotherapy Treatment Based on Fuzzy Logic (Lumbar Spine)

An "Evaluation of Theraphy Treatment on Lumbar Spine System" (ETTLSS) is an automated system which was developed using a Fuzzy Logic Technique. It is used to evaluate the performance of patients suffer from lumbar spine disease. The treatment Is evaluated by a therapist, based on several physical test such as posture body, movement loss and movement test. All the evaluation parameters will be used as fuzzy inputs to the inference engine of the fuzzy system. The resulting output will be the performancerate/level of patient.

Batu Pahat Johor

ID : tm3202412995

e-Smart Abacus

Abacus is a technique for learning mathematic operation. It makes learning more interesting. Traditional abacus is modeled and the prototype is developed. The e-smart Abacus operates such as electronic calculator but also visualizing the movement of the beads throughout the mathematical operation.

Batu Pahat Johor

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