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ID : tm204141461

Compact Solar Water Heater With Thermal Battery

The 4th generation solar water heater is combined with high efficiency rechargable thermal heat storage battery. The battery is using the technology of latent heat storage by phase change material. The field test is proven higher performance of this model in comparison with the conventional models.

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ID : tm287219692

Microstrip Patch Antenna With Unsymetrical Feedline

Embodiments of the present invention relate to antennas for wireless communications, and more particularly, to a microstrip patch antenna suitable for ultra wide band in wireless communication applications.

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ID : tm287229693

Methods And Apparatus For Recognizing Arabic Handwritten Characters

Embodiments of the present invention relate to a methods and apparatus for recognizing handwritten characters, and more particularly, to a methods and apparatus for recognizing handwitten characters by image compression.

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ID : tm287419712

An Arabic Transliteration Tool

The present invention relates to a transliteration tool and wherein more particularly the present invention relates to an Arabic transliteration tool.

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ID : tm287439714

A Unique Class (Quranic Al-Muqataat) Encryption Cryptograph

The present invention relates to a unique class encryption cryptograph and more particularly the presnt invention relates to a Quranic Al-Muqataat encryption cryptograph

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ID : tm2922110192

Kids world: Learning in 3D multimedia virtual environment.

Kid?s world is a multimedia learning system in virtual environment for pre-school education. This system involves the construction of 3 D virtual Environments. This research investigates virtual reality techniques and multimedia dements in virtual environment. It focuses on how 3D VE and support preschool education. Kids world is a system to teach the pre-school children to learn and get to know the name of the object around them.

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ID : tm2922510196

Wireless application converter

This project introduces the development of wireless application converter (WAC) using transformation modeltechnique. WAC architecture is a client-server architecture. The objective is to segmentation the internet content to be viewed in wireless devices. This project introduces the development of wireless application converter (WAC) using treansfermation model technique. Transformation model applies a series of transformation to charge 9 specification into a deliverable system.

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ID : tm2922610197


In our daily life, we protect our data using encryption. Unfortunately, sending encrypted messages or files usually will draw the attention of third parties sausing attempts to break and reveal the seecret messages. In this digital era, steganography is introduced as an alternative to protect our confidential information by embedding a secret message into a cover-medium so that the presence of the secret message is unnoticeable in a communication channel.

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ID : tm2923310204

Visual Auditory Simulation Technique (VASTech) in Promoting On-Task Behaviour of Children

Learning requires all learners to pay attention to what they are learning. It is therefore particularly important for learners to be on-task whenever learning task are performed (ormrod,2003). Young children with inattention problems will find difficulty in concentrating on a task, do not finish what they start, do not listen and always lose things (Lerner,2003). Children with special needs, especially those with Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD)or Attention Deficit Hyperactirity Disorder (ADHD) are especially prone to lack of attention span and thus they are found to be off-task at most time during the process of learning.

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ID : tm2923610207

Use of Visual Auditory Simulation Technic (VASTech) in promoting On-Task Behaviour of Children

This study aims to develop a courseware using visual auditory simulayin technique (VASTech) that incorporates multimedia flash to systematically foster the attention in promoting the on-task behaviour of normal (3-6 years chronological) and special children (7-12 years chronological). The system comprises 3 modules, namely, the beginner, the intermediate and the advance. The system development adopts the incremental (module to module) approach and prototyping technique to buil learners' attention. Each module consists of 5 games. Each game differs from one to anathor in terms of the time frame needed to complete the game and its nature of complexity.
The duration for each game will be set in an incremental basics, which means in Module 1, Game 1 will last for 1 minute, Game 2 will last for 2 minutes, Game 3 for 3 minutes, Games 4 will last for 4 minutes and Games 5 will last for 5 minutes. Each subsequent game will advance 1 minute from the previous game. The purpose of setting the short timeframe in an incremental basis is to allow gradual and systematic training of enchancing learners' attention while performing the activities. Also, researchers in the area of attention have relied quite heavily on speeded task (Balota & Marsh, 2004). Using the visual and auditory simulation technique, this system blends the multiple intelligences theory with the multisensory approach in the instructional design to form a holistic system to buil the attention and to tap on the time taken by normal young children (3-6 years chronological) and special children (7-12 years chronological) in engaging the given tasks. Hence, this is a study that combines theory with relevant approach and to be conducted in an applied setting.

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ID : tm2925810229

Testing Your Creative And Critical Thinking Simultaneously

The self-assessment computer-based Creative-Critical Test (CCT) contains 25 items, used to measure respondents creative and critical thinking style. When a respondent responds to the CCT test, his thinking style, as well as the strengths, weaknesses and some suggestions to his styles will be presented by a computer programme instantly. The end product of this project includes: (1) a CD which contains the CCT test, (2) a test description booklet, and (3) a thinking style reference book written by the test developer.

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ID : tm2925910230

Telemedicine In Your Hand

The use of telemedicine presently is generally carried out in a consultation room format where data and images are sent from a primary treatment centre to a specialist at a tertiary centre. This concept often is not ideal in emergency situations as experts cannot always be in a hospital or near the vicinity. We propose a special-purpose hand-held device that allows the transmission of medical images and wave-forms for urgent consultations irrespective of the location of the expert. We have validated MMS images sent,and have published our initial work in the Journal of Trauma (Apr 2008). Besides, we validated multiple images in a video format which are transmitted either in MPEG format for MMS or email.
In additional, patient data privacy during transmission and storage is protected by a security program installed in the device.Our program also allows archiving of medical records to reduce storage cost and legal purposes. The program employs a patented algorithm for image processing.Our research team has been awarded two research grants on this project.

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ID : tm2926110232

System for Athletic Training and Simulation

This is a training system for athletes that simulates a real athletic operating environment characterized by a training area. A position tracking means the tracking positions of the plurality of athletes, producing positioning data of each athlete and transmitting the said positioning data to a processing means. The processing means receiving and processing the positioning data to generate output signals. A sound generating is to receive the said output signals to produce an audible frequency to simulate the real athletic operating environment. A plurality of light emitting means receiving the said output signals to emit a plurality of light beams or images onto the training area to guide each athlete to a designated position of the said training area.

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ID : tm2926410235

Stegobeta - Hidden Message Writing Methods

StegoBeta is a system that employs information hiding technique which is able to hide the occurrence of the communication. StegoBeta is able to conceal any secret content into an image format without arousing suspicion to the others. StegoBeta fulfills the ease of use and provides high security through a set of complex backed algorithm that secures the information from intruders. This system targets the parties who have intention to secure the process of data exchanging. For instance, the implementation of StegoBeta in academia is able to ease the process of examination evaluation when duplication and saving of an extra examination question is not allowed. Besides, StegoBeta is able to work as an alternative storage to store personal information such as PINs, photos and other sensitive information. StegoBeta has applied a novelty algorithm in performing information hiding and it is able to operate in heterogeneous operating system and wireless environment.

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ID : tm2927410245

Smart emergency Vehicle Preemption (SEVP) System Based on A-Star Algorithm, GPS/GSM and Xilinx Micro blaze FPGA

Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) is asystem taht intervenes in the normal opreation of traffic control systems to grant emergency vehicles to pass through. Conventional EVP relies on short range ligher responce time is expected when the blockage ahead is not preepted due to this short range signals transmitted by the emergency vehicle. A short range signals only to trigger one light intersection.

Therefore, smart Emergency Vehicle Preemption (SEVP) is proposed to overcome these drawbacks by granting green lights to more than one intersection within the distance or threshold set. Positioning technique and A-star (A*) shortest path algorithm is used in the proposed system to permit the system to control and to calibrate road traffic light system using wireless communications installed on emergency vehicles and traffic intersections.

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ID : tm2928110252

Remote 3D ? visualization for surgery

Visual aid for surgery planning & diagnostic.

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ID : tm2932110292

Orbit Satellite Receiver System

Details on the invention:
1.Employs a dual polarized micro-strip array antenna for the design of high efficiency space time code
2.Provide high diversity and multiplexing gain to wireless communication
3.Associated with MIMO systems (multiple-input-multiple-output)
4.Make use of Orthogonality of the received antennae to design a space time code offering high diversity gain even in the absence of local scatterers
5.Offers significant improvement in receiver performance

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ID : tm2934910320

Mobile To Server Face Recognition

This is a mobile application for face recognition which deploys server to submit and retrieve information of the person's image using mobile phone. this project is developed using Matlab, Tomcat, ecilipse and J2ME technology. K562 leukemia cell line.

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ID : tm2935310324

Microsoft Access Audiometry Programme

Details on the programme:
1.It is a menu driven programme which will record audiometry results for workers in the workplace or clinics of Occupational Health Physician
2.Stores the information of the individual workers; their baseline, and annual audiometry results
3.Able to generate individual results as required under FMA (Noise Exposure) Regulation
4.Able to generate group summary results with degree of bi-aural impairment and whole person impairment
5.Report generated using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel

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ID : tm2935510326


We use object-oriented design metrics to quantify particular characteristics of object-oriented system such as quality. Object-oriented design metrics can be ue=sed as guidelines for when to refactor. Refactoring can improve the quality of a software system as measured by a variety of object-oriented design metrics such as depth of inheritance tree and number of classes but knowing which refactoring choices should be implemented is the key.MetriSoft plug in for Eclipse unlike other tools provides the capability of recommending different refactoring techniques based on configurable safe range for each object-oriented design metrics. Violatingmetrics reports can be created by setting upper and lower bounds in the safe range. MetricSoft plug in for Eclipse provides a comprehensive range of object-oriented design metrics. The supported metrics include specialization index, depth of inheritance tree, number of methods, number of static attributes, number of packages and number of classes.

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ID : tm2937510346

IRSIM Simulation Software

IRSIM stands for Intelligent Robot Simulation program. It is an integrated decision support tool combining a discrete-event, simulation, geometric simulation, heuristic layout design and scheduling in one package. IRSIM is valuable decision making model for configuring a new manufacturing system or improving an existing one. It is particularly for flexible manufacturing system.

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ID : tm2938910360

HyPro E Hyper theading Processing Engine

This invention present a framework and solution to improve the efficiency of the authorization processing of credit card transactions using multi theading and shared memory pool techniques. A prototype has been developed to overcome the slow sequential of a single theaded model.

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ID : tm2940110372

Halal RF Validator

This invention focused on validating Halal status on food products by using RFID. The authentic Halal Logo can be easily Validated because every inlet is identified with its own unique ID number. RFID reader will be placed on the food rack lanes for customers to validate the Halal Status.

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ID : tm2942510396

EvoFNS Toolbox: A Generic Classification Modelling Tool

EvoFNS Toolbox is generic classification modeling tool used for constructing fuzzy classification systems from data using hybrid evolutionary-fuzzy approach. It allows using the advantages of the both the fuzzy system and evolutionary algorithms in an easy way to create a more powerful technique.EvoFNS Toolbox is mainly composed of two modules; these two modules generate and optimize the classification accuracy and the interpretability optimization process are achieved through multi-objective genetic algorithms techniques. As TS fuzzy system is highly accurate, the first module is better used for prediction while Mamdani fuzzy system, being more interpretable, the second module can be better used for data analysis and knowledge discovery ( data mining tool)

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ID : tm2943610407

End-to-End Short Messaging Services (SMS) Security Using A Hybrid Technique Of NTRU and AES-Rijndael

SMS is a very popular and easy to use communications technology for mobile phone devices. Originally, this service was not designed to transmit secured data, so the security was not an important issue during its design. This research aims to propose and and to develop and alternative solution that provides and end-to-end SMS security application layer solution that guarantess confidentiality, authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation security services. The proposed solution must achieve all required cryptographic operations independently of the mobile network operator or service provider without any additional hardware or any nagative effects on mobile phone device performance.

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