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ID : tm287869757

I-360 Interactive 360 Virtual Environment

I-360 is an educational application that allows the users to interact with the virtual environment with the guidance of a virtual instructor. It is developed using unity. The interaction element is included with the use of leap motion, a sensor device that supports hand and finger motions as input.

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ID : tm3166712638

X-Polarization Microstrip Patch Array Antenna

This project present design of array antenna from type of inset-fed microstrip patch antenna. The antennas are capable to generate dual-polarization radiation pattern oriented at desired location. The designs were simulated using Microwave Studio CST 2009 and were fabricated on FR4 substrate with a dielectric constant ??r = 4.7, tan ?? = 0.019 and thickness = 1.6mm. The simulation and measurement results have been compared. The design of 2x2 array antenna yield a bandwidth of 5% and the gain is. For the measurement setup of radiation pattern, the reference of transmitter is using monopole antenna. In this, situation, the two planes are considered here at an element plane location 45?? and -45??. The element plane designates E-plane for location 45?? and H-plane for location -45??. The gain of the single element antenna almost 4.21 dBi, and the gain of 1x2 arrays is 7.51 dBi. By designing more patch, which is 2x2 and 1x4 array antennas, the enhancement of gain is achieved were 8.734 dBi and 7.944 dBi, respectively. Finally, the result showed that the combination of more patches in array can improve the performance of antenna gain.

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ID : tm3166812639

Work, Exercise And Relax Chair (I Werchair)

The main function for normal chair is for sitting purpose and its need various of chairs for various of function. In this invention, the chair for work, exercise and relax is hybrid to have three main function in a single chair. The chair consist three main parts; the backbone as main structure, head support and central control of mode and also install (removable) with leg paddle. Upper leg to support the sitting area and lower leg act as full support to chair and stabilizer. Mode 1 named as Work mode (W mode) is suitable for working purpose at office table and at the same time exercise work can do for all of modes. Mode 2 named as Exercise mode (E mode) is special design to have more comfortable to for exercise purpose. Mode 3 named as Relax mode (R mode) is for relaxing activities such as watching television, chatting with some one, reading and so on. The leg paddle is design to be removable for friendly user. By introduced this WERCHAIR hope to assist users more enjoy working at office/house, more healthy, do two work at the same time and avoid from obesity problem.

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ID : tm3166912640

Wireless MIMO Communication Channel Capacity Improvement By Using Angle Diversity

The wireless communication system has growing rapidly with new technologies nowadays. This is due to the requirements of better communication performance. In order to increase the wireless channel capacity, the researchers has come out with new technology called MIMO system.

-Do not require higher transmit power
-Do not required extra bandwidth

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ID : tm3167112642

Wireless ATV

For manual driving for All Terrain Vehicle(ATV), the movement for rotation of the steering control is limited since it requires a strong force and cannot rotate easily. Therefore, a wireless ATV is designed that the steering can rotate 45 degrees with precise and accurate position.

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ID : tm3167512646

Water Cooling of Photovoltaic Panel

The goal of this project is to improve the efficiency of the solar cells. Temperature in excess may cause degradation of photovoltaic (PV) panels. An aluminium sheet of 0.8mm thickness and a rubber tube are placed underneath the 4W solar panel. A water pump is employed to circulate water from pail through the rubber tube to ensure water flows continuously behind the PV panel throughout the day. The water coolant system may help the solar panel to cool down and increase energy output by 1.4% during clear and sunny days.

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ID : tm3167612647

Vision Based Pattern Recognition for Industrial Inspections

A Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) is an adaptive and dynamic system that cater to a wide range of different jobs where each involves a set of operations that are required to be done at a predetermined workstation. Therefore this research is regarding the development of a vision system application to monitor and control the operations of a system in order to manage the decision making concerning jobs and work pieces recognition that are to be made during system operation in the real time. The vision system which mainly focus on the shape matching properties consists of two phases, the training phase and the recognition phase. The main focus of this research is on the development of an adaptive training phase of the vision system, which are capable of automatic feature detection and manual feature selection decision. The feature selection decision in the training phase comprises of a selection of training traits that can be included depending on the types of application and the main characteristics that are to be identified during the recognition phase. Another aspect of this research is to extend the flexibility and adaptability of the system to accommodate different types of FMS configurations. The control scheme is able to be incorporated into a wide range of different configurations. This is done by exploiting a simple stand-alone control scheme instead of a centralized control scheme. This system can be applied to the industrial sectors especially for processes and quality controls. The advantages of this system is mainly on its user defined solutions, which the users can decide and manipulate how they want the system to react to the inputs that were predetermined. Besides, it also stresses the eases of use that reduce set-up time during product change or new product introductions. another advantage is the simple Graphical User Interface that lets normal users utilize the system without the help of a skilled user because there will be no complex programming involve.

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ID : tm3167712648

Vision Based Multi Sensor Feedback System for Robot System with Intelligent

This research studies the machine vision system and how it may be integrated to assist a robot system sith artificial intelligent (AI). This research focuses on building a vision-based feedback system for robotics application that consists of image processor and two vision-based sensor devices. A robot manipulator controller will drive a single arm industrial robot according to the input from vision system. The feedback systemalso feeds the Artificial Intelligent program necessary information to make the right decision, which is based on rules of a popular game, Tic-Tac-Toe. One of the advantages of this research is that it only uses a low resolution camera and image processing software generated by the algorithms itself without additional sensors such as sonar or IR sensor. This research developed an improved technique on object recognition and space occupancies determination which not affectes by the orientation of the subject. This project also implements colored object recognition technique by its color and size without edge detection process along with a self-calibration technique for detecting object location without any parameter of the camera by using only two referance points. Finally a set of experiments conducted to confirm the vadility of the proposed algorithms. The algorithms succesfully functioning with successful rate from 74% up to 100% and could handle the orientation of tilted object up to 45 degrees. The result from this research may be used in manufacturing plant for a robot system equipped with machine vision and artificial intelligent.

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ID : tm3167912650

UTeM Antenna

UTeM antenna that are form by Meander Line Antenna (MLA) have been designed to operate at 2.4-GHz which are specified by IEEE 802.11b/g for WLAN. The characteristic impedance of Meander Line Antenna is 75 ohm with antenna width of 1.3mm which can produce a smaller size of antenna. An investigation to UTeM antenna has been done for the vertical part by changing it from left to right side, increasing the angle degree of parasitic a, and combination of different antenna width. Microwave Studio CST is used for simulation for both planar and micro strip antenna. The horizontal length h for meander line is 25mm, antenna width is 1.3mm and parasitic radius is 25mm. by adding parasitic element, a better returns loss can be achieved. As the angle degree of parasitic a is increased, the frequency has a small changes and the bandwidth increased from 48 to 70MHz but the directivity seems to decrease from 9.64dBi as the angle degree increase from 30 to 270 degree(for planner antenna). The antenna is fabricated on a double-sided FR-4 printed circuit board using and etching technique.

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ID : tm3168112652

Twin Spindle Milling Cutter Adapter for Matching Thin-Wall Aerospace Component

The invention relate to the new technique for matching of thin-wall monolithic structure. The invented device offers greater accuracy, improved machined surface integrity, increase productivity and efficiency up to 50% compare with traditional technique. It can be easily fitted on any CNC machine.

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ID : tm3168312654

Transformer Dissolve Gas Analysis Using Duval Triangle Method via Android

-Android application for dissolved gas analysis via duval triangle method
-Simple: no complex algorithm such as ann, fuzzy logic
-Portable: use smart phone & download and play concept (via playstore)
-Small size of capacity
-Fast response
-Can converted into pdf file
-Low cost, google play

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ID : tm3168412655


Currently there is no traffic fault alert system to alert the contractor upon many multifunction of the traffic light or pole damage. To overcome these inconvenience, have come come up with solution system where, the contractor will be alerted by an sms soon afeter faults are detected. providing a time frame of an 24 hour, if the contractor fails to attend the faulty system, second sms will be sent to higher authority (JKR), informing that traffic light fault has been detected 24 hour ago but no action has been taken. This invention would be the best a bs instaneous solution to ensure all traffic lights are repair immediately in making sure the road accidents at junctions are reduced dramatically.

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ID : tm3168512656


The use of modern technology in agricultural industries is important among others to increase yield and improve effeciency. For this reasons, on 28th of December 2009, a meeting between Pubber Industry Smallholers Development Authority (RISDA) Perak and UTem was conducted to find the possiblilities of doing research collaboration to improve the performance and service provided by RISDA. As a result. RISDA has presented some of their practical problems that they are currently facing. One of the problem is that the process to evaluate the subsidy application takes too much timr, due to manual measurement, data collection and data transfer. In order to evaluate the performance of the applications plantation, RISDA's office need to measure the diameter/circumference of 10% of the number of rubber trees. Currently, they measure the circumference of the tree manually into a PC before submitting it in to the headquaters to analyse the data. fro this reason, this project proposed a diameter and circumference measurement technique that could increase the throughtput of the measurement while ensuring good accuracy and repeatabilty. The proposed method uses obstacle detection results from an array of infrared sensors. The sensors are arranged at a fixed distance between each other so that the number of sensors that detect obstacle represents the estimate diameter of the tree. The circumference of the tree is calculated indirectly using the diameter measurement.

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ID : tm3168612657

Thick-Film Piezoelectric Micro-Generator

-Transform waste energy into useful electrical energy for powering sensor nodes.
-Unlimited life-span (>>battery life)
-Require very little maintenance
-Able to be embedded in buildings and structures.
-Capable to be miniaturized (>50 cm3 include casing)
-Fast charging capabilities

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ID : tm3168712658

The Study of Pneumatic Behavior for Application on Building Personal Lift

The objective of this research is to design and develop a cost-saving yet safe building personal lift for up to four storey building. The design analysis carried out is focused and based mainly on identifying the characteristics and limitation of the pneumatic lift used for building of 4 storey and below. Literature review on all pneumatically personal lift available in the market and journal on pneumatic lift was carried out in order to tap the findings of the other researchers and use it in the design process. The best conceptual idea of pneumatic personal lift was determined by analyzing and improving the existing available system in the market. The limitations and disadvantages of the selected conceptual model were identified and further studied and the solution to improve its characteristics were sought in the process of designing and developing a more practical pneumatic lift for low rise building. The limitation of the compressed air in lifting applications were also identified and used as a guideline to design cost-saving, safe and user-friendly pneumatic personal lift. During the last stage of the research, a small size model of pneumatic personal lift for low rise building was fabricated incorporating all design aspects derived from the theoretical and experimental data. Matlab Simulink simulation was performed onto the prototype in order to validate the data obtained. The validated data shall be used in the design of an actual size building structure at UTeM???s innovative product testing bay.

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ID : tm3168812659

The Effect of UNBabc Mapping Function Modification to GPS Tropospheric Delay

Tropospheric delay refers to the refraction of the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal as it passes through the neutral atmosphere from the satellite to the earth, which causes longer distance traveled by the signal. The zenith tropospheric delay can be amplified by mapping function, especially for less than 5 degrees elevation angle. Many mapping functions have been established however the mapping functions give large value when the elevation angles less than 5 degrees. A modification of UNBabc mapping function has been proposed. The modified UNBabc mapping function model shows a significant reduction of mapping function scale factor. As the coefficient of the zenith tropospheric delay, the value of mapping function will affect total tropospheric delay. The modification UNBabc mapping function has improved the tropospheric delay up to 19.1 percent at two degree elevation angles.

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ID : tm3169312664

TestMEReq 2.0: A Total Package Tool to Capture and Validate Quality Requirements

TestMEReq 2.0 is an automated requirements engineering (RE) assistant tool for efficient capture and validation of quality requirements. This tool is able to automatically generate a combination of abstract test cases and mock-up user interface (UI) prototypes from semi-formalised requirements model: Essential Use Cases (EUCs) and Essential User Interface (EUI). It is also augmented with real time communication and collaboration support to allow multiple stakeholders to collaboratively validate the same set of requirements at the same time with different geographical locations. This feature helps to improve and promote effective communication and collaboration between requirements engineer and client-stakeholders, which leads to fast confirmation and agreements on the requirements. Further, it also provides test-authoring template for novice requirements engineers to easily write quality requirements and test.

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ID : tm3169412665

Sungai Melaka Digital Tour using Interactive Media

Sungai Melaka digital tour is developed using combination of responsive web design, augmented reality-enabled pamphlet and 3D animation to provide users with historical information of selected pois along the river . It is potential as tourism promotional materials and educational materials.

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ID : tm3169712668

Spent Tea Leaf- Natural Rubber Composites as Sound Absorbing Material for Household Application

The sound absorption material prepared from by-product Spent Teal Leaf (STL) fibers in the industrial processing of tea leaves bounded with natural rubber latex binder. It is resistance to bacterial growth and termite attack, light in weight, biodegradable and can be used in house hold products.

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ID : tm3169812669

Songkok Ventilation System

The idea to invent this product is inspired from the problem of wearing songkok for a long period. Normally, after we wear songkok for a certain period, the area inside songkok becomes humid and hot and this will make the head feel itchy and uncomfortable. Even though the current design of songkok has 2, 3 or 4 holes for ventilation, but this is not enough and sometimes the users still feel hot and uncomfortable.In order to avoid this, the designer has designed a songkok that is equipped with a small fan to provide a good ventilation system to the songkok. After surveys have been done, it is found that there is no invented product in the market similar to this yet. Therefore, initiative has been taken to invent it and hopefully it will give benefits and can be commercialized soon. The system comprises a small fan, a mini switch, 4 AAA size batteries and socket that attached to a normal two or four holes songkok.

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ID : tm3169912670


Landside is a geological phenomenon which includes a wide range of ground movement, such as rock falls, deep failure of sloopes and shallow debris flows, which can occur in offshore, coastal and onshore enviroments. Although the action of gravity is the primary driving force for a landslide to occur, there are other contributingfactors affecting the oroginal slope stability. Most of the case happens without of human awareness. The objective of this project is to design the application for security prevention of landslide. This system equipped wiht land slide sensor together with integrated SMS Alert System and able to inform quicly to the user and the responsible authority if the sensor sense any movement of soil structure.

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ID : tm3170012671

Smart Wudhu' Device (SW)

Smart Wudhu' device is the water portable container. This product was designed to overcome the water shortage and wastage during ablution where the nozzle sprays minimum water in mist form once detecting human body. This handy device suited for ablution during outdoor activities.

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ID : tm3170212673

Smart Neck Support System For Stress Free Air Travel

Air Travel is becoming increasingly more accessible to people due to the availability of low cost air travel. However, long haul air travel is not a normal activity for human. During air travel, people experience different levels of physiological and psychological discomfort.

The smart neck support system is to reduce the neck muscle stress of the economy class passengers adaptively during long haul air travel. The objective of smart neck support system is to reduce neck muscle stress of economy class aircraft passengers during air travel.

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ID : tm3170312674

Smart Motorcycle Safety Vest (SMS-V)

SMS-V is the reflex of light shirts fitted with red and bright yellow LEDs which become the third light for brake and signals. It also has a black box which is used to investigate the actual speed for motorcycles in accident. In addition, the SMS-V has the over speed alert system to inform if the motorcyclists are over-speeding.

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ID : tm3170412675

Smart Clothes Drying System

A specially designed of mini movable closet powered by solar energy with integrated of smart opening/closing system in utilizing sunlight and air flows as main drying agents in daytime. Meanwhile, the system is expected to utilize waste heat dissipated by condensing unit air conditioner in nighttime.

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