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ID : tm3178912760

High Performance Surgical Drill(OR+HO-DRILL)

The invention relate to the high performance orthopedic surgical drill bit design. It unique design offers superior control and flexibility to the surgeon up to 30 degree penetration angle without skiving, precise hole, reduced micro-fracturing, less thrust force and reduced drilling temperature.

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ID : tm3180712778

Energy Optimization of transit-system Based on Occupancies-Count

With energy costs on the rise, better control of energy usage and optimization is necessary. An efficient and well-designed electrical appliance control system can reduce energy consumption and hence reduce the expenditure on energy used.

System consist of a low cost Infra Red sensor is integrated with a Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) to provide an energy saving device. The Infra Red sensor detects the presence of human and modulates the signal from the sensor to the microcontroller.

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ID : tm3187912850

3 in 1: A New Innovative Natural Absorber/Insulator

In Noise, Heat and Vibration Insulator from Coconut Fiber Composite??? coconut fiber and natural rubber were mixed in a cold press process in a mold to fabricate the composite. It was with a different composition of natural rubber from 0 percent to 60 percent respectively. A mold of ten millimetres in thickness was prepared as the mold of the specimen preparation. A speciment of 100 percent coconut fiber was also fabricated as comparison to the specimens were then tested with Tensile Test, Flexural Test, Compression Test, Moisture Absorption Test and Noise absorption Test. The best specimen was chosen for noise, heat and vibration insulator application.

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ID : tm3313214103

Contactless Heartbeat Detection Using Vision Camera

The developed technology utilizes a single vision camera and a processing unit to capture and detect humans face for contactless heartbeat estimation. The contactless heartbeat estimation implemented a unique approach so that it consumed lesser processing power without sacrificing the performance.

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