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ID : tm3131412285

xGTWay: Parallel Java Unit Testing Execution Tool with Task Resumption Facility

Unlike existing execution tools, xGTWay has the following unique features: supports parallel and automated unit test execution for Java programs and supports resumption facility, that is, upon interruption, the overall test execution need not start from the beginning. It integrates seamlessly with t-way automated test data generator. It also adopts intuitive look-and-feel GUI.

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ID : tm3136112332

Open Architecture personal computer-numerical controller (OAPC-NC)with an efficient reference-pulse CNC interpolator

PC-Based controller has penetrated the CNC systems. Among the advantages of PC-Based systems are: open platform, information handling for improved analysis of manufacturing system, built-in communication, improved programming and integration into enterprise systems for `e-manufacturing` implementation.

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ID : tm3137112342

NCMEM: Indigenous Biomedical Lateral Flow Membrane

Ncmem, a novel lateral flow membrane that by nature exhibits high binding capacity, fast laterial wicking speed and low background staining. It is appeared as the most important material used in immunodiagnostic strip, that translate to swift detection of fatal diseases, which then help to save lives.

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ID : tm3139612367

JTst : A Parallel and Automated Java Unit Testing Tool

Although covering as much as 25 to 35 percent of the software development costs, current software testing practise is still based on highly manual processes from the generation of test cases (i.e. from the specification documents) up to the actual execution of the test. These manually generated test cases are sometimes execuated using ad hoc approach, typically requiring the construction of a test driver for the particular application under test. The construction of a test driver is tedious, prone and cumbersome as it puts extra burden to test engineers especially if the test cases are significantly large. In order to meet market demands and deadlines for more software functionalities, test engineers are alo under pressure to test increasing lines of code (i.e. to maintain the required level of quality).

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ID : tm3140312374


The trafic on a network is generated by hundreds of devices and thousands of software drivers and applications. Without the proper tools that can interpret , analyse and display network traffic and related problems, a network administrator is limited to the time-consuming trial and error method to identify a problem. With a network analyser application, auch problems can be immediately detected and solved.

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ID : tm3141312384

Gen 2 Passive RFID System with Range Variation for Digital Smart Community Platform

The first locally made EPC Class1 Gen2 Passive Reader has been successfully developed. The system can detect within the range up to 7 meters using UHF 919MHz-923MHz. Multiple range system is focusing on digital smart community system that is fully served by digital infrastructures and other digital facilities, such as computers, servers, databases etc, such that all personal services, inventory of equipments and delivery of reports, all can be carried out through digital network infrastructures, computers, fixed and mobile communications in the passive UHF RFID system markets, which could lead to lower costs for end user. It has good protocol, anti collision, offer better range and can transfer data faster. By connecting the reader to PC and other devices via stated interfaces, the integrated device can be used for many kinds of RFID applications. This system, could be easily modified to suit a variety of need such as for Car Park System, Time and Attendance, Smart Clinic System, Electronic Toll Collection System, Smart Library System and Reward Card System.

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ID : tm3144412415

Computational Tools for Non Linear Dynamics Analysis of Membrane Structures

This is a computational tool that is : Able to find the initial equilibrium shape of a membrane structure. With this tool, a structural engineer can carry out analyses to determine if the shape of a membrane structrue designed by an architect is structurally feasible and what modification is required, if needed. Able to check for structural adequency of a membrane structure under static and dynamic loadings.

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