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ID : tm3167012641

Wireless Mimo Beamforming System With Polarization Diversity

The wireless communication system has growing rapidly with new technologies nowadays. This is due to requirement of better communication performance. In order to increase the wireless channel capacity, the researchers has come out with new technology called MIMO system. Further improvement on the system performance is introduced in this project by implementing polarization diversity into wireless MIMO system.

The electromagnetic field is design to be more focus in dedicated angle of multi-beam. This has been done by integrating beam-forming network to the system. The channel capacity of the system has been improved overall to 12 bit/s/Hz.

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ID : tm3167212643

WiND : Wireless Information for Next Destination

Traveling comfortably by public bus in Malaysia is debatable subject, mainly because of the limited knowledge handy to users navigating through the public transportation system.

WiND offers the simplest solution for on-board passengers with the one information they require the most:the next destination. Passengers will be notified of their next destination once they board the bus and will be further notified when they arrive at every bus stop.

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ID : tm3167312644

Web Based Maintenance Decision Support System for Small and Medium Industries

In general, the maintenance system is designed to assist in the planning, management, and administrative functions required for effective maintenance. These functions include generating, planning and reporting of work orders; the development of tracery history; and the recording of parts. In order to improve the effectiveness of the units, maintenance decision support system (DSS) extremely needed to simplify the maintenance management process and to reduce the time needed to make a maintenance decision. The proposed application focuses on maintenance decision support system for data analysis in small and medium industries (SMI) using web based concept. The problems are based on the factors that influence the effect of machinery failure. The objective is to design and develop DSS modules with some algorithm extension for implementing the problems factors into decision making models, which are Decision Making Grid (DMG) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The information gathered mainly via SMIs raw data collection, interviews on SMIs and internet resources for system develop. The result is shown that the most appropriate maintenance strategy and maintenance decision can be determined to follow from each combination of problems factors. Next, SMIs can implement this system to support their maintenance decision process.

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ID : tm3167412645

Web Based Dynamic Similarity Distance Tools (WEBSDT)

The WEBSDT is a platform to recognize real time data such as images through similarity distance algorithms and Mean Average Precision(MAP). This WEBSDT provide many size input data and potentially be used by industries or researchers by embedded into applications, products or machines.

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ID : tm3167812649

UTeM Water Valve Controller (Uwavac)

The water valve controller is a stand alone product that can control the opening and closing of a plastic water valve. It uses the concept of an alarm clock whereby the valve will open to allow water flow for certain time duration (programmable) and then closes to wait for the next alarm time.The system comprises a number of electronic components such as the PIC as the microcontroller, 7 segments to display time, resistors, transistors, switches and a hobby servo motor.

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ID : tm3168212653


Trustcrawler is capable in generating the degree of trustworthiness of information. It aims to educate and make the public users aware of the level of trustworthiness of information, hence developing informed and ethical users of media content.

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ID : tm3168912660

The Development of Mobile Based Family Health Encylopedia

The development of Mobile based Family Health Encyclopedia (MoBHe) provides an automated solution based on the methods and methodologies in a mobile application development and it is new way delivering medical information to different target user. Furthermore mobile health encyclopedia application provides a anew way of information management for health care professional such as symptom, treatment and medication. The design idea from this application sets up a model for mobile health encyclopedia application with adequate flexibility of handling changing data needs of end users. Therefore there is a high demand for mobile health applications that really suits the needs of information capture, transmission, storage and retrieval for mobile health users. Therefore development of this application will help educate people especially in health information.

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ID : tm3169012661

The Development Of Interactive Gis Based Location Information Enquiry System (Gisbalies) For Emergency

The implementation of GIS into LBS technologies lend to an idea to develop our project entitled GIS Based Location Information Enquiry System (GISBALIES). GISBALIES to which this project is addressed deliver geographic information and geo-processing power to mobile users via the Internet and wireless network in accordance with current location of mobile user using GPS. The objective of this research is to display special query on the required spatial information within handheld devices using different operating systems such as Windows Pocket PC and Palm OS. Only the related location in the entire map will be downloading to the handheld devices, which gives the economical usage of bandwidth and resources for real time response. This research can be seen as a first step in the development of GISBALIES for the mobile users in Melaka Tengah area. Its numerous mobile users can need online help about the location of the hospital, and how to get there.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3169112662

The Conceptual Development Of Distributed Interoperable Geographical Information Systems Application

Geographic Information System (GIS) Performs the functions of capture, management, analysis and Representation of spatial information along with intentions to decrease the cost of geodata management and further increase the return of investment of geodata collection and
establishment. Different GIS deals with huge amount of information in different data formats and platforms. With a very limited interoperability, it is difficult to locate and retrieve data from different GIS platforms. For GIS users it hinders spatial data and information sharing. Although rapid development of Internet made spatial data easily available and more accessible, lack of interoperability and compatibility made those
data not always usable. To overcome these obstacles, development of clearinghouse and semantic translator are crucial.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3169212663

The Community Based Smart Shopping Assistant APP-ICUST

The smart shopping assistant app is developed to assist shoppers to choose the best store that offer competitive price. It works by showing all the prices from community update. This app applies an image processing technique known as ocr to quickly detect item's price and reliable data acquisition.

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ID : tm3169612667

Student Activity Portal(STAP)

The information of club usually speard out all over university and they seemigly do not have any official medium to promote their activities. Some may have social pages on the Internet but that solution is only desirable among their members. The answer to these difficulties is to centrallize all available clubs information through a single web application that will manage their infromation, promote their activities effectively and able to manage their members profile efficiently. The solution has been made,with this portal will have a good and intutive user interface to alleviate users while browsing the information.

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ID : tm3172412695

Reconfigurable and Integrated Microwave Band Pass Filter with Notched Band for Wireless Application

This invention present a novel high selectivity micro strip wide band band pass filter with tunable notch response. The product is designed using 7th order short circuited stub filter. This filter is suitable for application of multi-service and multiband communication system.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3173612707

Personal Remote Sensing System (PRSS)

PRSS can be operated by one person from anywhere and at anytime. Users can customise the sensor's spatial and spectral resolution accordingly. It is autonomous and can be triggered from a smartphone. Images are transmitted from UAV's sensor to laptop via wifi to be stitched and stored in real time.

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ID : tm3173712708


The aims of this study are to investigate the various approached to desgn and present problem scenario in PBL, to measure the effectiveness of problem scenario using linear and non-linear technique and to evaluate student's preferences towards scenario presentation. PBLStat courseware is developed based on PBL approach and is used to measure the effectiveness of problem scenario presentation using linear and non-linear technique.

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ID : tm3174212713

New Generic System For Cornice Ceiling Pattern Design

Similar to any other conventional design process, designing cornice ceiling patterns exert lots of time and energy. Even with regard of time and energy waste, the quality and satisfaction of customers with the products still inevitable. A research is done to overcome these problems and the outcome is to develop a new generic system for cornice ceiling pattern design, using the parametric method with the help of computer-aided design software (CAD). A few selection of software available with these features but the one for this project is UnigraphicsNX2. It is an interactive system that allows users to program the drawing by its features so that the drawing can be used over and over again with different parameters. Creating a library file system and integrated with 3D modeling and 3D-Printer for making prototype products. For existing cornice pattern design, a reverse engineering was done. Measurement of cornices dimension were taken manually by ruler, caliper etc. Drawing simplification and sketching are done before proceed to technical drawing phase (CAD). CAD drawing than converted to .STL format since 3D-Printer only apprehends with these format. Conversion is done using the
UniGraphicsNX2. Prototype size was scaled down to smaller size than the original, small enough to be produced by 3D-Printer. The prototype produced then been used as master model for silicon mould. And finally, from the mould, a cornice product was produced. At the end of the day, the purpose of integration with 3D-Printer is to observe how well the system works with advanced manufacturing

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ID : tm3174512716

Myiecs (My Intelligent Electric Cost System)

Nowadays, electricity becomes very essential to human being. The importance of electricity usage on humans daily life cannot be denied. In line with the rapidity of development and application of science and technology, the demand towards electricity is increasing per annum. Therefore, the cost of electricity supplying services increase proportionally with the demand. Due to those importances, e-learning software has been developed which is capable to compute the cost of electricity in peninsular Malaysia, called MyIECs which is stand for My Intelligent Electric Cost System In order to develop MyIECs, two graphical programming language have been used, which are Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0and Macromedia Flash 8.0. Both languages are very practical to use where user is allowed to interact with them in friendly manner. Approaches used in MyIECs such as buttons and graphic animation are good to ease user and attract them to use the software. Through MyIECs, a few analysis have been covered to strengthen the objectives of the project software including how certain factors influenced tariff rates, the variety of electric user, the function and structure of energy meter and also some methods on energy saving practices. As the result from this MyIECs, it would help user to enhance their knowledge on electric cost calculation and other related topics inside the software.

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ID : tm3175012721

Multiple Entry e-Attendance

Multiple Entry e-Attendance is a system to record attendance of the student without using any paper or paperless. The system only uses several entries for student attendance such as barcode scanner in the Smartphone, Bluetooth and scan the QR code class. This activity can be conducted before beginning of class, during the class, or after finishing class.

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ID : tm3175112722

Multimedia Assistive Learning for Autism Children

The concept of Behaviorism Learning Theory is used in producing a courseware for autism children. Drill and Practices is chosen in developing the mathematics courseware to learn numbers. This educational courseware will profit the moderate level of autism children in primary schools. This courseware aims to give enjoyable, meaningful, and challenging activities. It also will educate them to recognize the senses. Beside, activities are based on a Games-Based Learning approach for the children to enjoy.

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ID : tm3176212733

Meander Line Antenna Design With Conductor Line

The meander line antenna (MLA) have been designed to operate at 2.4-GHz for WLAN application. Two different designs
of meander line antenna are investigated, without conductor line and with conductor line. Both microstrip antenna and
planar antenna designs for meander line antenna have been done.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3176312734

Mathematics for Autism Children (Numbers)

Children with autism are socially impaired and usually having problem with verbal and non-verbal communication. Theconcept of Behaviorism learning theory is seen as an innovative pedagogy to be uses in producing mathematics (Numbers) courseware for autism children. Behaviorism learning theory is focuses on a behavioral pattern being repeated until it becomes automatic. The concepts of 'Drill and Practices' is chosen in developing the Mathematics courseware to learn number. This prototype is specially developed for moderate level of autistic children targeted for primary school which covered syllabus of Mathematics Component in the Huraian Kurikulum Pendidikan Khas Bermasalah Pembelajaran (PKBP) set by Ministry of Education. In our research, Behaviorism learning theory and multimedia technology has been blended in enhancing learning performance among autistic child. Moreover, very little empirical research has been conducted to integrate Behaviorism learning theory into learning courseware for autistic learners. Testing and evaluations has been made with autistic children and teachers from primary school in Ujong Pasir, Melaka and Austism Intervention Centre (NASOM). We aims to share the positive feedback from the tester and the possibility to commercialized the research project.

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ID : tm3176412735

Malay Text Readability Test Tool

Malay text readability test tool is an online system developed to assist readers in knowing the score of a Malay text in the quickest way. It is developed to fulfill the needs of readers who may struggle to read as there is no available tool that can measure the readability level of Malays text.

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ID : tm3177512746

Iris Recognition Algorithm Application to Observe Cholesterol Presence

The objective of this paper is to discuss the application Iris Recognition Algorithm for scanning the presence of the cholesterol in human body with analysis human iris. This research manoeuvre the iris recognition method done by John Daugman???s and Libor masek???s with extends it in medical purpose for detecting diseases (cholesterol) according to iridology. This analysis use MATLAB program to execute Iris Recognition Algorithm for localize the iris segment (sclera and limbic). The shape rectangular is selected after transform the circular shape of iris. MATLAB programming gives the result from this analysis whether cholesterol is presence or not.

Durian Tunggal Melaka

ID : tm3177612747

Interactive CD Learning for The Treatment of Autism Children

Interactive CD Lerning for the Treatment of Autism Children is an educational courseware used for autism children inprimary school. Since the autism disorder qualifies as learning disability, a treatment and therapy progress especially in their educational process is necessary to assist them. There are four modulse in this educational courseware prototype that is based on Huraian Kurikulum Pendidikan Khas Bermasalah Pembelajaran (PKBP). The topic selected is to identify and naming the living things (human), which are futher divided into sub-modules based on Science, Social and Environments Components. By using graphics, animation, voice and sound effects, children's interest, attention, and learning of verbal material increased over a control group who received only a traditional therapeutic learning approch. It is developed to assist teachers and students with autism in primary schools to a life path to normalcy. In particular, this report explains seven main chapters which consist of Introduction, Literature Review and Project Methodology, Analysis Design, Implementation, Testing and Project Conclusion. The Introduction explains what the application is and comparison, the methodology approach and project requirement. Analysis is the critical part in this report which all information are captured and recorded properly. In addition, the requirements analysis is also covered in this part.

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ID : tm3177912750

Integrating Animated Pedagogical Agent (APA) Into Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Approach

The concept of Problem-based Learning (PBL) is currently seen as an Innovative measure compared to face-to-face teaching, and encouraging students to learn via real-life problems. It gives learners a full control during their learning process and encourages learners to self-learn and explore the learning materials provided. Although students are demanded to think actively while doing PBL, it is always argued that they still need guidance to support student's thinking process. In our research, Animated Pedagogical Agent (APA) is integrated into PBL approach in enhancing learning performance among learners. It is integrated to overcome the shortage of tutors or assistants in facilitating many PBL groups by being a virtual tutor during learning process. Moreover, very little empirical research has been conducted to integrate APA into PBL enviroment.

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ID : tm3178212753

Information Retrieval For Multimodal Biometric System

To study the suitability of using multimodal biometric system compared to single modal approach.
To develop attendance system using multiple unit approach and test the algorithm proposed.
To study the trust ability of multimodal biometric system.
To find the approach in retrieving biometric data from database.

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