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ID : tm204081455

Sistem Pengurusan Kad Pintar Kampus Tanpa Wang (EDUPurS)

Sistem Kad Pintar Kampus (EDUPurS) menggabungkan fungsi yang mampu mentransformasikan setiap institusi pendidikan kepada institusi yang lebih berdaya maju dan berteknologi sesuai dengan visi memartabatkan institusi pendidikan Malaysia seiring dengan antarabangsa.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3074511716

STMAD:Semi-automated Tracking of Mitral Annular Displacement

Mitral annular displacement (MAD) in echocardiography has been described as a variation in the mitral annulus position between the end-diastolic and the end-systolic in a complete cardiac cycle. It can be used as an index of the left ventricle (LV) systolic function. The maximum displacement occurs during a complete cardiac cycle measured in millimetres for each side individually. This invention is based on automatic boundary detection of the LV wall motion. The border detection covers three main steps: first, speckle-noise reduction and image contrast enhancement. Second, extract the region of interest ROI (i.e. the LV myocardial wall) by using a global thresholding technique. Two morphological operators named 'erosion' followed by 'dilation' were used to increase the border detection accuracy. In the third step, Robert's edge detector was used to detect the ROI boundaries. Based on the detected border, the MAD was measured by computing the movement distance in two-consecutive images using the 'Euclidian distance' method. A semi-automatic tracking method was applied to 178 original 4-chamber views of 2D echocardiography images from seven different patients. The experimental results for this invention were compared with results that was obtained by using a tissue motion quantification (TMQ) Advanced plug-in technique using QLAB software (Philips Medical Systems). A qualitative assessment was done by visual observation by two experts in the field and the comparison scores showed that this invention method was 78 % and 85 % more acceptable in terms of representation and reliability respectively. A quantitative assessment was done using the Mann-Whitney test which found no significant difference between the two methods.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3074811719

Static Filter Range Selection Algorithm for Peer-to-Peer Network

Selection algorithm is used to find the shortest path and the closest server in the various network topology and environment, like star, hypercube, peer-to-peer network and parallel computing environment. In this project, a new selection algorithm, which is known as "Static filter range multiple selection algorithm" is proposed. This algorithm is based on the statistical knowledge about the uniform distribution nature of the data and arrange in certain order in the file. A global file with n keys is distributed evenly among p peers in the peer-to-peer network. Without exposing all the local keys of one peer to another, the selection algorithm is able to find the multiple target keys with predefined global rank in the network. The algorithm used a fixed filter approach in which the algorithm is able to make sure the target key is within certain filter range in each local file. The range is made smaller and smaller as the selection process iterates until all target keys are found. The algorithm is able to reduce the number of messages and the number of rounds needed and increase the success rate of all multiple selections in the section process compared to the previous multiple selection algorithms exist in the literature.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3075611727

Smart Travel Package Recommendation System

Smart Travel Package Recommendation System is a web-based application, which is a safe platform design to allow users/tourists to search for travel packages that are under promotion. This system also allows travel agencies to promote their current latest packages promotion. Besides, users/tourists are able to search, view, and give feedbacks on the travel agents'page. The uniqueness of this product compared to other existing systems is that the injection of the Preference Evaluation techniques into this product's searching method (Top-K, Skyline, Top-K Dominating, K-Dominance, and K-Frequency). Each of these techniques has their own specialty in sorting the final results that are based on user preferences. Existing products that utilized traditional searching/recommendation method would be delayed in terms of the processing time in providing the information needed and users in today's fast-paced world would find this aspect unattractive and this would lead to frustration in users using the search engines. In addition, most of the existing search engines/information recommendation systems would recommend information that is not personally relevant since their searching/recommendation method is based on keywords or indexing methods instead of the preferences and needs of users. Furthermore, the information extracted during searching/recommendation is typically ranked inappropriately, and no data analysis is performed on the information thus misleading users in making the final decision. Meanwhile, from the perspective of the data owners, this is such a hindrance to their business too since the traditional searching method would rank the search result based on the hit counter of a web page. This would mean that web pages that have low hit counter would be listed at the bottom (or worse, not listed at all) of the search results page, even if the web page might have a chance of being what the user actually wanted.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3076511736

Scalable and Efficient Prime-based Method for Interactive Mining of Frequent Patterns

Knowledge discovery or extracting knowledge from large amount of data (KDD) is a desirable task in various applications like competitive businesses, World Wide Web, weather prediction, biological science, spatiotemporal systems etc. Meanwhile, frequent pattern mining plays an important role in KDD process. However, determining an appropriate value for minimum support threshold to find proper patterns is extremely difficult. This is because appropriateness depends on type of the application and expectation of the user. Moreover, in some real time applications such as competitive business, finding new correlations between patterns by changing the minimum support threshold is very useful. Obviously rerunning mining algorithms to find frequent patterns from scratch is very costly and time consuming. In this research, we propose a new method based on prime number and its characteristics which can capture the content of transaction databse with one databse scan. It fits "build once mine many" principle which means once the mining model is built; it can be interactively mined many times without databse rescanning and restructuring of mining model.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3078311754

Quantum Algorithm Processing Unit (QAPU)

The Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) is the processor of quantum computer that is able to do quantum computations. However, there has been no QPU to run these algorithm yet. Our project was to enchance understanding of the potential for growth in this field and come out with Quantum Algorithm processing Unit (QPU) which is capable to execute the quantum algorithms. This is plan is used to increase the implementation performance of quantum algorithms. In particular, this quantum processor can be used as a quantum node to design a quantum multicomputer or a quantum part parallel with the classical part of algorithm. The main objective undertaken in this project was to design a processor of the quantum computer which is capable to execute quantum algorithms. A general plan was therefore needed in order to simulate and design the architecture for the quantum algorthms. First the existing quantum algorithms were analyzed. The relationship between the classical and quantum parts of the hybrid algorithms was then extracted. Then, the main stages of the hybrid architecture was implemented and simulated for the existing quantum algorithms. Finally the quantum circuit of the quantum algortihms. Finally the quantum circuit of the quantum algorithm processing unit was designed and implemented.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3079111762

Program Celik Bahasa Kebangsaan

The program aims to enhance the knowledge of the basic grammar of the Malay language among teachers and expend knowledge regarding PNP materials searching using google, efficient essay writing techniques, identification of grammatical errors and methods of information transfer.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3079911770

Precison Farmer

Geographic Information System (GIS) is an important tool in agriculture and has essential use in field management. Precision farming technique provide better management tools to increase the yield as well as reduce inputs and minimize the environmental impacts. This research develops a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for field crops management. It helps to reduce the environmental hazards and potentially facilities the global food security.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3080711778

Phonic Tutor Software for Visual Dsylexia Students

Dsylexia Students are likely to be slower in learning than other children that they are placed in special classes to allow them learn better. Dyslexia tools for learning should be used to educate them but to date there has been no learning tool for dyslexic students in Bahasa Malaysia. Therefore, this project was created to specifically creating Phonic Tutor Software for Dyslexia Students in Bahasa Malaysia. It is also to establish suitable spelling guideline based on Orton-Gillingham Phonogram Set for visual dyslexia students.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3081211783

Parallel Computation for LUC Cryptosystem on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors Machine

Cryptosystem based on Lucas Function is known as LUC Cryptosystems. Lucas Function is a special form of second order linear recurrence relation using a large public integer as a modulus.We are sure that, an existing computation technique will suffer a huge computations time and spaces when calculating a very large size of public-key and private-key. Recently, a method for fast LUC Cryptosystems computation on single processor has been proposed. In this paper, we extend the method in parallel on distributed memory multiprocessor machine using message-passing interface. We are generating a special sequence will be used to direct the computation of LUC. We examine the parallelism efficiency of the algorithm by analyzing the simulation time and speedup.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3085811829

Mobile IPv6 - The Latest Network

This invention is related to a mobile with enhanced router that offers a better and secured on-line experience in interactive programs, video streaming and data communications.
The internet is a worldwide, publicly accessible system of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using standard Internet Protocol (IP). The internet has brought along with a new way of doing business and in leisure.
IPv6is intended to provide more addresses for network devices with some features as larger address space (128bits), signaling security (IPsec), seamless mobility support, stateless auto-configuration of hosts and multicast. Mobile IPv6 allows roaming of users seamlessly from one network to another.
Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) mechanism requires some handover algorithm when it changes its point of attachment in the internet. This causes MIPv6 to incur long delays and high signaling load to the backbone networks and the attendant packet loss.

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ID : tm3093211903

External Device Recognition System

A system for educating security and hacking skills.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3094811919

Direct Block Software for Solving Higher Order Ordinary Differential Equations

The HODEs Software is able to solve the higher order systems of ODEs directly. The code is suitable for solving the non stiff and mildly stiff higher order differential systems. It will estimate the solutions of initial value problems at two points simultaneously in a block

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3096211933

CyberRegs: A Usage Control Model for Academies

We developed a monitoring system called CyberRegs to protect digital intellectual property. This system control the access to academic materials provided at any learning institute and their usage based on user types, individual users, and group users, as well as the time and duration of access.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3097211943

Collaborative Agent-based Tool to Manage Knowledge in Software Maintenance Environment

SCAT is a agent tool to manage knowledge in software maintenance (SM) activities, formulated based on an established Knowledge Management System (KMS) framework fro collaboarative SM. It enables both users and software maintainers to automate the process of capturing and sharing of both domain knowledge and SM process knowledge. With this tool, users and maintainers shall benefits from systematic organization of knpwledge and also promote automation and integration of systems to support SM processes.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3097311944

CHEK Proxy Framework (CPF)A client/Server Architecture with Dynamic and Transparents Middle

There is disclosed a client / server digital computing network architecture that works in a three-tier environment and having a dynamic middle-tier configuration. In the three-tier architecture of the present invention, a middle tier is added between the user (client) and the central server. The middle-tier is adapted to be dynamic for flexibility to handle a large number of users and to address the issues of bandwidth utilization and network congestion in an efficient, effective and transparent manner. In the present invention, a client workstation is selected to be dynamic proxy where a Dynamic Application Proxy Server (DAPS) within the client workstation ios adapted to handle and serve request from subsequent remote clients on behalf of the central server, and provides the only connection to a Server Application in a central server. This invention effectively delegates all client request to the DAPS while freeing the central server to conduct other more specific operation.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3100411975

An Adaptable Decentralized Business Process Execution Engine

Business processes in service oriented architecture (SOA) are run using an orchestrate engine. Running a huge number of business processes under a centralized orchestrate engine result in degrading the run-time environment abilities. There are many researches on decomposing or segmentizing business processes in run-time, some of which attempts to decompose a business process to its building activities, while others break business process parts to sub flows or segments. Decomposing a business process to its building activities will lead to a large number of activity agents in run time and subsequently leads to more resource consumption and run-time system degradation. Segmentation commensurate with run-time enviroment requirements. In this work we introduce an intelligent process distributin )IPD) method (in Fig. 1) to increase business process adaptability with run-time enviroment; to choose the best granularity for segments as well as encapsulating them in agents; and to decrease resource consumption due to reduces number of agents and messages.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3100511976

An Accelerated Over-Relaxation Quarter-Sweep Point Iterative Method: A Fast Poisson Solver

Partial differential equations are very important equations in science. They are in the center of mechanical engineering, electrostatics, theoretical physics, thermal conduction, fluid mechanics and many scientific problems. Mostly, they are very hard or even impossible to solve analytically. That is why usually iterative methods are used to obtain fast, but approximate solution. This research deals with the Poisson equation, which is one of the representatives of elliptic PDE's. The project considers fast iterative methods to solve the equation and studies different techniques and strategies to enhance them. As the result of deep analysis, different implementations and improvements, the new AOR quarter-sweep point iterative method was developed. The experimental result and numerical complexity analysis have shown the new method to be much faster than the existing counterparts. The new method can be applied in mathematical software as a tool for solution of Poisson equation, which improves the research in the related fields.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3101411985

A Voice Control Assisted Surgery System

A Voice Control Assisted Surgery system is provided with a voice activated control apparatus which permits precise control of one or more system variables by means of voice commands uttered by the surgeon while doing the operation procedure. When a system variable or any changes of mode is needed, specific commands uttered by the surgeon with pre-established acoustic threshold level will activate the system. Any value of one or more system variables can be identified and appropriate data stored in a memory database will permit the one or more systems variables to return to an identified value or state with a single voice command. The system variables include raw and pre-processing data medical images, text data patient and instruction for image processing and image visualization.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3101711988


Delay in a software project may result in the loss of a market opportunity or the postponement of a dependent project. Therefore, software project managers take various steps to ensure that their project is completed on time, such as adding new members to the project team. However, adding new manpower to a delayed project may cause a negative impact on the team's productivity due to assimilation time, training overhead and communication overhead. Consequently, project managers have difficulty in making the decision on whether or not to add new members to the team. Thus, this research aims to examine whether a significant schedule improvement can be achieved with consideration of the new manpower's capabilities, skills and experience. A System Dynamics Model is proposed to simulate the behaviour of a project's progress when new members are added. The proposed model was evaluated through experiments using two types of case studies. The results of the experiments indicate that a significant schedule improvement of a late project can be achieved if people with certain levels of personnel factors are added to the project.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3101911990

A QoS-Support Mobility Management Approach in Wireless Network

Design of mobility management protocols stands out as an important challenge in integrating wireless networks into the IP-based Internet, especially when such networks are deployed for Real-Time applications. We present a new hierarchical model for intra-domain mobility management with QoS support for the wireless access network. The scheme has the advantages of robustness, scalability, load balancing and fast handover. Simulation result of our model indicate that it provides good handover performance in the presence of multiple QoS classes of applications.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3103112002

A Host Mobility Support with Adaptive Network Selection Method in Hybrid Wireless Environment

The B3G or 4G of cellular/wireless communications network is expected to be purely IP-based and consist of heterogeneous access networks from 3G cellular, WiFi, WiMAX and a converged core network. To support the mobile host in the hybrid overlay wireless, a cross-layer vertical handoff control method has been proposed. Implemented architecture is composed of four parts; Connection Profile Manager (CPM), Network Access Assistance (NAA), Neuro-Fuzzy Decision Engine (NFDE), and Peer-bind Connection Manager (PCM). The most effective connection is selected based on the attributes from the multi-layer platform that provided handoff decision component which is responsible for handoff decision. The proposed network selection algorithm is based on hybrid neuro-fuzzy concept with low packet loss and latency. We have analyzed our implemented model on different scenarios. Results of the experiment indicate the advantages of the proposed scheme.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3103412005

A Framework for Forensic Investigation of Symbian Mobile O.S

We developed a toolkit called Live Symbian Forensic Analyzer which gathers data that cannot be retrieved by forensic tools. Providing the fastest and at the same time the safest way to recover the required items from Symbian OS phones i.e. Nokia E5-00, this toolkit involves minimum interactions with the investigator. Furthermore, provided that the toolkit is signed by Symbian, it is capable to be run on tremendous mobile phone models.

Serdang Selangor

ID : tm3103512006

A Fast Electromagnetic Solver using Half-sweep and Quarter-sweep Approaches in Source Free Region

Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) method has become a very important tool in computational electromagnetic. Recently, there is other formulation, the scalar wave-equation finite-difference time-domain (WE-FDTD), that can potentially be used as an electromagnetic solver. Unlike the conventional FDTD, the scalar WE-FDTD allows computing other field components. Therefore, significant savings in the computational time and memory storage can be achieved. In this project, we presented a fast solver for the solution to the electromagnetic problems based on the scalar WE-FDTD method using two approaches: half-sweep and quarter-sweep approaches. The half-sweep and quarter-sweep of the scalar WE-FDTD methods offer a big potential as an electromagnetic solver for any problems offer that can be simulated by the time-domain Maxwell's equations. The methods improve its numerical stability and reduce the simulation time to nearly a half and quarter if compared to the conventional FDTD method.

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ID : tm3428215253

Sistem Pengenalan Ternakan Menggunakan Frekuensi radio

Sistem pengenalan ruminan menggnakan teknologi radio frekuensi.

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