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ID : tm3002911000

Computed Tomography Simulation Software

This simulation software is a tool to assist and expedite the learning process in Computed Tomography (CT). The
software is capable of performing the forward modeling based on the pre-defined image reconstruction algorithms
and sensor array arrangements.
Conventionally, to design and develop the tomography system, the mathematical modeling of the sensor projections
are needed in order to determine the suitable image reconstruction algorithm as well as estimating the image
reconstructed on the image plane. This process is time consuming and involves complex mathematical calculations.

Kangar Perlis

ID : tm3003711008

Modified Double Weight (MDW) Code for Ocdma FTTH Network using FGPA Based

Modified Double Weight (MDW) code is a DW code family variation that has variable weights of greater than two. This code possesses numerous advantages including the efficient and easy code construction, simple encoder/decoder design, existence for every natural number n, ideal cross-correlation ( = 1) and higher SNR. A new design of encoder and decoder proposed has a great potential to become one of the optical communication transmitters and receiver system because the code can be easily selected and applicable to any code in OCDMA systems and signals can be transmitted for long distances up to 100 km, which is the maximum distance for Local Area Network application (eg. Fiber To The Home (FTTH)).

Kangar Perlis

ID : tm3004111012

New Detection Technique Using RANDOM DIAGONAL (RD) Code For FTTH Network

Recently, many researchers are proposed Fiber-to-the home (FTTH) for area network. Their proposals are based on complementary detection technique. This invention proposed the novel FTTH structures based on the RANDOM DIAGONAL (RD) code in metropolitan area network environment using a newly proposed spectral direct detection technique. One of the important properties of this code is that the cross correlation at data segment is always zero, which means that Phase Intensity Induced Noise (PIIN) is reduced. The results which are obtained mainly from the experimental simulation works are presented. In the simulation analysis, the study will be focused on the point-to-point network using the RD code. The results are taken from the studies on the effect of distance, bit rate, and input power. Finally, the overall FTTH system cost and complexity can be reduced because of the less number of filters used in spectral direct detection technique especially for high number of users.

Kangar Perlis

ID : tm3005111022

ZCC-OCDMA Code for Multi-Service Home Gateway Based on FTTH Access Network

In this project, a new zero correlation has been developed and applied in FTTH-based home gateway to carry triple play services. The code has been designed in such a way to reduce Multiple Access Interference among users. This code demonstrates a better performance compared to other coding systems.

Kangar Perlis

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