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ID : tm3494515572

Mini Mobile Kitchen(MIMOX)

Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3498515612

Gravitational Potential Phone Charger

Gravity is one of the most potent forms of potential energy. Our project was designed to harness the energy stored in gravitational potential energy as efficiently as possible. Using a simple set of gears, we gear up the RPM of an input spindle to drive a generator, which can then charge phones, etc.

Bangi Selangor

ID : tm3499515622

One Tap Secure

Home is a place that we can gather around with our families. Nowadays, home are not safer enough for the society because of the burglary cases. That is why we come with a resolution by inventing One Tap Secure (OTS), a home security system that can help to create smart cities with low rate of burglary cases.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm3501115638

Mos-Ex Mosquito Extinguisher

Mos-ex is a safe mosquito extinguisher which is portable, eco-friendly, cost effective safe to use for humans. The invention works by the mosquito entering a ceramic pipe being attracted to the dark and cool environment and electrocuted once the motion sensor is activated.

Shah Alam Selangor

ID : tm3508815715



Jitra Kedah

ID : tm3514215769

Multipurpose Jacket

Its a jacket enclosed with a fordable raincoat that gives a buzz if its nearing an object. Has a special safety feature.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3515215779

Cap 2- Computer Aided Physiotherapy

Cap 2 is a computerized physiotherapy assistant system meant specially for disabled children. This system uses animation and sound to make physiotherapy more fun and exciting thus expedite the recovery process. Cap 2 comes with built in touchscreen and now support hand, leg and hand physiotherapy.

Puchong Selangor

ID : tm3516115788

Smart Access Automotive

Keyless entry system on vehicles are getting problematic, local radio frequencies disrupting, forgetful car owners lost their key fob, unreliable and causing security issues. Our invention "Smart Access Automotive: uses modern biometric sensors and software technologies to overcome the problem.

Jelutong Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3516715794

NFC Wallet

NFC wallet combines age old necessities and modern technology. Near filed communication is incorporated to be a smarter wallet. Tedious tasks such as answering or rejecting calls and storing contacts. A sensor is fixed to detect our bank cards too.

Seremban Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3516815795

Smart Ward

Smart ward incorporates the smart iv drip indicator and smart noise alert system. The smart drip uses a non contact gravity liquid level sensor and iot to alert the nurses when it is time to change the IV bags. Smart noise alert system detects high noise level and flashes a message on the lcd screen.

Seremban Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3517115798

EM Clothes Rack

The clothes rack can automatically retrieve-in the clothes when raining. This product turns electrical power into mechanical power for this purpose. The rain sensor can detect rain droplets during raining day and cause the circuit to complete which will activate the motor to retrieve in.

Sibu Sarawak

ID : tm3517515802 Project

To increase ICT awareness among the Kuantan communities.
- Increase ICT literacy rate by introducing internet to the community at the ground level.
- Increase computer usage amongst commuinty members by providing them a commonplatform to communicate, create contents and web enterprises.
- Make available a one-stop active community hub for better living with opportunities for lifelong learning, e-public and private services, e-health care and e-businesses.
- Inculcate a sense of belonging and leadership through the training and content development programme.

Kuantan Pahang

ID : tm3520315830

RESQ Canvas

RESQ Canvas has multiple functions during emergency. It is a wide and long canvas when unfold and can be zip up into small back pack. It has compartments for simple emergency kit, food storage and to keep documents. It has flashing LED lights, whistle to call attention and can float on water.

Kajang Selangor

ID : tm3520515832

Weight watcher

Weight watcher is designed to overcome the issues of overweight school bag. It consist of an acrylic structure and electronic parts to warn the children when their school bag exceed 10% of their body weight. It is light, small and user friendly. It can be fitted into various type of school bags.

Subang Jaya Selangor

ID : tm3520615833

Anti Static petrol pump nozzle

Land Transportation is the most important source of transports and the petrol station are the place where we depend for the fuel for our vehicles. We Innovated anti static petrol pump nozzle which can detect static charges on us and environment. The fuel will stop flow if any static detected.

George Town Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3521315840

S.M.A.R.T Garden

The self managing automated rain terrace (S.M.A.R.T) is a vertical garden that uses arduino uno and espresso lite v2.0 to produce a gardening system that requires no human interaction to function. S.M.A.R.T incorporates fertigation system, rain water harvesting, vertical gardening and IOT.

Seremban Negeri Sembilan

ID : tm3521415841

TSEG in E-Car

This project is targeted for those who are working day and night. Normal gasoline engine vehicles they need to refuel often and fro electrical car users, the cars battery wont store energy for long time and need to be charge often. Thus by using our invention we manage to save money and environment.

Butterworth Pulau Pinang

ID : tm3522315850

SJ2005 e-Business Excharge (e-BizX)

- To disseminate information, create awareness and promote business community in ICT adoption and knowledge for increase productivity and competitiveness.
- To facilitate tri-sectoral collaboration to create conductive e-business environment and development of e-business initiatives
-To forge cohesiveness and culture or networking and sharing amongst communities.

Subang Jaya Selangor

ID : tm3522615853

Waste Oil Transformer (WOT)

The WOT is a device to convert used cooking oil into liquid soap of PH9 with a push of a button. The frequent clogged drains and new of water pollution is our driving inspiration for this invention.The current model is a prototype primarily made of Lego tetrix part.

Bintulu Sarawak

ID : tm3522715854

Eco-Friendly ink

Our Eco friendly ink is made up of five natural elements namely salt, water, vinegar and a natural coloring substances ground coffee bean waste; brown ink, butterfly pa flowers; blue ink, turmeric powder; yellow ink, screw-pine leaves; green ink& beetroot; red. It is safe for everyone to use.

Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

ID : tm3522815855

No Latch

No Latch is a unique toilet door that use magnet to ensure door closed immediately after a person enter the toilet. Magnet are assembled on door framed. The red LED will light up if the toilet is used. 12v battery are used to light up the red LED.

Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

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