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ID : tm3121212183

Penghayatan Nilai Akidah dalam Kurikulum Pendidikan Islam KBSR

Kajian ini menumpukan kepada pembinaan kaedah pengajaran bagi membolehkan pelajar menghayati nilai-nilai akidah yang terdapat dalam kurikulum pendidikan Islam. Tujuan kajian ini adalah untuk membina satu kaedah pengajaran kurikulum pendidikan Islam di peringkat rendah bagi membentuk akidah pelajar yang mampu menghadapi pelbagai cabaran penyakit social dengan baik. Penekanan diberikan kepada aspek akidah dengan memberikan tumpuan terhadap integrasi di antara akidah, syariah dan akhlak dalam setiap aktiviti harian remaja muslim. Kaedah penyelidikan yang digunakan ialah kajian perpustakaan, temubual, kaedah kaji selidih dan kaedah pemerhatian. Bertujuan untuk membina modul baru kaedah pengajaran pendidikan Islam.

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ID : tm3121512186

Noor Neuro Arabic Language

Satu set bahan belajar bahasa Arab al-Quran

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ID : tm3123012201

Mizan Solarhome

Mizanhome is a solar innovation home in modular industrialized building with passive design layout for energy efficiency, customized wall and roof insulation from plant waste material, sufficient recycle water, fast construction, affordable and comfort for flood victim and the needed group.

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ID : tm3123312204


LIFTHOR is a specialised and improvised vest-like wearable intention designed to simply the act of lifting bedridden patients. It is made up of strong and durable materials which comes with 3 protective buckles and neck support collar. LIFTHOR put less stress to healthcare givers and lessen injury.

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ID : tm3123812209

I-Sign Quranis

I-Sign Quranis

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ID : tm3124012211

Intact-M (Integrated Addiction Counseling Training Module)

Experts in addiction counselling in Malaysia rely mainly on evidence from some particular areas of research conducted during their doctoral studies. Since 2008, there have been less than 10 counselors whose doctoral research are on ???addiction???. Issues of drug addiction can only be dealt with by counsellors who are specially trained in addiction counselling. However, to date the training of addiction counselling in Malaysia is only conducted by one higher learning institution, and the number of scholars interested in the study of drugs and drug addiction is very small in comparison to the number of clients in need of help nation-wide.

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ID : tm3124412215


Hydroshooter is made by 2 main materials which are silicon for the outside cover and propylene for the inner component that hold the spring to act as the auto-recap function. The hydroshooter will be attached to the syringe by screw like component of attachment at the inner component.

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ID : tm3124512216

Hamoody Flash Card

Hamoody card game promotes Arabic sentences construction and interaction for NNS of Arabic. It encourage self-learning with 12 categories(word) and 10 levels, the players are tested on their activity to construct sentences. Hamoody brings gamification to life through speed and scoring.

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ID : tm3124612217

Gamifikasi Dalam Pendidikan: Global Zakat Game (V2.0)

Global Zakat Game (GZG) merupakan inisiatif kaedah pendidikan baru menggunakan konsep gamifikasi permainan papan bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kefahaman zakat dalam kalangan masyarakat. GZG membantu mengukuhkan kemahiran pengiraan zakat dalam kalangan amil yang meliputi kesemua jenis zakat harta.

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ID : tm3125212223

E-environment Guide System

This product is about system@kiosk related with mapping plan. A map is a necessity in our life especially to connect us and the target location. This system deploys a new concept which is more attractive and effective than the existing product. E-environment guide System has multi features such as images, information and description of the location. Towards achieving Islamic principles as our way of life, the product will equip Muslims with Islamic concept as a main criterion.

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ID : tm3492415551

33kV switchgear

GIS insulated switchgear yang menggunakan
semua komponen tempatan

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ID : tm3498615613

Development Of Pilot Scale Production Of Poly Metal Chlorides From Industrial Waste

The project objective was to develop a method or technology to convert sludge/waste from the factory (SW204) to poly aluminium chloride (PMC) as a coagulant used in water treatment.

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ID : tm3513415761

Flies Fly Away Year II: Biopesticides Comparative Analysis of Extracts Formulation Jeremin Oil Pelargonium Radula as Insect Repellent

Flies Fly Away is a biopesticide which is eco-friendly. It contains 3% concentration of jeremin oil in repelling the flies.

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ID : tm3513515762

Multipurpose Screwdriver Pen

This invention consists of four different types of screwdriver head which are combined with pen together with laser distance measurer. It is portable. When user press on the desired button, the desired screwdriver head will come out of the hole like the multi colour retractable pen.

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ID : tm3516715794

NFC Wallet

NFC wallet combines age old necessities and modern technology. Near filed communication is incorporated to be a smarter wallet. Tedious tasks such as answering or rejecting calls and storing contacts. A sensor is fixed to detect our bank cards too.

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ID : tm3516815795

Smart Ward

Smart ward incorporates the smart iv drip indicator and smart noise alert system. The smart drip uses a non contact gravity liquid level sensor and iot to alert the nurses when it is time to change the IV bags. Smart noise alert system detects high noise level and flashes a message on the lcd screen.

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ID : tm3518715814

KL Cream

Cytric Cream is a specially designed cream to combat foot odour. This cream has proven to prevent the diffusion of pungent odour and capable to destroy fungi and bacteria of the foot. As it does not contain any dangerous chemical substances, the cream is an environmentally friendly product to be used by all to combat problems related to the foot.

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ID : tm3518815815

Safety Wallet System (SWS)

Safety Wallet System (SWS) is a safety device to prevent pick pocketers from snatching the wallets. The SWS is connected to a wrist watch which acts as an alarm system to the owner when there is a snatch attempt.

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ID : tm3521315840

S.M.A.R.T Garden

The self managing automated rain terrace (S.M.A.R.T) is a vertical garden that uses arduino uno and espresso lite v2.0 to produce a gardening system that requires no human interaction to function. S.M.A.R.T incorporates fertigation system, rain water harvesting, vertical gardening and IOT.

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